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Blackjack, evenly known as Twenty-One, is one of the most famous casino games, and arguably the most popular card game after Poker. The reason for this is that the outcome of the game does not solely depend on luck. There are several decisions the player needs to make, schemes and probabilities to consider, which keeps the game intriguing and engaging. If you have never played Blackjack before and want to give it a try, then our Guides will offer you the rules and strategies, by picking out your learning level and estimating your reading time. Thus you’ll be empowered to get from Blackjack novice to advanced player in no time.

Scroll through our articles and check out our informative guides like Blackjack Odds Chart or 2 Deck Blackjack to get accustomed to the games before you start playing for real money. We have different games on offer, including European, Vegas Strip, Progressive Blackjack and Perfect Pairs, meaning you'll be able to enjoy a complete Blackjack experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

The rules are simple, the play is exciting, and there are opportunities for high strategy. With this in mind, let us help you find the games that will suit you best and take advantage of attractive deposit bonuses when you register from United States. Have fun and good luck!

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Blackjack Guides

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2 Deck Blackjack Screenshot
| Reading time: 6 Minutes
2 Deck Blackjack
2 Deck Blackjack is also known as double deck blackjack. Many would simply refer to this as multi-deck blackjack, but you will find some rules differ with 2 deck. These rules make the game interesting in a whole new way, without changing the aspects of th...
Blackjack betting chart Screenshot
| Reading time: 4 Minutes
Blackjack betting chart
Blackjack is a fantastic card game, with a great advantage for the players. With the  proper playing system, a player can mathematically eliminate the casino advantage. It's  a shame that most players rely on luck, chance or intuition....
Blackjack Odds Chart Screenshot
| Reading time: 6 Minutes
Blackjack Odds Chart
The blackjack game winner it is the player with the highest score hand - as long as it does not exceed 21 points or a 21 score from two or more cards. When the score exceeds 21, the hand is called a bust and loss your bet. Blackjack rules are the same bot...
Multi Deck Blackjack Screenshot
| Reading time: 5 Minutes
Multi Deck Blackjack
Multi-deck blackjack uses classic blackjack rules in most cases. The multi-deck variation simply means that two, four, six or even eight decks of cards are used at the same time. This variation was introduced to eliminate the possibility of card counting....
Things you should never say or do when you play blackjack Screenshot
| Reading time: 5 Minutes
Things you should never say or do when you play blackjack
Even, it is one of the simplest casino game, the blackjack still supposes to respect rules, game play, a code of conduct and some specific procedures. Ensuring the game’s integrity and security it is strictly related to procedures compliance. Respec...
BlackJack Wikipedia Screenshot
| Reading time: 24 Minutes
BlackJack Wikipedia
Where did blackjack really come from? Just as experts continue to debate about the facts and origins of Shakespeare and his greatest works, so too do many argue about who created the most infamous card game in casinos today: blackjack. While the popular ...
Blackjack for bargainers Screenshot
| Reading time: 7 Minutes
Blackjack for bargainers
It is believed that Blackjack has roots in France, is known as 21. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a score equal to or as close to 21, without exceeding this value. The game of blackjack it is the usual game with 52 cards package. To win you nee...
Blackjack strategy probability Screenshot
| Reading time: 5 Minutes
Blackjack strategy probability
The object of a discussion about the chances and probabilities of blackjack is finding a way to minimize the casino's advantage and opportunities for turning the player’s odds in his favor. This means the player to be given the best chance possi...