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Craps Rules Guide - Smart Betting for Beginners

Iasmina Bunea
Written by Iasmina Bunea
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Craps Rules Guide - Smart Betting for Beginners

Learn the Craps rules to make better wagers and maximize your winning chances! Use the guide to find out all about Craps bets and see which are best! 

The basic Craps rules every player should know

The game of Craps comes with a series of basic rules that every player needs to know before starting to play. 

Here is what you need to keep in mind before your first Craps gaming session. This is a dice game that is not only highly exciting but also very easy to learn. It does, however, take some time to learn the Craps rules, the bets, and the table layout. 

Have you been wondering what the basic rules of Craps are? Here is a list of the most important ones to keep in mind when playing this game:

  • In land-based casinos, you have to throw both dice with one hand;
  • The dice must hit the opposite wall of the table;
  • Players go around the table counterclockwise and each can be the shooter;
  • Players are allowed to join the game at any moment;
  • Unlike for other table games, in Craps you can place your own bets on the self-service area of the table; 
  • The game has two phases - the Come-Out phase and the Point phase. The Come-Out phase consists of the first dice roll of the round. Then, the Point phase follows, which begins when the shooter establishes a point and now the aim is to roll that point again;
  • When the shooter gets ready to roll the dice, the players cannot place any more bets;
  • Most casinos allow players to place Pass Line bets during the second phase;
  • Proposition bets can be placed in either of the two game phases.

We cover the table layout, game elements, and full gameplay for both land-based and online casinos in our Beginner’s Craps Guide. There, you will find all these rules of Craps game explained in great detail and a walkthrough of the entire game from start to finish. 

Craps betting rules explained

To learn Craps online and offline, it is important to know which bets are good, which are to be avoided, and how you can make the most out of your budget by choosing the best wager combinations. Let’s dive right in and see the betting rules of Craps you need to keep in mind!

Single-roll bets in Craps

Craps single-roll bets are wagers you make on the next roll of the dice and you may place them at any moment during a round. These usually have a high house edge and are not recommended for beginners. 

Find out all about these betting Craps rules below and use them sparingly for your entertainment!

Craps Single-roll Proposition bets 

There are many types of proposition bets you can make during a game of Craps. You may find these at the center of the table, which is controlled by the stickman in land-based casinos. 

In online casino Craps, these are located on the right side of the table and contain images of multiple dice combinations, as shown in the image below. 

proposition bets craps rules

These bets can be made below the table minimum. But are they worth it? Let’s see what their odds and house edges are!

Craps single-roll proposition bets odds, payouts and house edge

Bet type

True odds


House edge

"Boxcars" or "High" (rolls 12)




"Snake Eyes" or "Low" (rolls 2)




"Hi-Lo" on 2 and 12




"Ace Deuce" (rolls 3)




"Yo-Leven" (rolls 11)




Any craps (roll 2, 3 or 12)




"Horn Bet" (bet Any Craps together with the "Yo")


15:1 for 3 and 11

30:1 for 2 and 12


C&E Bet (Any Craps & Yo)


3:1 for 2, 3, 12

7:1 for 11


The "Big Red" (Any 7)




Given the house advantage these wagers come with, they are generally considered to be risky and inexperienced players often steer away from them. 

This is one of the Craps rules for dummies, only make proposition bets for fun!

To fully understand why these wagers are simply bad and why you should avoid them, let’s take the following example: you make the Any Seven bet. 

As our table shows, the casino pays 4 to 1, while the true probability to roll a 7 is 5 to 1. This means that in the long term, the house is at an advantage. 

If you want to make these bets, we recommend you first get acquainted with the Craps table rules, layout, and gameplay using our guides. Then, make sure you start small and do not take it to extremes, as it can lead to substantial losses.

Be aware!

The proposition bets are mostly in favor of the house!

Boxcars bet

The Boxcars bet means you wager on the next dice roll resulting in a 12, with both dice showing the number 6. This is also known as Twelve Craps, Midnight, or Cornrows. 

