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Welcome to our Bingo Casinos page, where you will find a comprehensive list of 1074 online gambling websites that support this type of game. To narrow down your search and personalize the directory according to your needs, don’t forget to use the filters and sorting tools at the top. These will allow you to browse through more efficiently and find your next favorite fast! 

The following section contains’s extensive collection of 1074 online bingo casinos, 211 out of which offer a free spins no deposit bonus to newly registered users. Are you looking for online bingo casinos that accept players from United States? Then activate the country filter to reveal the 112 that fall into this category. Check out the columns next to each title to see their welcome packages and software providers, as well as ratings and tags awarded according to status. Finally, find out which the newest online casinos and best online casinos that offer bingo are with the assistance of the designated sorting tool you will find in the dropdown menu on the right. 

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New Players Bonus
United States flag 3.4
500% + 150 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4
100% + 150 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6
$55 No Deposit Bonus
280% + 50 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 10
500% deposit bonus
United States flag 4.7
€25 Risk Free deposit bonus
United States flag 6.2
50 Free Spins
250% deposit bonus
United States flag 5.4
500% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4
7€/$/C$/NZ$ No Deposit Bonus
125% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6.4
30 Free Spins
100% + 180 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 5.5
100% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 3
100% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 7
30 Free Spins
150% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag -
100% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 5.1
20 Free Spins
200% + 35 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 8.4
20 Free Spins
150% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 5
50 Free Spins
255% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 8.6
100% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4.8
300% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 5.2
100% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag -
100% deposit bonus
United States flag 4.4
50 Free Spins
200% deposit bonus
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The origins of bingo at its most basic form can be traced back to an Italian lottery game that emerged in the 1530s called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia”. Features such as cards, tokens, and the iconic calling out of numbers were added in the 18th century in France, one of the world’s most popular gambling hubs at the time. The French version of the game was known as “Le Lotto”, and it contained 27 squares in a three-row and nine-column layout. Each tile had a number from 1 to 90 imprinted on it, which created the design of bingo as we’ve come to know it today. In the 1920s, bingo was further popularized in the United States of America and gained the name it bears to this day.
Bingo online casinosHOW TO PLAY BINGO ONLINE 
When playing online bingo, it’s essential to remember that the numbers that are randomly drawn will appear on the screen instead of being called out. Each player can gamble with one card or several ones. Bingo cards contain numbers 1 through 30, 75, 80, or 90 depending on the type of game you engage with. Even though the cards are assigned to you by chance, you have the option to choose a new one if you are unhappy with the numbers on them. There are four main variations of online bingo to keep an eye out for if you’re trying to get into the game:  

bingo ball 130-Ball Bingo. Known as speed bingo in the gambling industry, 30-ball bingo utilizes a 3x3 card with numbers ranging from 1 to 30. This makes it the quickest and easiest to play variation.

bingo ball 275-Ball Bingo. Popular in the United States and Canada, 75-ball bingo is played with a 5x5 grid that contains numbers from 1 to 75, as well as a free space in the middle. 

bingo ball 380-Ball Bingo. The most widespread online casino bingo layout is 80-ball bingo with its 4x4 square grid. The numbers marked on it range from 1 to 80. 

bingo ball 490-Ball Bingo. In Europe and Australia, 90-ball bingo is the most prominent type of bingo enjoyed by casino players. Its card consists of 9 columns across three rows that contain numbers 1 through 90.

When playing online bingo, it is also important to know which patterns earn you prizes within the game. Here are the six main ones:

bingo cards 1Lines. Winning with a line is the most widespread pattern that pays out in online bingo, be it vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. 

bingo cards 2T’s. When you mark all the numbers on the top row and middle row, you’ve got yourself a winning T in bingo. It is also possible to succeed with T’s in other positions on the card, which are known as crazy T’s. 

bingo cards 3U’s. The second most popular letter that will earn you a prize in bingo is the U. To achieve this formation, you will need to mark off the left, right, and bottom of the card by daubing the squares that connect them as well. 

bingo cards 4Square. As the name implies, square bingo occurs when all sides of the card are marked off and form the shape of the sheet itself. 

bingo cards 5Diamond. The diamond can be achieved in two ways. The little diamond occurs when you mark off the squares surrounding the free space in a diamond shape. The big diamond encompasses the edges of the entire card. 

bingo cards 6Blackout. When you manage to mark off every single tile off of a bingo card, you’ve got yourself a blackout bingo. This is simpler to achieve in 30-ball bingo, but it will earn you a substantial payout in more complex variants of the game. 


