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Looking forward to learning more about craps casinos and how to enjoy them safely and responsibly? Keep reading and get ready to shake those dice as we cover everything you need to know about the game and where to play it.

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Online Craps Basics: Know The Main Rules

Craps is an interesting dice game with multiple choices and an intricate system. While the rules can seem a bit complicated at first, the main points are quite straightforward. Essentially, what you need to do is have fun and try to guess the right outcomes.

Here’s how a game of craps usually works:

The First Roll 

The game proceeds with one player rolling the dice for the first time. This is also known as the ‘come-out roll’. If you roll a 7 or 11, you’re on the winning side. However, if you roll a 2,3, or a 12, that’s a bit unfortunate, and you will likely lose.

Point Number

There are cases when the first roll does not result in a win or a loss either. If so, the rolled number becomes something called the ‘point number,’ meaning any number from 4 to 10.

Rolling for the Point

Now, you’ll have to keep rolling the dice until you either roll the point number again or a 7. The point number is a win in this scenario, whereas the 7 is not so good.

Pass Line and Don't Pass Line

As the game progresses, you can bet on different elements. You can, for example, bet on the ‘Pass Line,’ where you hope for the shooter to win. Conversely, if you bet on the ‘Don’t Pass Line,’ you are more or less hoping the shooter doesn’t win.

Other Bets

You can also go for a more ‘traditional’ approach and bet on things like guessing what numbers the dice will land.

Rolling and Betting

You and other players take turns rolling the dice and betting on the outcome, and that’s essentially how a game of craps goes on.

Try These Popular Online Craps Variants

Craps Casinos Variants

Like most casino games, craps has developed multiple variants throughout history. As such, craps variants can differ in their bets, rules, and house edge.

  • New York Craps: originating in the United States, this variant of the game does not offer traditional bets. You will only be able to bet on the combinations 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, all for a house edge of 5%.
  • Bastard Craps: if you get a Craps, namely 2, 3, or 12 or a neutral combination, from the first throw you can form the point.
    On the contrary, the 7 will cancel the initial draw. Finally, on this variant, the 7 is the only losing roll, which is reflected in the significant house edge: 5.8%.
  • Bank Craps: this is the most common version, the one you can find in most online and land-based casinos. It was developed for casinos and has been accepted by the casinos around the world as being the main version.
    Since the original version of the game, Street Craps, was a player-vs-player game, when it was introduced in gambling establishments, it became a player-vs-casino game. Therefore, it is also known as Casino Craps or Vegas Craps.
  • Die Rich Crap: this version was developed by Ken Coleman, a dealer in a Nevada casino and it is one of the least widely available types.
    The entire layout of the table is changed and it looks more like a Blackjack table than like a classic Craps one.
    Another significant difference is that this variant is only played with one die instead of two. The winning number here is 6 and the craps out is 1. Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 become points. 

Some considerations

It’s important to remember that both the house edge and rules variations can affect your winning chances across these Craps formats.

Generally speaking, traditional Bank Craps mixes bets with varying house edges, and it’s a good starting point for beginners.

Alternatively, consider your skill level and preferences as well. Other Craps variations can provide you with unique twists and excitement if you wish for something different.


Before playing any Craps game, I would advise you to understand the rules and odds associated with each type of bet.

This will help you make informed decisions and have a clear picture of the game you are playing.

How to Play Real Money Craps - The Wise Way

Craps is an exciting dice game with a rich history. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the element of luck is extremely prominent, and therefore you should always know your way around craps casinos.

I strongly believe that you must first understand how craps works and how to keep a calm and moderate approach, even in the heat of things.

So, how do you start playing craps for real money the smart way? Well, it’s about starting small. Let me lend you in some key beginner tips.

Tip 1: Understand the Game

Craps Casinos Rules

As overrated as it might sound, taking time to learn the rules and understand the mechanics before everything else is a must. In fact, it is of utmost importance that you are familiar with how the game works and what kinds of bets there are. Knowing these basics will help you make better decisions.

Tip 2: Start Simple

Craps Casinos Bets

It’s wise to enter the world of real money online craps through simple bets like the Pass Line. Not only do they usually have better odds, but they also provide a good starting point for newcomers.