The odds of rolling a 12 are 1 in 36 (true odds 35 to 1). This pays out 30:1 and the house edge is 13.90%. 

boxcars craps bet

Quick example 

You place a $1 Boxcars wager. If 12 is rolled, you win $30, meaning your profit is $29. If any other number is rolled, you lose your bet.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes wager is also known as Two Craps or Aces and you bet that the result of the next roll is 2. 

The only possible combination is to roll number 1 on both dice. Therefore, the rules of this wager are the same as for the Boxcars - the odds are 35:1, the payout is 30:1, and the house advantage is also the same, 13.90%. 

snake eyes craps bet

Considering the similarities, the example we have provided for the Boxcars wager is also applicable here. 


The Hi-Lo bet combines the two above, the Boxcars and the Snake Eyes. This means you are wagering that the next dice throw brings a 2 or a 12, the lowest and the highest numbers in the game, hence the name. 

You bet in equal amounts on both numbers and the true odds of getting either are 17:1. The house edge is 11.11% and the payout is 15:1. 

Quick example:

If you place a Hi-Lo wager of $10 and the numbers 2 or 12 are rolled, you win $150, your profit being $140. If any other number is rolled, you lose.

Be aware!

Many online casino Craps games do not come with the option to place this wager. You can, however, always request it at a land-based casino.

Ace Deuce

Also known as Three Craps, the Ace Deuce bet means you are wagering on the number 3 to be the result of the next roll. 

The only possible combination for this is a 1 and a 2 ( 2 possible permutations: 1-2, 2-1), so an Ace and a Deuce. 

ace deuce craps bet

The true odds to roll a 3 are 2 in 36 (17:1), while the payout is 15:1. The house edge is 11.11% and since this is similar to the Hi-Lo wager, we can use the above example here as well. 


Yo-Leven is a Craps bet in which you wager that the next dice roll results in 11, which also only comes in one combination, a 5 and a 6 (2 possible permutations: 5-6, 6-5). 

Since this is the case, the payout, odds, and house edge for this wager are the same as for the bets above: 17:1 true odds, 15:1 payout, and 11.11% house edge. 

yo-leven craps bet

Any Craps

Any Craps or Three Way is a bet where you are wagering that the next dice throw brings a 2, 3, or 12. 

There are 4 ways to win this type of bet:

  • 1-1
  • 6-6
  • 1-2, 2-1

The odds to win this bet are 8:1 ( 4 ways to win, 32 ways to lose)  and the casino pays 7:1. This means that the house edge is still 11.11% like in our previous cases. 

any craps bet

Quick example: 

You place a $10 Any Craps bet and the number 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. In this case, you win $70. If any other number is the result of the dice roll, you lose your wager.


Casinos may offer different odds for this wager! 

Horn bet in Craps

The Horn bet wagers that the next dice roll results in 2, 3, 11, or 12, and it is located right in the middle, as you see in the image below. 

horn bet craps

In this case, according to the rules of playing Craps, your wager is split between these winning numbers. That means that if you wager $20, 5$ goes to each number. Their payout, however, differs as follows:

  • 3 and 11 pay 15 to 1 with a house advantage of 11.1%;
  • 2 and 12 pay 30 to 1 with a house advantage of 13.89%. 

The Horn bet also loses you money while bringing you money. Since the wager evenly splits your money between four numbers, you can either lose all four wagers or win one, and automatically lose the other three. 

Quick example: 

If you place a $4 Horn bet and 3 or 11 are rolled, your net win is $12 ($15 - $3 from lost bets). 

If 2 or 12 are rolled, your net win is $27 ($30 - $3 from lost bets). 

Rolling any other number loses your bet. 

Horn High bet

The Horn High bet is a variation of the Horn bet which allows you to choose one of the four winning numbers (2, 3, 11, or 12) and wager more on it. 

This means that if your wager is $5 on Horn High 11, then $2 goes to the number 11 while the other three numbers get a bet of $1 each. Making bets in multiples of $5 helps calculate these easier. 

This also shows in your winnings, of course.

If 11 is rolled, your payout is also higher but without the $3 lost from the other three numbers. If your high number is not rolled, but one of the other is, you win a single payout and lose $4 from the other three numbers. 

