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United States flag 3.6
500% + 150 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 8.6
110% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4
100% + 150 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 7.5
150% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6.1
50 Free Spins
250% deposit bonus
United States flag 5.5
$20 No Deposit Bonus
200% deposit bonus
United States flag 4.7
€25 Risk Free deposit bonus
United States flag 1
10 FS Free Spins
100% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6.4
250% + 50 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 1
100% + 30 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4.9
100% + 50 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6.7
50 Free Spins
100% + 25 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 1
100% + 150 FS% deposit bonus
United States flag 6
100% deposit bonus
United States flag 4.6
$50 No Deposit Bonus
500% deposit bonus
United States flag 3
100% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag -
200% + 20 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 5.1
20 Free Spins
200% + 35 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 8.4
20 Free Spins
150% + 200 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 6.2
50 Free Spins
255% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4.8
300% + 100 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 4.8
100 Free Spins
100% + 500 FS deposit bonus
United States flag 10
100% deposit bonus
United States flag 5.8
$55 No Deposit Bonus
280% + 50 FS deposit bonus
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Based on classic five-card draw poker, video poker is a type of casino game that emerged in the 1970s and was played on computerized terminals similar to those of slot machines. The Fortune Bell Company was the first to produce them, but the game didn’t become mainstream until 1979. This is when Si Redd’s Coin Machines, or SIRCOMA for short, released its first Draw Poker cabinet. This is an interesting piece of information when considering that the very same company evolved into what we know today as International Game Technology, or IGT for short. When the 1990s rolled around, video poker transitioned to the online medium and the game truly gained its status as one of the most popular casino games. 
The first step in playing video poker online is selecting how much you want to bet on a hand. The machine has special buttons for this. You can also consult the paytable to see how much you can win for certain hands depending on the wagering amount. Then, hit the Deal button to receive five cards and see what you’re working with. Next, it’s time to draw new cards. Use the Hold buttons to select the cards you want to keep, then exchange the odd ones out. This will form your final hand, which will determine if you win anything during this round or not.

As a general rule, there are a total of ten winnings hands in video poker, depending on the variation you are playing. We have ranked them from strongest to weakest below and explained which cards constitute them below for your convenience: 

Royal FlushRoyal Flush. The royal flush is the best possible hand in poker. It contains a Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace in the same suit. 

Straight FlushStraight Flush. The second best hand you can get in poker, a straight flush is comprised of five cards in a row and of the same suit. 

Four of a KindFour of a Kind. Just like the name implies, four of a kind means you get four identically numbered cards in all four suits, plus an extra one on the side. 

Full HouseFull House. Formed from a pair and three of a kind, the full house is also known as a full boat and is a popular hand in poker games.

FlushFlush. Unlike its more successful siblings, the simple flush is made up of five cards of the same suit that aren’t in any numerical order. 

StraightStraight. When you get five cards in numerical order, but of different suits, you have yourself a straight hand.

Three of a KindThree of a Kind. Sometimes known as trips or a set, three of a kind occurs when you get three of one card and two non-paired cards alongside them. 

Two PairTwo Pair. Getting two different pairs in one hand, plus one random card, means you have a two pair. 

One PairOne Pair. As the name implies, this hand represents one single pairing of two identically numbered cards and three other non-matching ones. 

High CardHigh Card. The most basic poker hand, the high card consists of five cards in no consecutive order and of at least two different suits. 

There is an additional hand that tops all the ten presented above regardless of circumstances if the variation of video poker you access is played with wild cards. We’re talking about the infamous Five of a Kind, of course. However, as video poker games with wild cards are rarer than those without them, this winning combination won’t be as widely used. 


Basic Video Poker Strategy
Basic Video Poker StrategyAlways choose low pairs over a high card. If you have a high card in your initial hand and a pair of a lower rank, hold the pair. You have better odds of winning with one pair than a simple high card if you don’t get something better after drawing. 

Break up your straights and flushes when right. Did you get a straight or a flush with high chances of turning into a royal flush or a straight flush when the right cards are drawn? Then it might be a good idea to break it up. However, you should always weigh your options carefully before doing so. 

Maximize bet amounts after gaining experience. When you feel that you’ve gotten accustomed to the game enough, it might be a good idea to maximize your bets. High wagers raise the value of your winnings through the roof. If you are lucky enough to get a royal flush, the reward will be worth the chance you took for it. 

