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What is Crapless Craps - The Ultimate Guide

Bill Collins
Written by Bill Collins
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What is Crapless Craps - The Ultimate Guide

Crapless craps is a version of regular craps that gives the casino a bigger advantage by making it harder to win your pass line bets, due to all 11 points being able to become your point number. 

This game variant considers the 2, 3, 11, and 12 as point numbers (similar to 4,5,6,8,9, and 10 in regular craps). 

The crapless table removes every way you can play the "don’t". There won't be any don’t pass, don’t come or lay bets available.

This game version originates in the early days of Las Vegas. It is safe to say that it is one of the first new-age craps versions that is still popular to this day, especially at the Stratosphere. (where it presumably originated)

In my humble opinion, the average player is better off learning to play regular craps

Sometimes you may have been forced to play Crapless Craps when it is the only table open to play on. You can still make your normal inside place bets and 4 through 10 bets, but there is no way to hedge them.

Table Layout and How to Play at a Crapless Craps Table

The crapless craps table layout gives the optical illusion of looking to be longer than a regular craps table because the Crapless craps table has all eleven numbers (2 through 6, and 8 through 12) showing in boxes at the same location where a regular craps table shows only six-point numbers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. 


Crapless tables lack the Don’t Pass bar, Don’t Come box, and areas for lay bets on each number. 

The lack of being able to make dark side bets on Crapless tables should keep dark-side players, who make their money betting the Don’t Pass, Don’t Come and Lay bets, from ever wanting to play Crapless craps online free

Not being able to make lay bets makes it impossible to use lay bets as hedge bets to protect your place and buy bets. Those Crapless craps bets will have to stand on their merit. 


Crapsless tables also feature the casino’s Bonus Bets and prop bets in the middle of the table.

Advantages to playing Crapless Craps:

I can only think of one advantage for Crapless Craps; being able to make buy bets on the high paying horn numbers, 2, 3, 11, and 12, where the buy bets get to stay up until won or lost, sometimes over many rolls. 

That’s something you can not do playing regular craps, where you can only hope those individual horn numbers for just a single roll of the dice, with that number needing to roll on that next roll to win, or you lose that bet. 

With the buy bets in Crapless, those bets stay in place with a chance to win, for as many rolls as is needed to resolve the bet by either the point number rolling again to win or a 7 rolling to end that turn shooting and defeat those buy bets.

When I first played Crapless, I could not figure out why some players were constantly buying 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12. They also amazed me with how often some of those players were able to win those high-paying bets frequently.

I now do the same thing when I play Crapless. I just buy the extreme outside numbers for decent amounts, maybe only on the 10, 11, and 12 or the 2, 3, and 4, then I will use my tossing dice sets that most frequently hit those numbers I have bet, while also tossing my fewest 7’s to give me the best crapless craps odds to win those big payoffs.

I also use my best tossing sets on come out rolls to most frequently hit 6, 7, or 8, since I can’t make the off-setting pass and don’t pass bets in Crapless craps. 

How I Use Dice Influencing to Win More Often

Using those best dice sets will get me a win when the 7 rolls or get me on the easiest to make pass line points when 6 or 8 rolls.  

To do that, I practice “dice influencing” daily on my own craps table at home and gather tons of toss results data that gives me the information I need to know about which of my dice sets best get that particular job done of winning those particular bets, based on what my repeatable toss is doing now. 

That is accomplished by using sets that not only hit my target numbers most frequently but also best avoid the losing 7 at the same time.

Dice Influencing is a very controversial topic among craps players, with large numbers of players believing that dice influencing is not possible.

They think craps is totally random and that the casino’s built-in advantage can never be overcome on anything approaching a consistent basis.

How Much of a Difference Can Using Dice Influencing Make?

crapless craps variance with dice influencing

Above, with me betting buy bets on 2, 3, and 4 in Crapless and tossing my best set for that bet, 31-36, I see that I over my most recently logged 1,501 practice tosses, I tossed 14 more 2’s than expected for random, 17 more 3’s than expected for random and 7 more 4’s than expected for random, while also tossing 24 less 7’s than expected for random. 