Tip 3: Continue With Basic Bets

Basic Bets Craps Casinos

As I said above, simple bets like the Pass Line are a wise choice for most new players. There are also other basic bets that you can take into consideration. Since we’re are at the subject of basic bets, allow me to elaborate a bit.

What is the Pass Line Bet?

This simple bet allows you to bet that the shooter will win. If they roll a 7 or 11, you win. If they roll a 2,3 or 12, you lose. Any other rolled number becomes the point, and you want the shooter to roll again before a 7 to win.

What is the Come Bet?

This one is quite similar to the Pass Line bet, but instead, you place it after the point number is set. In this case, you’re betting that the shooter will roll the point number again before hitting a 7.

What is Place Bets?

In craps, you can also bet on specific numbers to be rolled before a 7, i.e 4,5,6,8,9, or 10. Naturally, each number has its odds, so be aware of these to make informed decisions. Which brings me to the next piece of advice.

Tip 4: Learn About the Odds in Craps

Craps Casinos Odds

It is crucial that you study the odds of different bets. Some of them are, evidently, riskier, but offer bigger payouts, while others are safer but have smaller wins.

My word of caution for you

Yes, I am fully aware that higher payouts are tantalizing, but consider your position and bankroll carefully in every given situation. It’s ill-advised to start with riskier bets, especially if you’re a beginner.

In my opinion, it is much safer to stick - at least temporarily - to safer bets, despite their lower payouts. In this way, you are making sure of two things:

  1. You still get to rake in a decent amount of money that contributes to the overall gaming experience;
  2. You gamble responsibly, within your means, and enjoy craps for its sake instead of chasing wins and losses.

Tip 5: Respect the Sanctity of Proper Bankroll Management

Craps Casinos Bankroll

It’s imperative that you set a certain budget for playing at craps casinos and stick to it. No. Matter. What. 

So, decide how much money you’re comfortable spending and never go past that limit. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. It will ruin the fun, and it’s dangerously close to negatively impacting your mental state and your habits.

Remember that luck has the final say in craps. So, aside from certain techniques you can employ, you’re pretty much betting on your lucky star.

Tip 6: Use Bonuses Wisely

Craps Casinos bonuses

Online craps casinos often offer bonuses. These can be great for boosting your bankroll a bit or for offering you a chance to start playing without making a deposit.

Bonuses are quite advantageous, but they can also bear a suspicious aura. 

‘Why?’, you may ask. Well, there can be instances where bonuses are advertised past their expiration date. Either that or claiming tempting bonuses is tied to dubious conditions or requirements.

Always read the terms and conditions associated with everything casino-related, including bonuses!

More Craps Techniques to Increase Winning Odds

  1. Ideally, you should stay away from numbers 6 and/or 8 on the Craps table. They’re named Big 6 or 8, which can mislead you into betting on them in the hope of winning significantly more.

Note that to be able to profit from this, the bet needs to be rolled before a 7 on the Come Out roll, or you lose. It’s quite complicated for a newcomer.

  1. For maximum safety, stick with pass-line bets if you are barely starting with Craps. They’re simple bets, offer decent house edge, and you learn them fast.
  2. Don’t engage in proposition bets. Dealers often suggest this, but these bets have a high house edge, and you narrow your chances of winning.
  3. Learn how to use smart betting systems. These can help you protect your pass-line bets. Strategies like 3 Point Molly let you work with three numbers, so you strike a balance between the money you bet and better-winning chances.

Is Real Money Craps Actually Worth It?

I often hear this question regarding playing casino games for real money. Consequently, since you are currently reading this page and your eyes have landed on this section, I will assume you want to find out if real money craps is actually worthwhile.

Long story short, it depends on your goals, skills, and preferences. If you enjoy a jolly good combination of skill and luck and game more for the game's sake rather than big wins, then yes, playing at craps casinos is quite entertaining, and playing for real money in moderation contributes to the excitement.

My Take On It

What makes craps an interesting game to play is its random nature. Sure, you can learn about bets, odds, and certain dice-throwing techniques (that is, if you play physically), but I feel that randomness has the final say in this, and this certain…Unpredictable quality adds to the overall fun of the game.

Once you understand the game’s rules and odds, you can have a pleasant experience playing craps for real money, but only if you never skip responsibility, moderation, and self-accountability. Because yes, you can win often, but make it less about profits and more about gaming

How to Play Real Money Craps Online in Six Simple Steps

When you’re positive you’ve picked the right platform for enjoying online craps, getting started with the game is as easy as 1,2,3…and 4 and 5 and 6.

