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Keno algorithm

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Keno algorithm

1. Keno Algorithm for Better Chances of Winning

Keno is a captivating casino game, a great combination of luck, strategy and probabilities.

Being a tremendous challenge, you might increase your chances of winning only if you will use an algorithm of calculations, based on simple mathematical rules.

Such algorithm can be calculated either at home, either online (and this is the simplest way). The procedure implies watching all extractions done in a few days, note them and then play accordingly.

It is easier to determine the algorithm in a classic casino, as the only thing you have to do is to observe the tables.

For online keno, you will have to buy tickets for at least few rounds, then, based on numbers extracted to make your own observations. Then, you have to bet on more numbers (minimum 10 numbers) keeping in mind that betting more than usual, will increase your chances.

2. Keno algorithm generator

It is known that keno game uses an RNG system, which means all numbers extracted are randomly generated, in an aleatory order.

You will have to run a small computer program, which will help you to increase your chances of winning at keno.

Random (TI-85) 2^31 -> D prompt N Disp "Enter seed between 100,000 and 999,999" Input S 10 -> dimL Ran Fill(0,Ran) For(I,1,N) mod(15625*S+22221,D) -> S ipart(10*S/D) -> A Ran(A+1)+1 -> Ran(A+1) END Ran

3. Electronic keno algorithm

As slots, keno game uses an identical RNG system of extracting the numbers, based on a computer program, which works with programmed orders and generate different numbers.

These commands allow the computer to pick up numbers from 1 to 80 (random integers from 0 to 9).

The following program will reveal how such algorithm works: 1000 NUMBER RUN 10,000 NUMBER RUN NUMBER OCCURS PERCENT NUMBER OCCURS PERCENT
0 86 8.6 0 910 9.1
1 100 10 1 1007 10.07
2 89 8.9 2 1007 10.07
3 113 11.3 3 991 9.91
4 99 9.9 4 985 9.85
5 107 10.7 5 1033 10.33
6 109 10.9 6 1018 10.18
7 99 9.9 7 1043 10.43
8 102 10.2 8 960 9.6
9 96 9.6 9 1046 10.46

Based on the numbers generated (can generate over 10,000 numbers), you will be able to make prognostic regarding which are potential hot numbers for a keno game.

The algorithm in this case (at keno game) is the programmed patterns, which is kept secret, even from those who write in it.

Actually, such a program is written by three different teams of programmers, independent each other, and their work result is reunited into a single program.

4. Online keno algorithm

Such online algorithm is able to help gamblers interested in finding valuable numbers in the keno game. Created as an online program and running under a keno simulator, this algorithm makes predictions of numbers, which can be “extracted” in the game.

Each player has two options: one is related to the number of tickets he wants to play and the other is related to the number of numbers, the player wants to play on a ticket.

Then, after hitting the “calculate” button, the software is making its predictions and you have some potential winning numbers to bet on.

5. Draw Patterns

The keno algorithm creates some patterns to be followed by gamblers, which advantages are offered to those players who know how to identify them.

If a gambler is able to understand the way in which program is generating those random numbers, then he can take advantage of the game and will easily win at keno.

5.1 How to Determine and Apply the Algorithm

Observing (at casino table keno or online) the way in which some numbers are repeated and note the frequency of their appearance will give to a player the opportunity to increase its chances of winning.

Watch the extractions during a week and see which numbers are appearing often, note them and then play with those numbers. It is recommended to bet minimum on 10 numbers to have better chances.

There are some strategies to play with, but observing/determining the keno algorithm is one of the best.

5.2 Not So Random Numbers

Many keno players discovered that the game is not as random as it might appear; the numbers are extracted by a computer program, which works with a software program.

Daniel Corriveau, a Canadian young boy (19 years old, when he discovered the fact that keno is not a random game), used math principles and determined that the RNG is not so random and could easily be influenced, especially if the clock chip is removed.

5.3 Randomness tests for large samples of Keno

Daniel Corriveau determined after he makes several tests in a casino in the keno game over a broken chip machine. This way he concluded that a broken/missing computer chip will offer the same numbers, not random numbers.

A usual gambler cannot take advantage of a mistake in the RNG software, but he can observe, determine and bet on those numbers which are often extracted in several game sessions.

5.4 Random Number Generator - Gambling and Probability

It is known that the probability of guessing 20 numbers out of 20 is based on the following formula: 1 / 4.19 X 1015.

The rate of probability is 1: 3.5 quintillions, a huge number never achieved so far and with minimum changes to happen in the future.

Let’s say that a gambler will need immortality to guess all 20 numbers (at a rate of one bet per second has been determined that in 130 million years someone could hit all 20 winning numbers at keno).

So, the only thing remains is to play keno for normal winnings and for having fun.

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