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Welcome to’s casino software providers listing! By clicking on a name you will automatically be redirected to a dedicated page, where you can find the casinos powered by a specific software provider, along with some useful filters that will let you sort the casinos, such as country, top rated casinos, newest casinos, and more. Of course, most of the listed casinos offer products from some of the top software providers, such as RTG (RealTime Gaming), BetSoft, NetEnt or Pragmatic Play

Now that you are familiar with our website, all you have to do is just click on a provider that seems interesting to you. You will be redirected to its casinos list page, where you can see the featured casinos in a list that features various filters you can use as you like in order to find the best for you. Keep reading below the list shown if you wish to know more about online casino developers.

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What is a Gambling Software?

Gambling softwares, software providers, or iGaming providers are the casino games developers and each of them comes with different games, features, and platforms. Some even have their own casinos or currencies, such as Edgeless, and there are surely some you have never heard of. It’s up to you to explore our categories and pages and find the best casino software for you.

This type of software developers design games especially for online casinos and even for land-based terminals. The brand is always important, as each provider comes with its background, themes, technologies, and even casinos.

How Does Online Casino Software Work?

The moment a game is published under NetEnt, for example, it means that the NetEnt team has put together that specific product through the NetEnt gambling software. NetEnt, along with MicroGaming, is one of the most popular software providers. Why? Because of the number of casinos that feature their software. 

Once a game is developed by one of the best software providers, you need to know why you should choose it. Therefore, what to look at when searching for a top software provider?

How to Choose the Best Casino Software Provider?

There are many details to look at when choosing an online casino provider, and it is important to know that research is the first step. Therefore, when looking for different brands, keep an eye on the following:

A Variety of Choice

A top software provider will always have a game collection to choose from. Even if it is new, at least there will be a few but high-quality products to choose from. We will get into quality gambling in the section below, but it is important for you to know that you will never come across only two games when it is about the best software providers. Variety can be about many games of the same category or many categories. Variety can mean +100 slots or a few games of each type, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and so on. A good example is BetSoft, where you can find from slots to scratch cards.

Software Specifications

As casino operators are all different, try to look for certain advantages brought together by one brand. It is very important to find all you may ever need in one place.

Keep an eye for:

  • Mobile Compatibility. A genuine high quality gambling software developer will have mobile-compatible products. The gambling market has evolved, and you must be able to play your favourite online casino games from mobile either by accessing the online casino from an URL or just by accessing the mobile casino itself. Some casinos have dedicated mobile interfaces, while others will switch to mobile once recognizing the device you’re using.
  • Software Type. Check for what you want and need: do you like mobile or desktop gambling from a browser, or do you prefer downloading? It is up to you and to your own preferences in terms of online casinos. The top tier casino software developers always offer a variety of choices for you.
  • High Quality Gaming. This implies the whole experience. Try a specific software provider in free mode here on Choose a game. Is it lagging? How is the sound? What are the graphics and animations like? Keep in mind that nowadays a good software provider will always offer flawless products to the public. A game should run smooth and without any glitches or errors.


Also look for the accessibility tools that a software provider comes with. If you encounter a problem, you will need immediate assistance. Safety is important as well. 

Let’s see what all of these mean:

  • Safety & Fairness. Check for certifications from various jurisdictions such as eCOGRA, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Romanian ONJN, and so on. You can easily see if one software is certified because here on we provide such information on each software provider’s dedicated page.
  • Language Support. Some online gambling software providers are available in many languages, some only in one native language. Neither of these is bad, but keep in mind that top-tier developers care for a wider audience. Therefore, you should aim for those that can provide games in your language or at least in english.

And for those who may have asked themselves which is the best online gaming software, you need to know that as long as you find it according to the list above, and as long as it is safe, the best casino provider for you may not be the best for others. In the FAQ section we provide you a list of some of the most popular game providers.


Why are casino software developers important?
A game’s developer is like a blueprint of its quality and you will know what to expect. Each software provider has its own technologies, safety measures, themes, and particularities, and that’s why you need to inform yourself on each one of them, or at least on the most popular ones before you start playing.
Do I need to download casino software to be able to play?
Depending on the software provider and online casino, you may need to download additional software either on your computer or on your mobile device. This shouldn’t be any big deal, as downloadable casino software is safe to play, if it is from a reliable source.
Does the software have any impact on payout times?
No, the payout and deposit time frames depend only on your online casino and the payment method you choose.
Do casino software work on mobile devices?

Yes, most casino softwares work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, on both iOS and Android.