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How to win Keno

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How to win Keno

Even if it may be about pure luck, there are many people who want to know how to win keno. Therefore, we are always researching and updating the information.

For more specific keno patterns, numbers, and strategies, you can read our online Keno guides.

This guide will not guarantee any big wins or jackpot triggers, it is just an informative article based on statistics and various keno principles our team has researched.

Keno Basics – For Beginners

Keno is a particular game, similar to the lottery, in which you must guess certain random winning numbers out of, usually, 80 numbers, and pre-mark them on the card. In Czech keno, for example, you have a total of 60 numbers, and in the Italian keno you can have up to 90 numbers. In all cases, no matter how many numbers there may be, 60, 80, or 90, there is a maximum of 20 winning numbers in keno machines, which are drawn randomly. 

About Keno

The basic principle is simple: you have won if the drawn winning numbers match as many or all of the numbers you have selected.

The classic Keno varieties have the following gameplay steps:

  1. At the beginning of the game, you must mark the numbers on the grid and select the bet.
  2. After that, 20 winning numbers will be selected (using balls in the classic version or a random number generator in an online casino). - Some online keno games will let you choose up to 10 winning numbers.
  3. The amount of winnings is determined by the number of selected numbers, the number of winning numbers and the bet amount. This is the second major feature of Keno.

Online casinos usually have a table that immediately shows how much you win with the current bet, and the number of selected and matched numbers. 

The drawn numbers may perfectly match the numbers you selected, but you can also get “consolation prizes” if you hit most of the winning numbers but not all of them.

If you select more numbers, you increase your chances of winning. However, you can also bet on less numbers, if you are sure that those numbers sin frequently. You can also adjust your bet levels, and this may affect your luck in keno.

How to Win at Keno machines?

many players often wonder which numbers will be lucky in the next draw. One of the most commonly used strategies is to analyze early Keno results.

That is to watch the numbers that come up often (called "hot numbers") or rarely (also called "cold numbers"). Keep a track of both, if you feel like doing so.

You then decide whether you prefer to bet on the numbers that come up often (assuming that the machine that shoots the balls tends to favor certain numbers) or if you prefer to play the cold numbers (using the calculation of probabilities which says that the less something comes out the more something is more likely to come out in the future). We recommend that you pre-select these hot and cold numbers and use them as a basis. 

This down below is our keno gameplay. Please note that our demonstration does not guarantee you will trigger any big wins. You can try playing keno as well, in order to make your own strategy.

Finding Keno Hot Numbers - Step by Step Tutorial

Keno Numbers

One thing we noticed: betting on frequently occurring numbers online in keno has always proven itself!

We opened a session of Saucify's Powerball Keno for demonstration purposes.

It is very important to mention that any hot numbers we may find may be lost once we refresh the page. This is because the algorithm in keno is creating itself as we play. Let's see how to proceed in winning!

1. We set the bet to $1 and selected 10 random numbers. 

You can start experimenting with the keno game board: pick a number from the left side of the board, from the right side, pick a number from the center, pick a number from the bottom, and so on.

Keno Gameplay

As you can see, we chose 8, 15, 17, 30, 41, 45, 50, 62, 68, and 76

2. After hitting play, we noticed two winning numbers: 41 and 76.

Keno Finding Hot Numbers

Therefore, our winning grid looks like this:

Keno Hot Numbers Grid

3. We cleared the grid and picked other numbers, including 41 and 76.

Keno Gameplay Hot Numbers

This is because 41 and 76 may be hot numbers.

4. We played one more round, and we got 8 as a winning number.

Keno Gameplay Win

We got that 8 may also be another hot number, as every winning number has the potential to repeat itself.

Keno Hot Numbers Grid

5. Therefore, for the next round, we kept 8 as a hot number.

Keno Gameplay

 As you can see, we started another bet including 8, 10, 35, 68, and 73, in order to find more hot numbers. 

