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How to Win at Online Casinos: Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Iulia Ionita
Written by Iulia Ionita
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How to Win at Online Casinos: Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Online casino gambling is seen as a losing game by many people, mostly because the rumours usually say that you can’t win a really significant amount without betting your socks off. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many casino tricks you can put into action that can tip the scales in your favor, and luck isn’t always the only thing you need.

Here on we have come up with this guide on how to increase the odds and your chances of winning in an online casino. Down below you can see we have listed a few top casino tips and tricks in order to show you how to win in a casino.

Learn Gambling Rules & Strategies

Gambling is a little bit like science in the sense that everything action has a logical consequence and everything is connected. Once you read and inform yourself on online casino games and online casino tricks, you are more likely to win because you can apply principles and intuition instead of just betting and hoping for the best. 

Not knowing the rules can cost you some money. For example poker hands don’t apply to all variations of poker, as Texas Hold’Em doesn’t rank the suits. This is just one instance to demonstrate that researching games in depth can be crucial.
So what are some casino tips for winning at online gambling?

Down below you can see some of the best ways to win money in gambling, and these casino tips and tricks apply to various games, as follows:

These are just a few simple strategies to apply in your favorite online casino games. We will get into more detail on poker and blackjack in the categories below, along with more casino tricks you can master.
how to win at blackjack

Look for the Best Casino

Clickbait offers, unfair percentages, and fraudulent terms and conditions: this is what some casinos are unfortunately made of. Therefore, it is really important to not just sit back and pick a random casino, but rather inform yourself on many of them and read other players’ reviews. This can save your time and money and you will avoid putting yourself in uncomfortable situations as well.

So what are the traits of a trustworthy and fair website? Here are some casino tips in this category:

  • Licenses and certifications issued by reputable authorities (eCOGRA, Romanian ONJN, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and more);
  • Terms and conditions that are clear, informative, and consistent;
  • Variety of software and payment providers available;
  • Safety and security through algorithms and encryption;
  • Transparent ownership through disclosing who owns the casino;

For a more detailed view on this topic, we invite you to read our guide on fairness at online casinos and find out more about the important aspects you should keep your eye on.

Now that we’ve established what makes a good casino, is finding it the only and best way to win money gambling? Let’s see what a top casino can offer to help you out even more: 

  • Welcome No Deposit Bonuses. No deposit free bonuses are a great start, as you don’t have to fund your account before playing. Thus, you can see what the casino is all about without investing real money at first.
  • Customer Support. When something goes wrong, trained casino staff members are always there for the clients.
  • VIP Programs. Some loyalty or VIP programs can give you free bonuses from time to time, so you will spend less.
  • Safe Procedures. Payments and personal information needs to be handled securely. Remember that money isn’t the only thing you can lose in a casino! Your time and temper are also important while enjoying your favorite casino.

Opt for Poker or Blackjack

In terms of gambling tricks, the best way to gamble when you are more than just a beginner is to opt for poker. Poker is more about strategy and strict rules than luck, unlike other casino games such as roulette or baccarat

Let’s dive deeper into why you should choose poker with even more online casino tips and tricks on how to play casino games and win:

  • Know Your Poker Hands. The best way to win at a casino when playing poker is the poker hands strategy. Poker hands are certain combinations of poker cards that hold certain odds. Some beat others and some of them can dictate your win. Picturing them in your mind along with their rules is a very good primary strategy for poker.

how to win at poker

  • Predict Your Moves. You can plan and predict which poker hands you can get as long as the deck will let you do so. This can help you win at the casino with little money.
  • Mind the Other Players. Keeping a track of other players and what they do is a really lucrative strategy, as you can really get a feel of what their hands are and raise your bet.

Another skill-based casino game you can try when you have experience gambling online is blackjack. But why should you try it as well? Here are some more online casino tips and tricks:

  • Ask for Cards. Winning at the casino has never been easier! You can always ask for another card and also let the dealer play the next hand in case you feel insecure.
  • Bet Smart. As long as you keep a record of your spendings, you are using a blackjack strategy.
  • Skip the Tables. You can skip the tables when you get a 6/5 payoff, and this adds 2% to the house edge.