The house edge of this wager is 12.78% for the 2 or 12 and 12.22% for the 3 and 11. 

Be aware!

This wager cannot be placed in online Craps. 

Craps and Eleven bets (C&E)

This wager area contains 16 circles marked with the initial letter of the word Craps and the word Eleven. 

Look at the images below and see the areas which indicate the circles and where your chips go when you place your bet!

proposition bets craps and eleven

For this wager, the Eleven is added to the Any Craps bet, which means three things:

  1. You win if 11 or any other craps number (12, 3, 2) is rolled;
  2. If 11 is rolled, the payout is 15 to 1. If any craps number is rolled, the payout is only 7 to 1;
  3. 50% of your wagered sum goes to Any Craps, and 50% goes to Eleven. This means that you lose half of your bet even when you win. 

The Craps and Eleven’s bet house edge is 11.11%.

Quick example: Placing a $10 C&E Bet 

If 11 is rolled you win $75 ($5 x 15 = $75). Your net win is $70 ($75 - $5 losing wager placed on 2, 3, 12). 

If 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, you win $35 ($5 x 7 = $35), your net win amounting to $30 ($35 - $5 losing wager placed on Eleven).

If any other number is rolled, you lose.

Big Red bet

Big Red, also known as Any Seven, allows you to bet on the fact that the next dice throw results in a 7. 

There are 6 ways to win this bet:

  • 1-6, 6-1
  • 2-5, 5-2
  • 3-4, 4-3

The true odds for this to happen are 5:1 (6 ways to win, 30 ways to lose) and the house pays 4:1. The house edge for this bet is very high, standing at 16.67%. 

big red any seven craps bet

Quick example: 

Placing a $10 Big Red wager and rolling a 7 brings you a win of $40. 

Rolling any of the other numbers causes you to lose your wager.

Whirl bet

This wager combines the Horn and Any Seven bets, allowing you to place five different bets on numbers 2, 3, 11, 12, and 7. The true odds of winning this bet are 2:1, but let’s take a look at the payouts:

  • For 2 and 12, the payout is 26:5
  • For 3 and 11, the payout is 11:5
  • For a 7 the payout is 0:1, which means your wager is pushed and you get your money back.

The house edge of this wager is 13.33%.

Quick example: You place a $5 Whirl bet

The possible outcomes are the following:

2 or 12 are rolled and you win $22 ($26 - $4 from the lost bets);

3 or 11 are rolled and you win $7 ($11 - $4 from the bets you lost);

7 is rolled and the bet is pushed;

Any other number is rolled and you lose. 

Hop Bets

This proposition wager allows you to bet on any of the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and choose a combination of dice for that number. You may place this wager at any time during the game, but not all casinos offer it. Some Craps tables may have this bet marked on it, but most do not.

Quick example:

You may want to place a $10 Hop bet on 10 as a combination of 6 and 4. If that comes up in the next roll, you win 15:1, which is $150. If 10 comes up as 5-5, then you lose. You also lose if any other number is rolled.

If you choose a pair as a combination, so for the above example the 5-5, and that shows up on the next roll, you win 30:1, which is $300.

Depending on the dice combination you have chosen, the Hop bet house advantage ranges between 11.1% and 16.67%.

This resembles the Hardway bets, but unlike those, this is a single-roll bet. Therefore, you can make the Hardway Hop (placing a Hop bet on a pair) that is valid for one roll and pays 30:1 or you can make the classic Hardway wager that remains available for multiple dice rolls but pays 9:1 or 7:1 depending on the selected number.

Using our above example for a $10 bet, winning the Hardway would only bring you a maximum of $90 while winning the Hop bet on a pair can bring you $300.

Now it is up to you to decide if you like to risk more and place the single-roll wager for a higher prize or play it safe with the standard Hardway for more winning chances.

Field Bets

The Field bet is placed between the Come bar and the Don’t pass bar on the Craps table, as highlighted in the image below. 

field bet craps

Your wager is that any of the following numbers will be rolled next: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12. 