6. We hit play and got one winning number: 73.

Keno Saucify Win

It was after this round that we noticed some certain numbers repeating. 

Hot Number Keno

Keno Hot Numbers Table

7. For the next grid, we chose 8, 10, 35, 48, 51, 59, 60, 65, 67, and 73.

Keno Random Draw

8. After hitting "Play", we got rewarded!

Keno Hot Numbers

We got four winning numbers: 8, 35, 48, and 60.

This is how our winning grid looks like now:

Keno Lucky Numbers

Keno Hot Numbers Grid

9. Using our table above, we retained and added more hot numbers.

Keno Draw Win

Therefore, we kept 8, 28, 35, 58, 63, 67, and added 14, 39, 69, randomly.

10. The winning result.

Keno Winning Result

With this method, we hit three winning numbers: 28, 35, and 73!

We can then update our table or notes, and continue betting on other repeating numbers.

Keno Grid Win

Keno Hot Numbers Win

Keno Tip

We have to mention that the analysis must be done on several hundred draws and it is fundamental. It is certainly boring, but it will allow you to win much more often. You can use software that will help you do this job and easily extract hot or cold numbers.

How many Numbers to Choose? Between 4 and 8 Numbers!

If you have the opportunity to choose 15 to 20 numbers, the question quickly arises how much is too much and what is exactly right? many beginners think: the more, the better. This also makes sense considering that you have more chances of hitting correct numbers if you bet on more than one. 

Keno Payout

Keep in mind, however, that your payout will change the more keno numbers you choose in total. For example if you pick 5 numbers and they are correct then your payout is 50 to 1 which is really good. But if you bet on 10 numbers and get 5 correct then your payout is reduced to 3 to 1. So how many correct numbers you have and how many numbers you bet on determines your win. 

We say the best choice is between 4 and 8 numbers. Because if you bet less than 4, your chance of winning is very low and if you bet on more than 8 numbers you must match at least four or more numbers to win at all. However, if there is a progressive jackpot in the game, then that would be the only time it would be worth betting on more than 8 numbers.

Did You Know?

You can also try consecutive numbers, if you feel lucky. 

When you play keno, the numbers are randomly generated, meaning the outcome is completely random. But according to some trials, you can win more if you bet on consecutive keno numbers. This means that you can pick numbers from 10 to 20, from 20 to 25, and so on. Sometimes, these are hot numbers in keno.

The same also applies to numbers that have not been bet for a long time. To do this, however, you must play on a platform that shows you the previous game results or write them down yourself.

Remember to match your numbers to the most often winning numbers as you go along.

Play at a Reliable Casino! 

No matter what great strategy you have up your sleeve, it is important that you play with a provider that you can trust and know you will receive your payouts after you place a bet.

What Are Your Odds in Keno for Different Options?

In keno, it all comes down to what type of keno you choose and the amount of money that you bet. Based on these two factors, a potential win amount can be determined. Generally speaking, the more you wager and the higher the keno type, the more you can win.

Let's take an example: You pick five numbers. If we assume that you bet $10, then your options are as follows:

Bet on Five Numbers - Win / Probability
Correct Numbers Probability Profit
3 Correct Numbers 1:9 20$
4 Correct Numbers 1:50 70$
5 Correct Numbers 1:781 1000$

It doesn't seem very sensible to play keno in this way, but remember that above all, you should play to have fun.

In the long term, you can also win the jackpot. So now let's look at the other possible ways to win to do one thing: always win at keno! But how many numbers is it best to bet on?

Certain casinos give you access to keno games where you can bet 10 numbers.  With a stake of $10, the table with the prize tiers looks like this:

Bet on Ten Numbers - Win / Probability
Correct Numbers Probability Profit
5 Correct Numbers 1:12 20$
6 Correct Numbers 1:44 50$
7 Correct Numbers 1:261 150$
8 Correct Numbers 1:2571 1000$

As you can see, you have to wait a while before hitting the big jackpot. But on the other hand, the jackpot is gigantic, so the bet-win ratio is balanced. If you play with money that you cannot lose, this game is the right choice to try your luck. For this reason, Keno is an exciting casino game in which, unlike Lotto and other lotteries, it is not just about the correct final digits, but everything has to be right here.

