Keno jackpot

Feb 28, 2020 | Reading time: 5 Minutes

1. Keno jackpot winner

Considered by many gamblers a game of luck (as lottery or bingo is), the Keno game proved to be an interesting casino game, in which a correct strategy can give real chances of winning. Actually, the player should keep looking for some patterns in the game, to identify those “hot”, “cold” and “late” numbers and then use combinations of them to get the big jackpot. Some casinos will offer the opportunity to play Keno with 10 numbers available. Payment will be made as follows, 2-1 to 5 correct numbers, 20 to 1 to 6 correct numbers, 100-1 for seven correct numbers, 500-1 for eight correct numbers, 1000-1 to nine correct numbers, 5000 to one for a combination of 10 right numbers. Choosing the casino is very important, especially if you are a novice player in on Keno game. Not all online casino sites are safe, and, therefore, many people lose their money without thinking about prevention. Here are two good progressive Keno games: Orleans and Gold Coast - Pick 8/Pick 9 (play $2 for an extraordinary opportunity (six times easier) of hitting the pick-8. The progressive jackpot is $100000, at a return percentage of 72.7% and Mega 10 means a pick-10 game and can play for only $1.5.

2. Keno jackpot odds

It proved mathematically that if you choose to enter 4 to 6 numbers, you have the best chance of becoming the winner. Many people want to get rich quickly and often play very expensive Keno tickets, and even if you hit you get a jackpot, you have more chances to lose, because you will not have as much time to play. In the real casinos from Las Vegas, the payout percentage is not so big, as in general at almost all terrestrial casinos, the odds are lower. In Vegas’s casinos, keno odds are varying all the time: at the beginning, keno odds were worse (20% to 35%) in 2001, then increased in 2008 up to 89-95%. Again, in 2012 they have changed and lower again at 50% to 74%. Better keep playing keno online, where odds are bigger, up to 95-98%. As bigger is the payout percentage (near 100%) as better is for keno gamblers, as that means the casino is repaid with a bigger part of its profit these players.

3. Biggest keno jackpot

Winning the biggest jackpot is the dream of any keno gambler; this happened in a Las Vegas Casino when a player hit the biggest keno jackpot ever using the age of his wife, children and his own birth date. The total value of the prize was $6.4 million and at the press conference, the winner said did not use any strategy, juts followed his favorite numbers, which in this case was “keno lucky numbers”. A bigger jackpot was won in Australia when a septuagenarian hit the $4.37 million keno jackpot. The gambler did not reveal his strategy but declared that he was a loyal keno player for many years. The following two big keno jackpot winners came also from Australia, with $3.17 million and $2.8 million gains. The winners are frequently playing keno, one of them over 25 years.

4. Best keno jackpot strategy

You will have to run a small computer program, which will help you to increase your chances of winning at keno. Random (TI-85) 2^31 -> D prompt N Disp "Enter seed between 100,000 and 999,999" Input S 10 -> dimL Ran Fill(0,Ran) For(I,1,N) mod(15625*S+22221,D) -> S ipart(10*S/D) -> A Ran(A+1)+1 -> Ran(A+1) END Ran Or can use the oldest keno gambler methods, by observing the numbers extracted during several game sessions, note the “hot” and “cold” numbers and then play with them.

5. Keno mystery jackpot

The probability of winning Keno mystery jackpot is 1:80, as there are 80 balls involved. The best chance you might get at keno is to hit 15 numbers out of 20, as this is the moment in which many casinos are offering the jackpot. Hitting 20 numbers out of 20 has the lowest probability (1: 3.5 quintillions).

6. Keno master

Keeping in mind the rules of games, use a correct strategy and never forget that you have to look for fun when playing keno. Aim to hit as many possible numbers on your tickets, aim for the jackpot and dream of 20 out of 20 numbers. Meanwhile, keep focused on the 98% odds offered by online casinos for a keno game. It is really hard to become the Keno master, but not impossible (see the cases of biggest keno jackpot winners). Just using the proper strategy and lots of combinations, you can win at Keno game.

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