The payout for the 2 and 12 is 2 to 1, while the other numbers pay even money and the wager’s house edge is 5.56%.

You may think that betting on so many numbers at once is almost a sure winner. However, let’s take a closer look at your chances:

Winning number/ Combinations

Losing numbers/ Combinations















Even if there are fewer losing numbers, there are a total of 20 dice combinations that can result in any of these losing numbers. At the same time, there are only 16 combinations that can bring you one of the seven winning numbers. 

Quick example: You place a $10 Field bet. 

If 2 or 12 are rolled, you win $20. 

If any of the other winning numbers are rolled, you win $10. 

If 5, 6, 7, or 8 is rolled, you lose.

In some casinos, the 2 or 12 pays triple (3:1 payout), which lowers the house advantage to 2.78%.

Multi-roll bets in Craps

A multi-roll bet in Craps is a wager that you place and which, according to basic Craps rules, remains available for more than one dice throw until it wins, loses, or is canceled by the player. 

Pass Line bet

The Pass Line bet is the most important in the entire game. It can only be made at the come out roll and you must bet at least the minimum amount allowed at the table. 

Once a point was established, you cannot cancel this wager and it determines the number of free odds that can be played. 

pass line craps bet

This wager’s house edge is only 1.41%, which is great considering that 90% of the players make this bet. 

Being such a good bet, we strongly recommend that you place it consistently during your gaming sessions. It has the potential to bring you good winnings without exposing you to major risks. 

Quick example: 

If you place a Pass line bet of $10 and the come out roll results in a 7 or 11, you win 1-1, so you get $10. 

A roll of 2, 3, or 12 loses your bet. 

If any of the remaining numbers are rolled, it becomes the point and the round continues. Then, to win this bet, the point number has to be rolled again before a 7. Any other number does not affect your wager, but a 7 will cause you to lose.

Don’t Pass Line bet

The opposite of the previous wager, the Don’t Pass Line bet has the same rules. You may only place it on the come out roll and it must be at least the table minimum. 

The difference when it comes to betting rules is that you are able to take the bet down at any time. 

The Don’t Pass Line bet house advantage is 1.40%. This wager also pays 1-1, like its opposite, the Pass Line wager. 

In this case, however, you win if 2 or 3 is rolled and you lose if the roll results in 7 or 11. Rolling 12 pushes the bet, which means you do not win nor lose.

If any other number is rolled during the come-out phase, it becomes the point. The Don’t Pass Line bet means you are betting that the shooter rolls a 7 before they roll the point number. If that happens, you are the winner. 

don't pass line craps bet


Never take down your Don’t Pass Line wager after a point has been established because this is when you have a distinct advantage over the house! That is exactly why casinos allow you to take down this bet. 

Come & Don’t Come bets

The Come bet is another great wager you can make, which also pays 1-1, like the previous ones. You may only place this after the come out roll and only after a point has been established, and you are wagering that the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 before they roll the point. If they roll the point or a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. 

You may even back up your Come bet with free odds. The Come bet house edge is 1.41%, making it a very good choice, especially for beginners. 

come bet craps

Don’t Come is the exact opposite wager, and has the same betting rules. By placing this, you are betting that a 2 or 3 come up before a 7 or 11.  If one of them does, you win. If a 12 is rolled, it’s a tie and your wager stays intact. Of course, you lose your wager if 7 or 11 are rolled.

Its house advantage is just a little lower, at 1.40%. 

don't come craps bet

Buy Bet & Lay Bet

The Buy bet allows you to place a wager at any moment during the game on any of the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. 

If any of these come up before a 7, you win at true odds, meaning that you get a payout that is equal to the winning chances. 

This wager’s payouts depend on the selected number as follows:

  • 4 and 10 pay 2:1
  • 5 and 9 pay 3:2
  • 6 and 8 pay 6:5

The catch here is that the casino keeps 5% of your initial bet before paying you. This is called a vig, which is short for vigorish and it represents a fee charged by gambling operators.

Quick example: 

If you place a $10 Buy Bet on the number 4, and the number is rolled, your payout is 2:1, which means you get $20. 

