Bill Collins

Bill Collins

Professional Craps Player


  • Over 2 decades of triumphant experience in the game of craps, with a winning streak since 2003;
  • Noted author of the acclaimed craps novel, "Vegas Fever";
  • Proficient Craps writer, with a wide range of published articles;
  • Administrator of the popular Facebook group "Craps Crusher", which has 4.3k+ members, sharing daily insights into successful craps strategies.


Bill Collins embarked on his journey to devise a winning craps strategy back in 2003. Since then, his systematic approach to the game has kept him on a consistent winning path.

His distinctive insights, comprehensive experience, and proven strategies have attracted a wide community of craps aficionados, leading him to create advanced Craps guides from early 2022.

Ever since, he has been a prolific writer with over 100 published articles, such as “How to play Craps” or “Advanced Craps strategies”, sharing his experiences and wisdom with the readers of CasinoFreak.

In addition, Bill's profound understanding and passion for the game are exemplified in his craps-themed novel, "Vegas Fever”, available on Amazon.

A significant achievement to note is Bill's Facebook group, "Craps Crusher,” boasting over 4,300 active members.

On this group, he shares his entire knowledge about winning at craps and provides daily strategies to aid others in enhancing their gameplay.


  • Craps strategy expert, backed by a nearly 20-year track record of consistent victories;
  • Craps dice influencing;
  • Author of a unique craps system to enhance winning odds;
  • Proficient Bingo player.

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