Blackjack Betting Chart

Feb 27, 2020 | Reading time: 15 Minutes

Blackjack is a fantastic card game, with a great advantage for the players. With the 

proper playing system, a player can mathematically eliminate the casino advantage. It's 

a shame that most players rely on luck, chance or intuition. Using such “skills” do not 

say it cannot win, but certainly will not win in the long term.
  • 1. How to use a blackjack chart

    • If you play online, you can overlap the table over the playing screen, in a separate 
      window, and knowing these moves, you will know when to sit, to double or ask for a 
      card. Example: if the dealer has an 8, and you have two cards totaling 10, you must 
      double your bet. If you have two four (4, 4) and the dealer has a 10, need to ask for 
      another card. And so, you can make decisions based on the cards in each hand. If you 
      apply for an additional card, you should check the table to know which your next correct 
      decision is.
  • 2. Blackjack chart calculator

    • Those who play blackjack at a professional level really win. Only by learning basic
      strategy game, players get an average gain of 99.5%. This is because thanks to computer 
      simulations demonstrated a method simple and allows you to react correctly in almost 
      any situation the game. Once you managed to follow, you are ahead.
      Based on the black chart calculator, you can take some of the following actions:
       Blackjack Double Card Strategy
      You can choose to double your bet. You will receive an extra card, but then you will be 
      required to stop. This option is recommended when you have ten or eleven points.
       Hit
      When you have a small card, you should request an extra card. Always do this when you 
      have only 8 points. This strategy is useful even when the bank holds high cards.
       Pass
      You can choose not to continue playing. It is always recommended to do this when you 
      have two cards whose aggregate value is 10. We also recommend that you use this 
      strategy when you have cards whose aggregate value is 17 and you have an ace and 8.
       Split
      When you receive two cards of equal value, you can split your cards. This means that 
      your chances are doubled. On the strategy chart, you can see that it is never 
      recommended to divide the books 5 and 10, but it is recommended to always split aces 
      and eight cards. In most cases, it is recommended to divide the cards 2, 3, 7 and 9.
  • 3. Blackjack chart printable

    • Do not forget the blackjack chart and always keep it on hand. This way, you can analyze
      quickly what to do when playing; always perfectly mathematically match it with your 
      bets and hands. See that the blackjack chart is printable, and each time and learn what 
      to do if you have to ask for another card or not, whether to sit, drop, or double your bet.

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