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If craps is your go-to casino game, we’ve put together an entire collection of 811 online gambling websites where you can find it! To easily find your next favorite, make use of the available tools on the page, which enable you to both filter and sort the brands anyway you want!

Find your new craps casino below, and start playing in no time! Now, we know that browsing through  811 brands is no easy business, so we’ve put together a system of filters and sorting options to make it simpler for you. If you want to see the latest established casinos or the best gambling sites that provide craps, feel free to do so! There are so many ways to mix and match the options, only to make sure you find that perfect place to play for real money! Don’t forget to also check out the individual review page of each casino before signing up, to make sure it meets all your gambling needs, from available software providers to payment methods!

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Playing craps might seem confusing or difficult for inexperienced casino players, especially because of the complicated table layout. But rest assured, it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of the basic rules. To help you, we will be discussing everything below:
Craps Online Casinos

The Come Out Roll

This is the first phase of the game, where you get to throw the dice for the first time. There are two main betting options at this point: Pass and Don’t Pass.

  • Pass: Basically, betting on this means you’re expecting the roll to be either a 7 or an 11. If any of these occur, you win right away. However, rolling 4,5,6,6,9, or 10 qualifies you for a point roll. In order to win, you’ll have to reroll the point number before rolling a 7. There is no limit to how many times you can try.
  • Don’t Pass:  Rolls of 2,3, or 12 are craps numbers and getting them means that the come out roll didn’t pass. If you put your money on this option, you will win. Additionally, if you get the point number, you’ll lose. Pay attention to the don’t pass bar, which is usually 12. It means that you neither lose nor win that particular round and your bet will simply be returned to you.

The Point Rolls

As previously mentioned, rolling a 4,5,6,6,9, or 10 during the come out roll will count as your point for that round. The dealer or, in the case of video craps, the system will place a puck with the word ON written on it on the table.

This will highlight your point and you will be allowed to roll for as many times as needed until you either roll it again or hit a 7. Pay attention, however, that 7 counts as a loss.

Additional Bets

There are several extra options to go for, varying from game to game! We’ve listed some of them below, but don’t forget to check each version’s conditions to make sure you’re familiar with all the options and rules:

  • Odds Bet: This bet is not labeled on the table and is also the only one with no house edge. This does not increase your chance of winning, but it will definitely help you be paid fairly. Depending on the point number, the payout for the odds bet can vary.
  • Come: You can bet here once the Come Out roll was played and you’re simply hoping that the dice pass. It also has an opposite - the Don’t Come bet.
  • Craps, Seven: you only get your money if the dice add up to any of these numbers.
  • Place Bets: you can put your money on any of the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. If they are rolled before a 7, you’ll be a winner!
  • BIG 6 or 8 or 6:8: This pays 1:1 and, basically, you just have to wait until someone at the table hits a 6, an 8, or sevens out. 


Given the fact that the game of craps relies heavily on luck, the only things you’ll really have to keep an eye on are your funds. Make sure to track them, set limits for yourself, and know when to stop, whether you’re winning or losing. Just in case, here are some additional tips to have in mind for your next gambling session:

Avoid putting your money on any side bet:  those big payouts may look attractive but, truth be told, you’ll lose more money than you stand to make. That’s because the occurrence rates of anything else than the pass/don’t pass, come/don’t come, and odds bets are slim. You might find yourself decreasing the funds balance considerably before getting that lucky roll.

Read the help and terms section: Any time you’re trying out a game you’re not familiar with, take the time to read everything about the bets, house edge, and everything that might be different from the classic game version. Granted, this is not fun, but it might save you time and money in the future.

Be familiar with the terms: To properly understand the game, you must also know what it’s all about. That includes, of course, learning the terminology. You don’t have to fill your mind with all sorts of unusual names and to help you we’ve put together a list of the more common ones:

  • Aces: also known as snake eyes, it refers to a roll that adds up to two, which can only be achieved with a pair of ones.
  • Any Craps: the craps numbers are 2,3 and 12. Betting on this option means that you’re expecting the outcome of the roll to be any of these 3 options.
  • Any Seven: as the name suggests, it means betting that the outcome on the next roll will be a 7.
  • Big Red: this is often used as another word for seven.
  • Bones: a popular term for dice.
  • Boxcars/Midnight: a slang term for the number 12.
  • Box Numbers: these are the place bet numbers (4,5,6,8,9,10)
  • Come Bet: the term refers to bets made after the point is established, similar to pass line bets. Its exact opposite is the Don’t Come Bet.
  • Come Out Roll: this is a player’s first dice roll, which establishes the point.
  • Hi-Lo: a term used for a single roll bet on the numbers 2 and 12.
  • Hi-Lo-Yo: similar to Hi-Lo, this also includes the number 11.
  • Point: this is the number established through the come-out roll and signaled through an ON puck placed next to it.
  • Seven Out: players seven out if they roll a 7 before establishing a point. That means they lose their come out roll.


Craps, as we know it today, evolved from a European game called hazard. This game has quite a rich history, some claiming it goes all the way back to the Crusades.

It was brought to the United States in the 19th Century by a family of colonials and, with time, became the version of craps we can now find in land-based and online casinos.

By this point, you may already know that it is a casino table game based on rolling a pair of dice and betting on the outcome.
How to Play Craps


Which Is the Come Bet?
This particular bet can be placed after the point was already established. You win if either a 7 or an 11 is rolled and lose if the dice add up to 2, 3, or 12. The bet is paid 1:1.

Which Software Providers Design Online Casino Craps Games?
You’ll be surprised to find out that many established software developing companies such as RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming, and even Rival have designed their own variants of this popular casino table game.

How Do I Pick the Right Craps Casino?
If you want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself in the best conditions, always check the review page of each gambling site before signing up. You’ll want to keep an eye on player ratings and comments, available software providers, banking methods, live chat availability, and many more details.

Where Can I Play Craps for Free?
To get accustomed to the craps rules, bets and playstyle, you can always go to our free casino craps games page, where you’ll find plenty of options to choose from!

Are There any Craps Bonus Offers?
Of course! Just like there are free spins for slots, you’ll also find plenty of deals for this game or table games in general. They may not be as common, but if you take the time to search you might be surprised with what casinos offer.