Step 1: Make sure the casino accepts players from your region. Some platforms have restrictions region-wise, so to spare any hassle right off the bat, check eligibility.

Craps Casino Region Availability

Step 2: Create an account and fund it. Create your account and add some funds to it. I’d suggest you give as little sensitive information as possible. Even if the casino seems trustworthy, take everything with a pinch of salt.

Craps Casinos Sign Up

Step 3: Navigate to the preferred craps game and let the fun begin. Decide on the craps variant you want to play. By case, you will likely have to choose from different game themes as well, so pick something pleasing to the eye and something that you are comfortable with.

Craps Casinos Game

Step 4: Get familiar with the table’s layout and place your bet. Study the bet placement and then click on the area of the virtual craps table where you want to place your bet. You can choose your chip denomination and place it in the appropriate betting area.

Craps Casinos Layout

Step 5: Roll the Dice  - In online craps, you usually initiate the roll by clicking a "Roll" button. The virtual dice will be rolled, and the outcome will be determined.

Craps Casinos Dice

Step 6: Await the outcome - Depending on the outcome, your bets might win or lose. Payouts vary based on the specific bet you placed. If you win, your winnings will be added to your account balance.

Craps Casinos Outcome

Now, to make sure we’re on the safe side, let’s discuss how to pick the right craps casino for your needs.

How to Choose a Top Craps Casino

Finding the right craps casino that ‘speaks your language’ can be difficult, but remember that good research and thorough studying separates an amazing experience from a really unpleasant situation.

Everyone needs to make sure they select only top-rated and properly licensed platforms. This is for your own good and remember that gambling laws and regulations favour you, the players, and mean to protect you. 

First, let’s quickly look at how to pick a proper craps online casino. First, you’ll want to use your best judgment when choosing a platform. Do not be swayed by flashy images or sugarcoated text. 

Go through reviews, ratings, and discussions, engage with gambling communities and get feedback from unbiased sources.

casino security


Choose Craps casinos that are licensed by a trustworthy authority and come with SSL encryption, 2-step authentication, and fair 3-rd party audit on their games.

casino customer support

Customer Support

24/7 availability is very important when it comes to customer support but also look for multiple communication channels and even multilingual support if you need it.

craps casino bonuses


A top Craps online casino has plenty of bonuses for its players, especially a no deposit promotion and a welcome deal. However, the more promotions are available, the better.

casino user interface

User Interface

High-quality casinos with Craps games have a very easy-to-use and well-organized user interface. They cater to both beginner and advanced players. 

casino payout time

Payout Time

The best Craps casinos will not make you wait long for your money. Look for platforms with a payout processing time of 24 to 48 hours.

casino games


The best online Craps casinos have many options for you both in terms of Craps and other games and constantly update their collection.

Always Check the Casino’s Reviews and Reputation

Craps Casinos Reviews

This is the pillar of every informed decision. Those reviews come from real folks who've been in your shoes. They spill the beans on their experiences, good or bad. 

Take time to read them and list the ups and downs of the casinos you’re initially interested in.

Reading reviews helps you spot any suspicious element or behaviour. If loads of players are griping about slow payouts or lousy customer service, that's a sign of steering clear.

A casino’s reputation is reflected in their customer’s ratings and feedback. If the casino has been treating its clientele right, you will likely benefit from quality treatment as well.

Not to mention that picking a casino with good reviews gives you peace of mind. You're not blindly stepping into a new place.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

Craps Casinos T&Cs

It's super important that you take note of everything pertaining to online gambling before starting to play for real money.

Carefully review the terms and conditions associated with bonuses and promotions. Pay close attention to the wagering requirements, game restrictions, as well as withdrawal limits and time periods.

If you’re well informed, you can easily dodge unpleasant circumstances or avoid them entirely and spot a much safer and properly equipped alternative.

Online Craps Versus Traditional Craps: Which One is Good for You?

The advance of technology has paved the way for amazing online craps casinos features. Online platforms are great for making exciting games accessible to a wider audience, and because of that, many players find online casinos to be an exciting gaming experience. 