Here you will find the best online Keno games to try out your strategies:

Amaterasu Keno 

Amaterasu Keno by mascot Gaming has a really pretty design, first of all. It has the Lucky Number feature, where 3 random numbers are selected and enable a multiplier that can go x10 your stake. This variation of Keno also offers the Free Games feature, which triggers according to the Last Number, a rule inside the game. It’s just like free spins, but it’s Keno.

Amaterasu Keno 

Keno Rush 

OneTouch’s Keno Rush comes in a truly interesting layout. This Keno game offers 3 levels of difficulty on which you can bet. The higher the risk and the difficulty, the more wins you can get!

There are 40 balls which contain numbers, and 10 will drop as the winning ones.

Keno Rush 

Spribe Keno 

In Spribe Keno, you have a total of 36 numbers, out of which 10 will be winners. The amount of money you win is determined from number to number, and also by the amount of numbers you win, this time.

The theme is also interesting, and we think that Spribe did a really good job with this game’s layout overall.

Spribe Keno 

How Can You Influence a Keno Draw?

While it sounds good, keno strategy tips don't exist in the true sense of the word. Talking mathematics and statistics, yes, there are many ways to calculate your winning, once you understand the game principles.


Yet, trying to calculate probability in keno doesn't work either. It seems ridiculous to talk about strategy in keno since you just have to pick certain keno numbers. You have no way of influencing the course of the game or the drawing, even if you have established keno statistics and have keno experience. As you can see, strategy in keno is debatable.

As for the rest, the strategies in keno have nothing in common with those in poker or blackjack. However, there is a way to make your investments more successful and have even more fun. You could almost always win at keno with it!

First, make sure you've looked at the paytable. You need to know that all sites and casinos offer different paytables. So some are more beneficial than others. By comparing these tables, you can find out which one is most profitable for you. You also need to consider the RTP and house edge: don't throw your money out the window!

What are the Best Keno Numbers Combinations?

Again, this is a game of chance, so there isn't one combination of numbers that's guaranteed to win. 

Instead, you can place any number and have very similar odds of winning. However, there are a few calculations that show that some numbers are more common than others.

Did You Know?

The Washington Lottery US made a statistic which shows that the most common numbers are 75, 29, 53, 65, and 41.

Some players like to try all possible combinations in hopes of hitting the jackpot. 

One of the many Keno game tips is this: you can play numbers that appear frequently (which we did above) or, on the contrary, rarely. You can also bet on two consecutive numbers or always bet on the same number in the stubborn hope that one day it will be drawn. 

However, none of these strategies will affect your chances of winning as the numbers are drawn at random by a random number generator specifically designed for this purpose. Always winning keno thus works in part only if you rely on your luck.

Keno Lucky Numbers

The numbers are drawn randomly, but you may notice that a number did not fall out  for a few rounds. Well, it won’t fall out again, most likely. Numbers generator can make sure that a number will stay out for even 10 or more rounds in a row. This is also a common keno tip.

Yet, at least one of these strategies might turn out to be effective: if you choose one of the numbers that are drawn frequently, there is always the possibility that a mistake has been made and the numbers are no longer randomly drawn. This is very unlikely, but if it does happen, don't hesitate and get ready: you could win big. We hope that the tips in this guide can help you. After all, we all want the best chance of winning in keno.

For more info on Keno numbers, feel free to read our guide on the most frequently winning Keno numbers.

So far, no one has been lucky enough to predict all 20 numbers, and this is not surprising. The chance of matching a complete combination is 1 in 3.5 quintillion.

Remember to keep a notebook nearby if you want to observe the numbers’ evolution. Write down the formula for the expected value, and see if you were right!