Why are these better than other games, especially when you are a beginner or just looking for something new?

  • You Don’t Feel Lucky. Other casino games are mostly based on luck, and you don’t always feel like winning while spinning the reels.
  • Apply Strategy. Some other casino games don’t have any strategies set in stone besides reading the rules, RTP, and paytable in slots for example. Poker and blackjack do have strategies you can use to your advantage.
  • Choose Diversity. Maybe you want to try something different and more challenging, in which case poker and blackjack are the way to go.
  • Player Interaction. Sometimes, interacting with others during gameplay is a great way to learn the intricacies of the game, or just socialize.

Keep Calm and Start Gambling

As long as you keep your cool, you are more calculated. To do so, always remember to get up and do something else. The more you play without taking any breaks, the more confused you will get. It is always a good idea to stop playing for a while or even to schedule your playing time.

You can attract more losses by losing your temper, as your mood will dictate your chances of winning at a casino. The only way to keep calm after a loss is to take a break.

If you still want to keep on gambling for a long time, remember to switch in between games. You can also learn something new, such as Casino War. Did you know that the more complex games have a lower house edge? Casino War requires no strategy or skill and is really easy and entertaining. This recommends it as a good activity to take up that will surely ease your mind in between poker games or slots.

The only problem with playing the same game for too long is that at one point it won’t make sense to you anymore and you will just feel stuck. This is why taking breaks is essential.

Learn About Casino Bonuses and Offers

Casinos offer many welcome bonuses to new players, and also free bonuses to those veterans who take part in VIP programs or just bet high. Some casinos reward players that always bet and deposit big amounts, a fact that you can check in the casino’s terms and conditions

Therefore, it is always important to take a look at bonuses before playing, as claiming them might mean that you will be able to play for free! For more information about these offers, you should definitely read our guide on online casino bonuses.

The best part about these types of promotions is that most welcome bonuses have a low wagering requirement, so you won’t have to bet the bonus over and over to be able to cash out your win. Everything runs smoother when you don’t have to spend your own money all the time, and when you feel like the casino is rewarding you for playing as well.

For more on wagering, make sure to check out our guide on wagering requirements. There, you will find more detailed explanations complete with screenshots to illustrate them.

how to win at casinoManage Your Spendings

Gambling smart is a big part of increasing the odds at an online casino. You can’t just deposit all of your salary in one day and start gambling it because you need to have a strategy.  Check on the slot’s RTP, read about the casino house edge, and start calculating your bets before starting your whole betting journey.

Controlling your money is essential for casino players, and here are some online casino money management tips and tricks:

  • Set a monthly or weekly budget for gambling;
  • Know what games you are going to play:
    • What are the odds?
    • What is the house edge?
    • What is the RTP %?
    • What is the games’ volatility?
  • Make small deposits and opt for prepaid payment methods, such as Paysafecard;
  • Try to withdraw your money in a specific period of time, not each time you win;

Don’t Drink While Gambling!

It may seem obvious that drinking can lead to bad decisions, especially when we talk about money or gambling. Avoid alcohol consumption in any way, because you will regret it the next day. 

Also, don’t gamble if you are in a bad mood or if you just don’t feel like it. In order to gamble you need to be sober, calm, and calculated. Betting is a science that has to do with more than just playing games.

However, if you feel like enjoying a glass of wine while spinning some reels you can always opt for free play online casino games, where you play for free credits and nothing happens to your card  balance.


Winning at a casino depends very much on your mood, preparation, knowledge, and also luck. However, we at have come up with this article in order to help you maximize all of these, all while still having fun. 

We all need to learn and accept that gambling can be fun while you can also win, despite the bad reputation this occupation has had along the years. The truth is that everyone has equal chances of winning at a casino, even with a $5 bet and even by gambling for the first time with real money. It is just a matter of skill, luck, and peace of mind.

For an even more detailed view on the topic, you can always read our article on online casino luck vs skill and find out how these two concepts can go hand in hand. 

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