Blackjack Odds Chart

Feb 10, 2020 | Reading time: 6 Minutes
The blackjack game winner it is the player with the highest score hand - as long as it does not exceed 21 points or a 21 score from two or more cards. When the score exceeds 21, the hand is called a bust and loss your bet. Blackjack rules are the same both for online casinos and in terrestrial ones.

1. Blackjack odds card

Before starting to play Blackjack, each player should know the blackjack playing card’s value- from 2 to 10, worth as many points as showing the number of each card. Royal cards (Jack, Queen and King) are worth 10 points each. Following the rules of blackjack, Aces count as 11 points when aren’t threatening to exceed 21 points. Otherwise, the Ace is worth just one point. A hand with an ace of 11 points is called “soft” (“soft hand”) because the hand can draw cards without exceeding the limit score.


After been placing bets on blackjack, the dealer deals the cards in the stack that must contain at least 4 whole packs of cards. Each player and the dealer receive 2 cards. A book dealer is turned up so as to be seen by all players while the other card remains face down - so-called whole book (“hole card”). Two cards that add up to 21 points (plus a ten or an ace royal card) will be called “blackjack” and will automatically win - as long as the dealer does not have blackjack.


Generally, for winning at blackjack in a casino, a player has an odd of 3: 2. This odd is quite high, which makes blackjack it is a game that deserves to be learned. In some studies, it is estimated for gaining at Blackjack, a player have an odd of 1.5. Other theories consider that the dealer or “house” has an advantage of 8% compared to players just because decisions and act after seeing existing hands at the table.


2. Blackjack odds vs. house


The goal of each player blackjack is to beat the dealer (croupier), without exceeding the value of 21. The player himself has over 21 points, loses even if the dealer's hand exceeds also 21 points. If the Dealer and a blackjack player have the same score is called a “push”. None of them will win in this case. Each player plays against the dealer by himself. The dealer can lose to a player, but at the same time can win the rest of the players.

3. Blackjack odds sheet

If the exposed card is an ace, the dealer will look at the entire card after a possible blackjack. If the dealer has blackjack, then all players lose the first stake, except those that also have a blackjack. The dealer blackjack strategy, says you should not longer draw cards if you reached 17.


Experts say that at the Blackjack can win only if you understand the math and probabilities. That is why a lot of beginners prefer to rely on luck and avoid getting tangled in numbers and apply a system of play. However, the application of clear rules consistently leads to build a solid strategic basis and it is the key to success in any card game that can be applied mathematical methods. A spreadsheet of the likelihood of defeat dealer looks like this:


Hand          % to lose if they do hit

21                        100%

20                         92%

19                         85%

18                         77%

17                         69%

16                         62%

15                         58%

14                         56%

13                         39%

12                         31%

11 or less                0%

4. Blackjack odds table

Table limits in blackjack vary from one casino to another, and in some terrestrial casinos start table limits, usually at least 5 $, while online casinos offer hands at $ 1 each. In addition, each casino can have a maximum bet that can range between $ 50 and $ 50,000 (yes, currently the only casino with the maximum bet of $ 50,000 is Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas). Most blackjack tables provide seating 6 players and, once the game starts, the dealer would distribute cards from left to right. In blackjack, the dealer will be served last, after all, players have received their cards.

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