Advanced Video Poker Strategy 
Advanced Video Poker StrategyAdvanced video poker strategies require getting accustomed to the variant of the game you are playing. Each comes with its own perks and drawbacks, which is why you should always tweak and adapt your approach to each one. We’ve summarized the six essentials in this section. 

Jacks or Better.  When you have four cards to a straight or a flush, hold them and draw a new one. Similarly, if you have three cards to a royal flush, hold them and draw two. This is also the case for a straight flush. In the eventuality that you don’t have any of the above, always hold jacks or cards that are higher. It is a game of Jacks or Better, after all. 

Deuces Wild. In this version of video poker, four deuces are the best possible hand. If you are lucky enough to get them, hold them. Remember that three deuces will do you no good, as the odds of getting the fourth are slim. Keep any paying hands if you don’t have any deuces, and hold your cards if you have three for a royal flush. For lack of any of the aforementioned hand, hold a pair if you have one. 

Double Bonus. Double Bonus video poker is all about holding onto promising hands. Thus, if you are dealt three or four cards to a flush, a pair, or a single high card, keep them. However, you must always discard your entire hand if you have no pairs. 

Aces and Faces. A game of Aces and Faces is a great opportunity to always play at max bet. Hold your pairs and four cards to a flush, or enough cards for high chances of making a royal flush. Plus, when you are dealt a winning hand, it’s advisable to keep it no matter what. Nonetheless, if your experience tells you that the odds of a royal flush are in your favor, listen to your instinct. 

Joker Poker. Another great game for playing at the maximum bet amount is Joker Poker. This variant is also all about holding which cards are right, such as three of a kind or higher, or four cards that have the potential to constitute a high payout hand. Sometimes, a joker can substitute for one, so watch out for those bad boys too. 

Tens or Better. Always keep a paying hand, unless you think you have a real shot at a royal flush. Keep your pairs and don’t shy away from discarding an entire hand if nothing of value is in it. Finally, always consult the paytable for the best scoring hands. 


videopoker paytableAlways consult the paytable. Keep in mind that every online video poker machine is different and will pay out various amounts for winning hands. Therefore, the best thing you can do to ensure that your iGaming experience goes as planned is to always consult the paytable of a game beforehand. Become accustomed to what pays and how much money you can earn with various combinations of cards. In this away, you can adapt your strategy accordingly. 

online casinosPlay at trusted casinos only. Don’t forget to choose trusted online video poker casinos to play at only, as you are investing your hard-earned money into the game with each wager. Fortunately, the list presented above on our page can help you with this. Browse through it with an eye out for the Best tag, as well as gold or silver medals which indicate player ratings that are above average. Thus, you will be able to invest your time, effort, and cash into a gambling website that offers quality services and respects its end of the bargain.

wifiUse fast and secure Wi-Fi. Video poker games in the aforelisted casinos take place online, which means that you should always access them from a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, your session won’t freeze or lag and you will avoid the frustration of having to forcibly miss your turn or exit the game entirely. Your personal information will also stay safe as a result. If you choose to use your mobile data for gameplay, keep in mind that video poker can be quite draining. Always check your data plan with your mobile service provider so that you don’t exceed it. 


Are video poker games with wild cards more profitable?
It depends on your strategy. Wild cards give you the option to nail a five of a kind hand, but they also sometimes substitute other cards for unique winning combinations. Therefore, you should always become accustomed to a video poker game’s paytable before anything else. 

Is discarding my entire hand a good idea? 
Sometimes. When you have absolutely nothing of value in your hand, it’s a good idea to draw an all-new combination. The odds of getting something more promising the next time around are higher. However, analyze your hand thoroughly beforehand. You might just win with a high card.

Where can I find video poker no deposit bonuses?
You will find each casino’s welcome package for new players in the designated column. To see which games qualify for the first deposit bonus and if any no deposit bonuses are offered, have a look at the website’s dedicated review page. The section on bonuses offers enough relevant details, including whether or not video poker qualifies for any promotion.

Can I play online video poker for free?
Yes! Head on over to our Free Video Poker Games No Download page and see how you get along with the game without having to pay any real money for it. Use this chance to practice the aforementioned strategies and get a hang of the game before investing in it! 

How do I choose the best video poker casino for me?
There are several things to take into account when choosing a video poker casino to play it. Besides its rating and status, you should also look into the software providers that power it. Try out a couple of free poker games for size to find your favorites before diving into real money playtime.