The Guide to Progressive Jackpots: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 15, 2020 | Reading time: 8 Minutes

Progressive jackpots are a special feature in a certain type of slot known as the progressive slots. They consist of a prized pool that increases over time and is thus not predetermined by the casino. This total amount gets bigger each time the game is played, which is exactly what makes the game so appealing to many gamblers across the globe.

In the online gambling industry, progressive jackpots are the stars of the show, being widely promoted by many of your favorite operators. In this article, we will present a more in depth definition of what the concept represents, as well as discuss the various types of prize pools you might come across and other relevant details. 

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot represents a pool of cash gathered from player bets placed within one or several linked games. It is triggered by winning combinations on the reels and resets once claimed.

Progressive jackpots are actually the biggest cash prizes that casinos offer regularly to their players. A jackpot can be won by a single player or divided to multiple ones, depending on the game type. This will always be specified in the online casino’s terms and conditions or at the start of the game itself. 

As for the percentage taken from other players’ bets, let’s take the example of a bet of $2.50 per turn played on progressive slot that takes 10% of the wager and adds it to the cash pool. In this case, $0.25 from each spin is contributed to the progressive jackpot amount and $2.25 is played, determining your regular payout. 

The contributed percentage can differ depending on the game or the moment when the prize is triggered. Everything is based on luck and the player’s experience, in one way or another. Still, it is worth mentioning that some of the biggest amounts ever won in progressive jackpots can get up to $17 million with even a $0.25 bet.
Progressive Jackpots

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are three main types of progressive jackpots you should keep in mind:

Network Progressive Jackpot.

This sum of money is all made of other players’ bets. However, the network implies that there may be multiple games (online) or terminals (land-based) raising that sum of money, or even multiple casinos. For the record, these are some of the best-paying jackpots, as the final sum of money can even get to $10 million wagering percentages.

Local Progressive Jackpot.

This type of prize pool is limited to only one game in an online or land-based casino. The amount of the jackpot here also grows with players’ bets, just like a normal progressive. Local jackpots are the first form of jackpot that was available and they are still appreciated today, even though their number decreased in favor of linked jackpots.

Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot.

This kind of progressive jackpot implies that a fixed amount is already being offered by the casino. However, once you start wagering, a percentage of your bets is collected and added up on a meter. If you hit the winning combination and claim the jackpot, this sum will be added to your final earnings. In this way, it could be said that a fixed jackpot becomes a progressive one.

Best Softwares for Progressive Jackpots 

According to player reviews, preferences, and overall quality of product, the most appreciated software providers which create progressive games are MicroGaming, IGT (International Game Technology), Playtech, NetEnt, and a few other big industry names. In fact, the classic Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah progressive slots are known as some of the highest paying progressive jackpots in the iGaming industry.

We have compiled a list of the most popular and profitable online casino progressive jackpot games for you to peruse below, and it goes as following:

In the sections below we will talk about each of them in more detail, along with some tips and tricks that will make your payout bigger, and your gameplay more lucrative.
What is a Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot Casino Games

When it comes to any type of jackpot, slots are the most common online casino games, and that is because most players prefer them. Slots represent a kind of statement for gamblers and everything casino-related.

Let’s find out more about three of some of best progressives in more depth:

Beach Life (Playtech)

Playtech’s Beach Life will surely put you in the mood for summer with its oceanside ice-cream theme, and its average jackpot of around €2,5 million is not to be missed out on either. Beach Life’s jackpot is really easy to trigger, as you only need the Wild Sun symbol on the 20th payline.

Mega Fortune Dreams (NetEnt)

Another famous 5-reel progressive slot, Mega Fortune Dreams portrays the classic gangster Las Vegas atmosphere and is known for some of the biggest payouts ever. The average jackpot in 2017 for Mega Fortune Dreams was calculated at $3.8 million and it was won 6 times during that year alone. 

Mega Moolah (MicroGaming)

With Guinness World Record payouts, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah  may be one of the best-known progressive slots out there. Thanks to its reputation as a gold mine among passionate gamblers, this 5-reels game has 25 lines and can also be classified as a penny slot, with a minimum bet of 0.25 coins. Mega  Moolah’s average jackpot back in 2017 was around €4,7 million and it was won 12 times, which translates to one winner per month.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot - Tips and Tricks.


Mind the Meter.

In order to maximize your chance of winning at progressive jackpots you have to mind the meter. The jackpot meter exists at the top of a casino game or on the online casino’s homepage and it will show you the actual value of the progressive jackpot in real time. 

Keep Betting High.

Keep in mind that in order to have better chances of winning a progressive jackpot you have to play at the max bet. This will make you eligible to win the highest payout.


Consult the Paytable.

Your wins depend on the existing paylines and combinations, so always make sure you are familiar with them. And, of course, consulting the paytable is the recommended way to keep track of them.


What’s the difference between a Progressive Jackpot and a Non-Progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot will increase its prize pool over time as players continue to bet. A small percentage of players’ bets are added to the progressive’s amount. A non-progressive jackpot is a fixed-amount reward you can get at online casinos. The only differences are that the non-progressive jackpot won’t change its amount as you play.

Is a progressive jackpot slot machine better than a standard one?

This clearly depends on your taste: if you prefer smaller bets, then a standard slot machine is better for you, as you can bet for less in a progressive. However, keep in mind that this also means that you will win less if you trigger the prize. Still, we recommend a standard jackpot for beginners, even if bigger bets mean more lucrative bonus rounds and bigger regular winnings.

Can you know when a Progressive Jackpot is about to drop?

Progressive jackpots rarely trigger in a simple gameplay, as they occur more often during bonus rounds. The best way to be aware of winning symbol combinations in a progressive jackpot slot is to consult the game’s paytable. 

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