From your initial bet, the 5% commission is subtracted. Here, the commission would be $0.50, but usually casinos round it up to the nearest dollar, making it $1. 

Therefore, your net win is $19. 

buy and lay craps bets

When it comes to the Buy bet house edge, this sits at 4.76%. While this can be reduced, if you know about the Craps rules and payouts, you notice it is still a bad bet to place. 

The Lay bet is its opposite, meaning that you win if a 7 comes up before any of those numbers. Here, the house advantage ranges from 2.44% to 4.00%.  


If you do want to place a Lay bet, go for the 4 and the 10, as they have the lowest house advantage!

Place Bet

Located right below the Buy and Lay bets area, the Place bets are similar to those with the difference that the casino does not offer true odds. However, the wager is very popular as it offers fast action and is very simple. 

You choose a number and if that is rolled, you win, if 7 is rolled, you lose. Any other number is neutral.

craps place bet

The betting rules state that this wager is off on the come out roll, but it can be on if the player so requests. Of course, this is only available for land-based casinos, as in online Craps games everything just works based on the general rule. 

But is this a good bet? Let’s take a closer look at it!

Place bets payout and true odds


True Odds


$10 Bet Pays

House Edge































The outside numbers have a very high house edge. If you want to make this wager, stick with 6 and 8. 


A Hardway bet means that you are wagering that a number (4, 6, 8 or 10) will be rolled “the hard way” before it rolls the easy way and before a 7 is rolled. 

The hard way means that it has to be a pair, for example, you win a Hardway 10 bet when the dice both show the number 5. 

This is a multi-roll proposition bet.

hardways craps bet

You may make this bet at any moment, even below the table minimum, and you may also take it down whenever you desire.

However, these bets are deemed unusable in any Craps strategy because of their high house edges, with 9.09% for numbers 6 and 8 and 11.1% for 4 and 10. 

This wager pays 9:1 for numbers 6 and 8 and 7:1 for numbers 4 and 10. 

Quick example: 

For a $10 wager on a hard 6 or 8, you get $90, while for a hard 4 or 10 you get $70. Rolling any other number or rolling these the easy way (both dice do not show the same number) loses your bet.

Big Six and Big Eight bet

These are two different bets you can make together or separately and their payouts have no impact on each other. 

Big Six and Big Eight pay even money and you may place these wagers at any moment, at least at the table minimum. You may also take them down if you decide so. 

Big six and big eight craps bet

The house advantage for the Big Six and Big Eight bets is 9.09% which means you should steer away from them! 

A better alternative is to make a Place bet on either the 6 or the 8, with only a 1.52% house edge. The only difference is that Place bets are only available after the come out roll. 


Although the bets mentioned above are the main ones, there are certain casinos (especially land-based) that offer craps bonus bets. These are special side bets that can pay out huge amounts up to 125 times your initial wager.

Top 5 Craps rules to increase your winning odds

Craps is a game of chance, but there are still some rules you can apply to every gaming session that increase your winning odds:

1. Avoid bets with a high house edge 

There are a variety of bets you may make in Craps but some of them have a really high house edge.

Their payout is also high, which is why players still go for them. In this category, we have the Proposition bets with a house advantage ranging from 5% to 17% depending on the number you choose.

Therefore, one of the simple Craps rules is that you should only place these bets for entertainment purposes when your budget allows it, and not with the intention to have a winning streak.

2. Be patient

Always pay attention to the game and see when is the best moment to place certain bets. 

For better craps winning odds, do not place too many bets at once. Wait until you have a winner and then place more chips. 

By doing this, you get to make new bets using the money you have won. This greatly decreases the risk of losing money from your own budget.

3. Be smart when winning

You may intuitively know that you must take advantage of winning streaks. However, how you do it is very important. 

You may just place lots of bets during a winning streak and when the 7 is rolled, you realize you have been winning a lot but your stack did not grow much. That is because you have to be aggressive when winning but remember to always keep 50% of your winnings when you place your next wagers. 

Some players like to risk more and enjoy the thrill of the game, but if you are in it to make some consistent winnings, this is a good way to a steady stack growth.