How About the Keno Cheats Software? Is There Such a Thing?

You may hear people talking about various methods to cheat at keno. Is there any software that can do this? The answer is no. There is no such thing as keno hacks or cheats. But you can simulate your wins in order to anticipate what you may win with a reducer system.

Reducer System

A reducer system is a technique for optimizing bets for draw games using Excel, databases or any other software that may generate numbers just like in a keno game. The principle is to combine several games/ grids which minimize the stakes in order to guarantee a gain with each game. 

The reducer will therefore allow you to play a lot of numbers by greatly reducing the number of losing combinations. You can enter various numbers in there and you may „reduce” the cold numbers. It is like a keno simulation. As you play, write down the winning numbers until you will find a certain keno pattern.  

more on Keno in Online Casinos

Remember, there are many winning ways when it comes to keno. from basic math to complex statistics, and even your own customized keno strategies you can create. The most important thing is that you choose a reputable online casino to play in.

Keno Online Casino Tip

Look for the casino’s ratings, good customer service, and nice payouts.

Even if you find your perfect strategy - here are some things that your success will depend on: the casino’s house edge, RTP, and the keno game RNG (random number generator).

This does not apply in land based keno.

Online Keno vs Land-based Keno

Therefore, if you read our guide, worked on an Excel sheet or database software in order to calculate your probabilities or used a reducer software, and found the ideal formulas for land-based casino keno, note that online casino keno will not work like this.

In online casinos there are such things as proxies, network related issues, and random number generators that impact your chances of winning.


The "algorithm" for online keno lasts as long as you play that session.

When it comes to land based keno, the casino itself may have a certain RTP. Everything is completely random if you play the classic lottery.

more Keno Tips and Tricks

Even though keno is a relatively simple game, it doesn't mean that you should play this game lightly, even if you increase the chances of winning keno. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always choose a casino with an advantageous paytable: in keno, the number one goal is to hit the jackpot. Sometimes you can crack it by matching ten correct numbers out of ten, or fifteen out of fifteen. If you want to hit the jackpot, bet on as many numbers as possible!
  • It is often advisable to bet on many numbers. In many casinos you need to match five numbers to win, betting on a total of eight, nine, or ten numbers. It is much easier to get five right numbers out of ten than five right numbers out of eight.
  • Depending on your budget, you should pay attention to the winning opportunities. most online keno games give you attractive payouts based on how many chips you have used. You should always take advantage of this: don't give the casino a house edge, you should have the edge.

Winning Keno - Final Thoughts

Keno is all about random number generators, but you can maximize your chances of winning. This is because as long as you play, you get to hit the hot numbers for that session.

The keno algorithm is different every time you start an online keno session, free play or for real money.

When it comes to the keno game, even the jackpot or just some wins, keep in mind that playing the most expensive tickets won’t guarantee you the jackpot, but yet your chances will increase.

Keno may be putting your luck to the test, but you can sometimes beat the algorithm if you pay attention to the repeating numbers.

Other winning factors may include the frequency of playing, number of tickets, numbers amount, and also the probabilities.

Keep a track of the repeating numbers, and try to use them as much as you can, in order to see if you can create your own keno patterns.

How to Win Keno FAQ

Is there a system behind keno?
Like most other games of chance, keno is controlled by a random number generator. This means that all numbers are drawn at random and cannot be determined beforehand. However, if you calculate the probabilities very precisely, you will find that some numbers occur more frequently than others - but this has nothing to do with a system.
Which numbers are drawn most often?
There are a few theories as to which numbers are drawn most often. They say five hot numbers appear again and again. These are 75, 29, 53, 65, and 41. - but of course there is no guarantee that these numbers will fall out in the next draw.
How Many Numbers Should You Pick in Keno?
Which type of keno you choose is entirely up to you. However, you should know that the more numbers you pick and the higher the stake, the higher the potential win amount. Exactly how many numbers you can decide on always depends on where you play the game.

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