On the other hand, land-based casinos have their unique, timeless allure that helps establish a sense of community and social interaction. Clearly, this is an indicator of how the two variants exist to cater to everyone’s needs. In this regard, let’s go through some of the key elements that differentiate online craps from traditional craps.

Online Craps Land-based Craps
Convenience - You can enjoy craps at home, without needing to travel to a casino. You just need a device and an Internet connection Atmosphere - When it comes to overall atmosphere and experience, nothing defeats the timeless extravaganza and trademark allure of a land-based casino. Some players are particularly attracted to this and often opt for physical variants of craps.
Availability - Online casinos are usually available 24/7, so this means you can play craps online virtually anytime. Social Interaction  - Socially active players are fond of chatting with fellow players and dealers in a physical casino, as this brings a joyous and entertaining mood at the table.
Privacy - If you prefer a more intimate and quiet environment, online craps can help you enjoy the game without face-to-face interaction. Plus, it can be a good choice for beginners who might feel nervous in a physical casino setting. Authenticity - If you are fond of the traditional ways of gaming, you can consider playing craps physically. Certainly, there is a certain attractiveness to shaking the dice and rolling them with your own hands and watching them roll and come to a halt in eager anticipation.
Variety - Online craps often comes in different shapes and sizes, offering more engaging gameplay and different betting options. Feeling Part of a Community - Craps is a very popular dice game, and with a rich history comes a solid community. If you’re seeking discussions or even tips and advice from other craps players, land-based casinos are a hotspot for craps enthusiasts.
Learning - Online craps can sometimes include tutorials, explanations, or tips, which can be extremely helpful for beginners who are just getting started with the game. Learning Curve - Craps is a fast-paced game, and the crowded and chaotic nature of a casino mixed with hurrying dealers and players can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. If you find yourself distracted or rushed, it’s wiser to opt for an online variant that lets you play at a pace that suits you.
Pacing - Online craps games are much more relaxed, meaning you can play them at your own pace. You control when the dice are rolled, so you can get used to the game’s rules without feeling rushed or pressured. Alert Gameplay - Even if fast moves and quick throws add to the excitement, real-life craps can be intimidating or exhausting for new players. You will have a harder time getting the hold of the game and how the table layout works.

Popular Online Real Money Craps Games to Play 

If you want to play the best online real money Craps games, we are here to help you find them.  Live Dealer casino sites are a great option, as they offer an atmosphere and overall experience that are as close as possible to the real casino ones. 

They are, however, rare, with many not featuring any Craps game in their Live Games collection. They are not impossible to find, however, and we have some high-quality options for you to choose from. 

If you want to try Craps for free before joining an online casino and playing for real money, here are the best online Craps games we have in store for you: 

Game Title

Player Rating

Nucleus Gaming Craps


BetSoft Craps


Urgent Games Craps


These are completely free to play and you can enjoy all the features and have a complete gaming session, but without making real bets and cashouts.


Our ratings are given by players and they may be subjective. Therefore, a game with a low rating is not necessarily a bad game.

Since players give ratings based on their preferences and experience with a game, the values keep changing. Therefore, it is best to check our Free Craps page when you want to play and see which are the highest-rated titles. You can do that by clicking the Sort By filter and checking the Top-Rated box. 

For more useful pro tips, check out Craps expert Bill Collins’ tips for playing Craps and apply them to your gambling sessions for better winning chances!

Know How to Enjoy Craps Responsibly

Like any other casino game, craps brings about excitement and thrill due to its nature. While this adds up to the fun of it, there is a fine line between harmless fun and things like problem gambling.

I strongly encourage you to spend your time at craps casinos in moderation and with your best judgement. This game can be an amazing experience, and as long as you understand the importance of responsible gaming, you’re on the right track.

Please take some time to read these pieces of advice, as they intend to ensure you have a pleasant and safe time.

Set Clear Limits

Craps Casinos Set Limits

Decide on winning and losing limits. If you reach your winning goal, consider stopping to keep your profits. But don’t forget to keep realistic goals and do not exaggerate in your goals.

Similarly, if you reached the loss limit you decided beforehand, it’s time to take a break. Setting clear limits on how much you want to win or lose can be very beneficial for a positive outcome at the end of a game of craps.

Stay Calm

Craps Casinos Calm

Craps is a fun game, so enjoy it! Its interesting allure is given off by its element of chance, and that makes quite the surprise and awe during many rounds.