4. Use a good strategy

Unlike in card games where you have control over your cards and can decide what to do with them, in Craps there is little control one can have on the dice. 

However, you may still apply strategies like the Iron Cross when it comes to making your bets. Our recommendation is to learn craps strategies and to test if they work for you in demo mode. This way, you will avoid being exposed to any risks. 

Or, if you want to play for real money, you can choose casinos with no deposit bonus to get an advantage!

5. Set budgets and stay within them

While setting a budget is more about saving money than stacking winnings, this helps you, in the long run, to actually win more than you lose. 

Chasing your losses and trying to make up for the losing streak by betting more is never a good idea. It may occasionally work but most often it does not and you end up losing even more money. This can not only affect your finances but is also irresponsible gambling. 

If you have been looking for brand new online casinos and have finally found one, you may go over budget out of excitement. Keep an eye on that at all times!

5 Things you should never do at the Craps table

Whether you play online Craps or prefer the land-based casinos, there are some things you should never do when playing Craps. Here are the most important five ones to keep in mind:

  1. Taking Don’t pass and Don’t come bets down - after a point was established, these wagers have a great advantage. Taking them down is allowed by the Craps gambling rules, but it is a bad idea.
  2. Betting improperly on 6 and 8 - not betting on 6 and 8 in increments of $6, you will be losing money, as the casino rounds up the payout to your disadvantage. 
  3. Being aggressive with the chips or dice - aggressively throwing the chips or the dice around the table is something that you should limit as much as possible. This may come from excitement or even anger if you have been on a losing streak. Keep the game fun and respect the staff and the other players.
  4. Not using no deposit promotions - one of the Craps rules for beginners is to always use promotions when playing online. The worst mistake you can make is not claiming a bonus you qualify for and which you can use when playing Craps, as it gives you the extra funds to play more. Check out our Craps casinos list for the best deals!
  5. Covering many numbers at once - you may think a good idea to minimize your losses is to cover more probabilities by betting on more numbers. 80% of the time, this may bring you one or more payouts, but you may also lose all bets at once. You risk increasing the house edge by doing this, especially if you are not using a good betting strategy.

Craps glossary

Did you find a term you did not understand or do you simply want to know the lingo and sound like a pro? Here are some of the most popular Craps terms and their meanings:

Aces Wagering that the next dice roll is 2.
Back Line A term for the Don’t Pass Line.
Betting right

Placing Pass Line or Come bets.

Betting wrong Placing Don’t Pass and Don’t come bets.
Boxcars Wagering on the number 12.
Big Red It can mean Seven or placing a bet on Any Seven. 
Buffalo Betting on each Harway and Any Seven.
Cold Table

A table at which few or no shooters are currently making the point.

Hot Table A table at which most shooters are currently making the point.
Front Line A term for the Pass Line.
Hop Bet A single-roll bet on a specific dice combination.
Little Joe A term for the Hard 4 (2-2).
Line bet Betting on Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line.
Midnight A single-roll bet on 12.
Outside numbers Numbers 4, 5, 9, and 10.
Press a bet Double a wager. 
Snake eyes Rolling a 2. 
Yo Also called Yo-Leven, is another term for number 11. 
Vig Short for vigorish, represents the 5% commission the casino charges for a Buy bet.

Ready to throw the Craps dice and win some cash?

If you are ready to join the fun, start playing the game and apply these basic casino Craps rules, we have great options for you. You may try free play Craps games in demo mode to practice and test all the bets or you can play for real money and start winning cash prizes.

Don’t forget to claim your casino bonus when playing for real money, as it multiplies your funds and you can play more and have more winning chances!

Craps Rules FAQs

What numbers are Craps?
The Craps Numbers are 2, 3, and 12. 
What is the most common number rolled in Craps?
The number you are most likely to roll in Craps is 7, with the most possible combinations of them all. 
What happens if you roll a 7 in Craps?
The outcome of rolling a 7 in Craps depends on the bet you made. If you have placed an Any 7 bet, you win and the casino pays out 4 to 1. The number is also a winner for Pass Line and Come bets, but a losing number for Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come bets.

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