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Get ready, set your board, and learn backgammon online with us through our CasinoFreak.com guides. We will take you through the history of backgammon and introduce you to the rules and strategies for all experience levels. We can’t control the dice, but we can control the position of the checker.

Therefore, we constantly update our gambling guides to prepare you to be two steps ahead of your opponent. You also have the option of testing our strategies and practicing your play. We offer multiple online games that require no download and no deposit. Find the ones that suit you best and try them out.

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Our website is dedicated to every type of player and for every device. Enjoy our community and be always informed about online backgammon.

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Backgammon Guides

Backgammon Player Guide

Backgammon is an ancient board game dating way back to Mesopotamia. It requires two players, with two dice each, some checkers, and a board made up of a certain number of points.

We were intrigued about how fun the game is, especially if you prefer to go at a slower pace when gambling. Still, backgammon is complex enough to keep your competitive spirit going.

On CasinoFreak you will find backgammon guides that present the history, rules, strategies, and many other facts of this engaging game that continues evolving to this day.

learn backgammon online

Knowledge is power, so we recommend you to get familiarized with the game first and learn the basic rules.Then, you can train your skills using our selection of free no download backgammon games.

As we aim to help you get a memorable gambling experience, all of our free backgammon titles will be available on any device you prefer to play on. 

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Backgammon Basics

The game has two players, each with 15 checkers of two different colors. The board has 24 triangles, also of two different colors, that are called points or pips. The points are divided into quadrants of six triangles each, representing the home board and outer board.

backgammon board

Before starting the game, each player has to roll a single dice. The player with the higher number is the first to move the checkers on the board. The overall objective of the game is to bear off all the pieces from the board.

The first player can move the pieces only counterclockwise, while the second player is allowed to move the pieces only clockwise.

Rolling the dice will determine how many points the checker needs to be moved. Players can use one or two dice, giving them more mobility.

When the game is over, if a player has removed all of their pieces and the opponent has removed at least one, that person wins the stake. 

However, if the opposing player did not remove any checkers, they lose a gammon and need to pay double of the stake.