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Mar 8, 2020 | Reading time: 5 Minutes

1. Keno simulator excel

Keno is specific casino games (related to lottery and bingo games, although different) where there are 80 numbers that are drawn 20. Usually, draws are held two times a day. The betting slip can play one number, two numbers, three numbers, and four numbers, up to 10 numbers. Keno simulator excels allow for its users to create sheets with “hot” and “cold” numbers; to measure easily the probability of some numbers to be extracted during game sessions. There are different odds for each number of numbers selected: 1 number = 3.75, 2 numbers = 14, 3 numbers = 65, 4 numbers = 275, 5 numbers = 1350, 6 numbers = 6500, 7 numbers = 25000 and 8 Number = 1250.

2. Video keno simulator

The probability to hit two numbers is 10.04% 2 players, i.e. on average at every 9.95 attempts (approx 10 tries). Keno may seem to many a game of chance. Moreover, some people associate it with the very term “lottery”, which is used often in conversations with this sense of hazard, incidentally, arbitrary. In other words, you cannot control and predict what will happen, do not know what mechanism, what method or technique can be used to have the greatest possible chance of winning. It is said that there are certain techniques, but they seem too complicated or require huge amounts of money. But this is not totally true. Using a Video keno simulator, you will have the opportunity to find those “hot” numbers to bet on.

3. Multi card keno simulator

Thanks to a multi card keno simulator, you will be able to make correct assumptions regarding the extracted numbers. In addition, the basic rule is if the numbers come out you should wait until the beginning of the next week. Choose a number of 16, 17, 18, 19; a total of 26, 28 and a total of 36, 37. It will be played at 3/3 (3 numbers of 3) with big chances to get out a single number. The numbers are as follows:
16, 26, 36 3/3
16, 26, 37 3/3
16, 28, 37 3/3
16, 28, 36 3/3
17, 26, 36 3/3
17, 26, 37 3/3
17, 28, 37 3/3
17, 28, 36 3/3
18, 26, 36 3/3
18, 26, 37 3/3
18, 28, 36 3/3
18, 28, 37 3/3
19, 26, 36 3/3
19, 26, 37 3/3
19, 28, 36 3/3
19, 28, 37 3/3
Check what numbers came out previously when the scheme was drafted. The idea is that these play daily and numbers are rotating. Coincidentally or not, one can observe a rotation number, which is to your advantage because you wait until our turn and win. To be more convincing, you firstly bet on paper and watch the numbers that for a period of several days.

4. 20 card keno simulator

Using a 20 card keno simulator, a player will be able to play 20 cards at the same time, which will offer the advantage of betting up to 10 credits by each card. Also, the numbers played on each card are random. Here it is a good strategy to win: 1. Play 3-5 draw tickets.
2. Do not put more money per ticket.
3. Do not play for small gains and nor for extraordinarily large gains.
4. Follow each draw. Often between 5 and 8 numbers repeated from the previous extraction.
5. Play so that a winning ticket to cover at least 20 numbers played. Otherwise, you will be in loss.
6. Do not be fooled by rumors. If you play 8 simple numbers chance to miss them all is tiny, call money and money can be lost.
7. Do not play with the thought that you will get rich.

5. Keno simulator online

The chances to hit 20 numbers out of 20 in a keno game, it is credited with 1 in 3,500,000,000,000,000,000– (3.5 quintillions) rate of probability. Using a keno simulator will slightly increase your chances to obtain a higher percentage of winning numbers. That means to obtain a real change to hit 15 numbers out of 20, which can access the keno jackpot. Here it is a good strategy to win at keno:
Play 10 draws in a row. Share on three simple numbers vary between 63 and 70 (or others, depending on previous extractions). Find the combination of numbers that was repeated more often in the last 10-20 draw, then play 5 or 10 consecutive draws with a 4/6, 5/8, 6/10, but do not climb more than 6 / x (the more likely the smaller amount), i.e. calculating the minimum rate to win some (always keep you win). Do not play Martineau or the like. It turned out clear that most people who play such systems cannot help but risking more than they, which bring bankruptcy. If you played several days, and the damage is great, do not try to regain all the money in just a few draws. The odds are too low, and you will sink deeper

5.1 what is it?

The Keno Simulator it is a professional tool, designed by software engineers and mathematicians, which uses a system of probability rates, similar to RNG (random number generator) used in the keno game. Its role is to offer predictions about the numbers which are often extracted.

5.2 Why is it important for beginners?

It will familiarize beginners with the game and its predictions might help them to understand how the game runs. It is recommended for all beginners to start playing video keno, before playing for real money.

5.3 How to use it?

Using it, you will obtain random keno tickets with potential winning numbers. Just choose the number of tickets you want play (1, 2, or 3 up to 20) and how many numbers on a ticket (up to 20 numbers). The keno simulator will provide you a list of numbers, randomly chosen according to your criteria.

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