That means I had 62 more positive outcomes (gold highlight) using this set for this bet than is expected for random rolling.

Of course, like everyone else, I’d lose all three bets when the 7 rolled.

Disadvantages to playing Crapless Craps

Casinos are quick to point out that you never lose your pass line bet by rolling a craps, 2 3 or 12 before your point is established. Instead, whatever number you roll becomes your point. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

On really rare occasions the average craps player just might roll that needed second extremely hard to roll 12 to win his pass line bet when 12 becomes his crapless pass line point.

The same is true for other harder-to-roll pass line points on 2 or 3 or 11. You are most likely going to lose a lot more pass line bets by playing Crapless. 

Throughout a several-hour session, that can add to several hundred extra dollars in losses, which could keep you from winning.

Please note

The casino’s advantage on Crapless pass line bets is 5.382%, compared to 1.414% for regular craps.

Another downside for our average craps shooter is that their yo-11 come-out roll doesn’t win in Crapless Craps, it just becomes the point that they have to roll again before a 7 to win their pass line bet. 

Having no dark side or hedge bets available for betting makes Crapless harder to win than regular craps. 

At regular craps, many times I will make canceling equal-sized bets on both the pass line and don’t pass at the same time when I shoot, so that I can bypass that part of the game and get on to making and winning my better-paying bets. 

I will be working my big bets on come out rolls, so that they can win right out of the gate even before getting my pass line point established.

The Real Reason Why Crapless Craps is Not Really Worth It

The shooter is at the biggest disadvantage of anyone at a Crapless table because he is forced to make a pass line bet to shoot. 

Other players have the option of not making a pass line bet. I strongly encourage them to skip making the pass line bet because it is probably one of the worst bets to make when playing Crapless. 

There is a one in six possibility of having one of the extreme outside horn numbers becoming the pass line point, where that harder than normal to roll number must be rolled a second time before a 7 rolls for you to win your pass line bet. 

That’s not a threat in regular craps.

Payouts for bets that are available only on the Crapless Craps table

Buying and hitting the 2 or 12 in Crapless pays 6 to 1. 

You have to pay 5% vig on your minimum buy bet of $20, or more, to be able to buy each number. Odds of repeating either 2 or 12 to win one of those bets on any given roll is 1 in 36. 

But the buy bets on 2 or 12 stay up until won or the turn ends with a losing 7, so you may get multiple opportunities to win, unlike the one-roll hop or horn bets in regular craps. 

The odds of losing the bet to a 7 rolling is 1 in 6 on every roll.

Buying and hitting the 3 or 11 in Crapless pays 3 to 1. Paying 5% vig is again required. The odds of repeating 3 or 11 to win one of these bets on any given roll is 2 in 36 for each. 

But the buy bets on 3 or 11 stay up until won or the turn ends with a losing 7, so you may get multiple opportunities to win, unlike the one-roll hop or horn bets in regular craps. The odds of losing the bet to a 7 rolling is 1 in 6 on every roll.

Keep in mind

All other Crapless craps payouts are the same as in regular craps pays

3 Tips to Win at Crapless Craps

  • Don’t bet the pass line in Crapless, unless you are the shooter.
  • Buy the extreme outside numbers, but only if you can hit them way more than expected.
  • You can make place bets and buy bets on inside numbers, too, just like in normal craps. If you are forced to play on a Crapless table you can always just still play your normal inside bets and 4 through 10 bets, too, but you can’t hedge them. It might be the best way to play Crapless for the average player.

Final Thoughts

The crapless craps table is a good alternative to the regular craps casino and you can’t lose on the come out roll, meaning you get at least two rolls.

Although you may get some fun winning streaks at the crapless table, in the long run, you’re better off looking for a seat at the normal craps table. 

This way, you can use advanced strategies and have a better chance to get the edge over the house. 

Still, trying out a crapless craps strategy can be worth it every now and then, especially if the regular tables are busy.

Have fun!


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