However, do not let your emotions or excitement cloud your thoughts. Stay calm and avoid chasing wins and losses by making impulsive bets.

If you are no longer enjoying the game or hit a wall of frustration and mindless betting, it’s time to walk away and cool down.

Take A Break And Do Other Things

Craps Casinos Break

Good things are always enjoyed in moderation. Try and make sure you don’t lose track of time when playing at craps casinos. 

It helps to decide how much time you want to spend gaming. It could be an hour or two, or maybe even less, during a quick break.

Stick to that time limit and don’t forget you have other aspects of your life you need to take care of and spend time with. Allowing the game to take over your other responsibilities or hobbies can severely impact your life.

Payment Methods for Craps Casinos

Are you wondering which banking options are available at online Craps casinos? We have good news for you. There are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Payment method


debit and credit cards

Debit or credit cards

You may use Visa, Mastercard, or Discover for both deposits and withdrawals. 

casino prepaid cards

Prepaid cards 

Some casinos and sportsbooks offer their customers branded cards they can add money to and use to make payments with them.

e-check or ACH

E-check or ACH

If you were or still are a fan of paper checks, know that this is the virtual version of that. Many online casinos offer this payment option as well. 

casino bill pay

Bill pay

You may opt for this method so that you can make your deposit the same way you would pay a utility bill. 

This is perfect if you do not feel comfortable using your debit card.

ewallet payments


eWallets need no introduction nowadays, as many people own an account with at least one. The Craps players' favorites are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

They are famous, reliable, and very fast payment options you can also use as a cashout method.  

Keep in mind, however, that in some cases, while you can make deposits using these, you may not be able to claim promotions if you pay using them. 

Read the Promotional Terms before depositing

bank wire or money order payments

Bank wire or money order

These are perfect for larger payments, but they also take longer to process. 

You can expect a waiting time ranging from 3 to 7 business days, depending on the online casino and the bank you work with.

A Stroll Through the Craps Timeline

In Ancient Times, Romans used to play the first craps prototype with dice made from animal bones. Creative guys, not gonna lie!
Fast forward to the 18th century, the game found its way to American soil, as a simplified version of the western European game of Hazard. From there, players like John H. Winn started modifying the game, adding new elements like the Don't Pass bet.
As the 1900s dawned, craps became frowned upon by the authorities during the Prohibition era. However, the game was still hugely popular, and reached new heights during World War II.
Soon enough, in the 1950s, craps became the new star in Las Vegas casinos. It was one of the most played casino games back then.
As time went on, craps saw the emergence of its relatives, meaning different varieties of the same game. Names like Crapless Craps, Die Rich, and High Point added a new dimension to the overall excitement of the game.

Master Craps Casinos by Playing the Smart Way  

Now you understand the important relationship between a properly licensed casino and moderation in playing craps.

Craps casinos can be super fun and offer a great deal of excitement, but to be able to leverage these aspects, you first have to remember why safety, licensing, and moderation matter.

Enjoy this timeless classic online or physically and try out different strategies and techniques with free games before moving on to the real deal. You’re more than welcome to use our dedicated Craps guides to sharpen your skills and learn interesting things that will boost your winning chances.

Craps Casinos FAQs

Why is Craps the best casino game?
Craps is the best casino game thanks to its dynamic gameplay, variety of wagers you can make and the very different gameplays you can enjoy in the available versions of the game.
Which online casinos have $5 Craps?
There are some online casinos that have minimum deposits as low as $5 and they offer Craps games. You can find such platforms and more on our Craps casinos list. 
How do I pick the best Craps Casino?
Use the filters on our Craps Casinos page to find the best results for your needs. Once you picked one or more platforms from the list, check the review page of each gambling site before signing up. You’ll want to keep an eye on player ratings and comments, available software providers, banking methods, live chat availability, and other details that can impact your gameplay.
Do casinos cheat at Craps? 
No, casinos do not cheat at Craps, as their activity is fully regulated and constantly verified by licensing authorities. There is no certainty that unlicensed gambling platforms are fair, which is why you should pick licensed Craps casinos only.
Are there any Craps casino bonuses?

Many online casinos offer bonuses for both new and existing players. You will rarely find promotions created exclusively for Craps games, but you can claim bonuses that give you extra funds and use them to play Craps.

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