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Responsible Gambling

CasinoFreak Editorial
CasinoFreak Editorial

Responsible Gambling
At CasinoFreak, we make it a priority that our players have safe gambling sessions, by keeping a productive relationship with our community.

For many people, online gambling is what it should be – a way to relax and have fun. Yet, for others, this activity can become a serious problem. 

We are committed to helping our users keep gambling fun. Therefore, what we promote is safe and responsible online gambling. Additionally, we do our best to help those who are unable to stay in control of their gambling. 

To that end, we provide information and guidance. 

If you are worried that online gambling is starting to get out of control, we are here to help you. We want to inform you that there are resources available on this site to help you better understand the problem. This is part of our commitment to offering a safe and responsible environment. 

We truly believe that this expands beyond the platforms we recommend. This is why we have a section dedicated to responsible gambling best practices & addiction prevention. 

Responsible Gambling Features at Online Casinos

responsible gambling tools
One thing is certain - Responsible gambling is not only for the players but for operators and game providers as well. They are also responsible to inform and help those who are addicted and have a gambling problem.                                                                                 

All regulated casinos have partnered with institutions that take care of vulnerable gamblers. All gambling regulators require the online casinos operating under their jurisdiction to offer responsible gambling features. 

These include:

  • Reality checks – There are measures that are taken to remind players of the amount of time they have been playing or how much they won or lost. This feature shows a periodic in-game notification to real-money players during gameplay.                                                                   

When the check is displayed, the activity is suspended. Then, it is resumed only when the player has acknowledged the message. This feature is enabled by default in most jurisdictions.  

  • Deposit limits – It is important to know that you, as a player, can set your own deposit limits at online casinos. This can be changed from the account settings. Note that in some states, credit card transactions are forbidden from gambling. 
  • History of gambling activity – To keep track of your gambling activity, you can access the history of your deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Take a Break/Time-outs – If you think you are spending too much time on gambling, you can set a break period. This can be anything from 24 hours to 6 weeks.  
  • Compulsive Gambling Behaviour Tracking – There are some online casinos that can flag user accounts if they detect compulsive gambling activity. 
  • Self-Exclude – Self-exclusion means that you have the possibility to ask a gambling provider to restrict your gambling activity. You can choose to do that for a certain period of time, usually between 6 and 12 months. This feature is very helpful for those who are addicted to gambling. 

You can self-exclude from just one casino, or even from multiple casinos at the same time. There are also a few independent organizations that can offer you the necessary help from this point of view. One of these organizations is Gamstop, which enables UK and NI residents to exclude themselves from gambling sites.

Yet, these sites must be licensed to operate in the UK. Note that by applying to self-exclusion schemes, you are agreeing that: the information you offer will only be shared with operators within the specific scheme, and you will not have access to those venues from which you have self-excluded anymore. 

  • Autoplay controls – This feature is a great opportunity to sit back and relax when you think you are spending too much time gambling. You can actually watch the game run instead of actively taking part in the process. 
  • Standard account termination – The online casino you are playing at allows you to immediately close your account. All you have to do is to request it. With such a feature, you can easily and quickly solve your gambling problem. 
  • Bonus legislation – There are some states that forbid casinos from providing free bonuses or promotions without account verification. This feature is great because it restricts you from gambling when you no longer have funds available. 

If you use any of the above features correctly, then you can be sure that you will see great results. These features can reduce gambling-related harm. 

Still, as a player, you need to do everything you can to prevent gambling from becoming an addiction. In the following section, we will offer you some important recommendations for gambling responsibly. 

Consider these responsible gambling tips during your next visit

responsible gambling tips
If you find yourself in the position of gambling compulsively, remember that we can help you. Here are some useful recommendations for gambling responsibly:

  • Online gambling is just a form of entertainment – This is the most important thing of all that you must understand. You play for fun and sometimes for money, but you must always know when to stop.
  • Be familiar with the rules and technical considerations – This is an important one. Be familiar with the rules & technical considerations such as the RTP (return to player) value or house edge, so you will know what to expect when wagering your money. 
  • Gamble only when you are emotionally stable and clear-headed – Never forget about this recommendation. You should never play when you are stressed or tired because you will not be able to fully concentrate.
  • You must never gamble when you are drunk – Don’t play at online casinos if you are drunk because, again, you won’t be able to focus. Your chances to lose or overbet will be very high. 
  • Take breaks from wagering – You must have other hobbies as well. Do not spend all your free time playing at online casinos.
  • Do not let gambling interfere with your duties – As mentioned earlier, this activity should be a form of entertainment. It should never interfere with your professional or social responsibilities. You need to continue with your life and your daily activities as usual.
  • Limit the level of your deposits or the time you spend online – Note that our recommended sites offer various tools to allow you to impose your own limits on expenditure.
  • Gamble from a position of knowledge – Once you have chosen a specific game, it is essential that you have a proper understanding of that game. Study various strategies before you actually bet real money. 
  • You must set a money limit in advance – When it comes to online casino games, it is important not to spend more than you intended. If you have a profit, then that’s great. But, if you lose your balance, then you need to stop playing and try your luck another time. 
  • Never chase your losses – There are many players who claim they have a feeling they are super close to scoring a win. However, chasing losses is actually the beginning of a downward spiral which will lead to a serious gambling problem.
  • Only wager 1% of your bankroll at a time – By doing so, you will learn how to stay measured and disciplined in your online gambling. 
  • Use available tools to their fullest extent – This is super important. If you feel that you have lost control, then you can easily get free access to support from BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, and Gam-Anon.

Find out if you are gambling responsibly by taking our test

responsible gambling test
An excellent way to gauge whether your gambling may be getting out of control is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you gamble for long periods of time while staying away from your job or other activities?
  2. Do you gamble to forget about the problems in your life or to escape from other issues?
  3. Are you stressed and agitated once you stop gambling?
  4. Can’t you stop increasing your gambling stake more and more?
  5. Are you keeping gambling a secret from your family and friends?
  6. Have you already tried various times to reduce the money and time that you spend gambling but you haven’t succeeded?
  7. Have you borrowed money lots of times without being able to pay them back?
  8. Have you ever sold your possessions to have money for gambling or for paying gambling debts?
  9. Have you gone back to gamble just to win back your losses?
  10. Do you feel ignored by people around you because of gambling?
  11. Are you quitting different activities that you used to like just to have more time for gambling?
  12. Are you thinking about gambling most of the time and sometimes you cannot even sleep?
  13. Do you feel a strong desire to gamble and you cannot wait to do this once you finish work?
  14. Does gambling ever cause you stress or anxiety?

If your answer is ’’yes’’ to any of the above questions, then you must do something to control this bad habit. Therefore, if you are concerned about gambling, you can take the confidential test on

The Golden Rules of Responsible Gambling 

If gambling represents a serious problem for you, then you should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Being honest with yourself and with your family about this addiction is the first step to solving your problem. You should not just think about your situation, but also take action to gamble responsibly. 

And, if all else fails, then stop gambling. If you think that exclusion is the best thing to do, then it is advisable to take an appropriate break from this activity. Note that there is professional help, advice, and support available online for free. 

Helpful resources for Responsible Gambling. Seek the help you need 

Despite all the precautions, problem gamblers still exist. That’s why it is so important to pick up on signs of problem gambling before it is too late. Gambling addiction is not a joke. It is a very serious problem. 

At, we want all our users to gamble responsibly, which is why we point them in the right direction. We want you to have fun enjoy exciting games and develop healthy gambling behavior. 

Here are some helpful resources for you:


Gambling is only for fun. When it no longer feels like fun, then you must seek professional help. 

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