Basic Strategies
Bingo Basic StrategiesPlay when fewer players are online. Unlike progressive slots where the jackpot increases the more players spin the reels on a game, this does not influence the payout one bit in bingo. Therefore, it is a wise approach to enter a game session when fewer punters are competing for a prize. This will maximize your chances of winning. 

Invest in multiple cards. Statistically speaking, the more cards you have on hand, the higher your chances of winning actually are. However, you need to keep in mind that this requires more alertness on your part, as you will have to keep track of multiple number sequences at once. 

Advanced Strategies
Bingo Advanced StrategiesThe Granville Strategy. A popular bingo strategy, the Granville approach preaches that draws usually have an equal or at least a balanced amount of high and low numbers on a card, as well as an equal or balanced amount of even and odd numbers. In addition to this, results generally have the same amount of numbers ending in 1 through 9. This theory garnered so much attention that it has also been adopted by stock market analysts in order to predict price movement. 

The Tippett Strategy. British statistician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett created a strategy that aims to improve a player’s odds at bingo. It revolves around the notion that a short 75-ball bingo game will result in draws that are closer to 1 and 75, while longer games tend to stick around a medium of 38 as far as the numbers on the selected balls are concerned. 

Bingo CasinoKeep your eye on the prize. Various bingo games have different prizes up for grabs, which is why it’s important for you to know which those are and how you can obtain them. Some might offer payouts per number of lines that are completed or special patterns, while others might have a standard house prize. Stay informed so that you can adapt your strategy accordingly. 

Bingo Trusted CasinosPlay at trusted casinos only. This should go without saying, but it’s always recommended to invest your money into online gambling websites with a reputable track record of respecting their customers. For this reason, we have completed our casino lists with real player ratings based on true experiences, as well as a Best tag where you will find only those titles that excel in every single aspect. By choosing such a casino, you will always ensure that your cash is well spent.

Bingo Internet ConnectionUse fast and secure Wi-Fi. Due to the fact that online bingo gameplay is heavily reliant on your Internet connection, we always advise using a fast and secure network. Thus, you will not only protect your personal data but also see to it that your session doesn’t freeze or lag. If you choose to play in a mobile casino on your device using a mobile data connection, keep in mind that this type of casino game can deplete your plan quite quickly. Thus, it’s always a good idea to check with your service provider and ensure that you don’t exceed your limit. 


Can I play just one card of bingo?
Of course! There is no rule dictating that you should always buy cards in batches. While this is a good way to increase your odds, you should always do whatever suits your needs and budget the best. Never purchase multiple cards if you find no true benefit in it. 

Should I choose the Granville or the Tippett strategy?
It depends on your skill level and what you feel most comfortable with. Seeing as these are advanced bingo strategies for experienced players, it’s advisable to first practice the game with standard approaches before jumping into anything too intricate. 

Does online bingo have the same odds as land-based bingo?
Approximately. Online bingo follows the same rules and its land-based counterpart, and thus the same strategies work more or less the same. The only difference between the two is the human factor that lacks in the case of online bingo, as the game is guided by a Random Number Generator. Nevertheless, the algorithm is as fair as a human can be. In addition to this, online casinos have loyalty programs and an array of bonuses that minimize the house’s edge. 

Where can I find online bingo no deposit bonuses?
The casinos on our list offer attractive welcome packages to new players, and you can see what they consist of in the designated column. To see whether or not bingo qualifies for the first deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses that are offered, check out the individual review page of each website. 

Can I play online bingo for free?
Yes! Our Free Bingo Games page displays an extensive collection of games that you can play at no additional cost. You won’t have to download any third-party apps or disclose any information to do so either, thus being able to enjoy a challenge-free game of online bingo instantly!