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Advertiser Disclosure

CasinoFreak Editorial
CasinoFreak Editorial

Advertiser Disclosure

CasinoFreak is an independent marketing agency that provides gamblers unbiased user-generated casino and bonus reviews.

This way, we can help you make more informed gambling decisions.

It is important to understand that we do not promote any sort of underage gambling. As a player, it is your responsibility to meet all age & regulatory requirements. Be aware of that before you create an account at any gambling site listed or referenced within this site. 

Our main focus is responsible gambling, and it has been one of our core values since the very start. Moreover, we offer advice for anyone who believes that it deals with a gambling addiction. 

Please note

CasinoFreak doesn’t promote or endorse any form of gambling to players under the age of 18.

Our goal is to provide you access to a wide range of online casinos and bonuses. 

When partnering up with an operator, we always consider our core principles. So, we don’t just randomly promote casinos. 

We aim to offer you the best overview of a gambling site. This is why we use our user-generated reviews & ratings to determine the score of a casino. 

They can easily be sorted by top-rated or any other specific criteria you may need.

Important Disclaimer - We're here to help!

Important disclaimer we

We strongly believe that transparency is the main key to maintaining a strong relationship based on trust. Therefore, at we will provide you with support to make the best financial decision. 

We want to help you. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge to create educational guides, which helps us raise awareness regarding how to keep gambling activities under control.  

We are an information-only website. We are not a gambling operator. The advice provided regarding gambling addiction must be used only for informational purposes. We do not guarantee applicability for each player’s circumstances. 

Through our site, users have the possibility to access platforms that offer gambling services. Our mission is to help you make better gambling decisions. 

The content on our website or made available by CasinoFreak is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Our platform doesn’t warrant the legality of any particular gambling activities in any specific location. 

The advice posted on this website should not be considered financial or legal advice. Don’t forget that laws & regulations worldwide change continually. 

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure that any gambling actions you undertake are legal in your jurisdiction. 


CasinoFreak is not a gambling operator.

There are some pages within our site that feature links to websites where users can place online bets and wagers. However, this does not prohibit or limit the site from receiving compensation in certain circumstances from the affiliate links it promotes. 

On our platform, you will find reviews submitted by users. These do not reflect the opinion of the site owner, affiliates, or licensors. To learn more about how our review system works, check out our page on how ratings work.

Why should you trust us?

Why should you trust us
We have a clear mission - to help the gamblers get a thrilling casino experience. We offer you the possibility to filter and sort the bonuses casinos and games, as well as read about the experiences of other gamblers before you join a new platform.

The special system we created will help you make informed decisions. Moreover, our content is created by gambling specialists. The reviews are left by actual players who have already tried various sites and games. 

Please note

You can use our casino community’s reviews as ’’guidelines’’ for making the best decisions.

It is true that we have a wide casino database. Yet, even so, you must do the necessary research for a better understanding of the implications of online gambling. 

It is essential to know that we work with casino operators and get money compensations when clicking on certain links on our site. So, the placement and listing of products could be influenced by our financial relationships. 

We don’t create partnerships with all the casino operators. We carefully select only those who comply with our strict requirements and share our core values. 

We try to be 100% transparent about our relationships. We do that because we want to keep a trust-based relationship with our users and partners.

The bottom line

At, we try to only partner with operators that are aligned with our core values.

We do our best to improve awareness regarding problem gambling, constantly looking for efficient ways to keep the addiction under control.

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