Things you should never say or do when you play blackjack

Jan 14, 2020 | Reading time: 5 Minutes
Even, it is one of the simplest casino game, the blackjack still supposes to respect rules, game play, a code of conduct and some specific procedures. Ensuring the game’s integrity and security it is strictly related to procedures compliance. Respecting the game’s code (things you’re allowed or not to do during game sessions) it is one of the most important things in the blackjack game. Here are some things you should never say or do when you’re playing blackjack:You’re not allowed to pay the money directly to the dealer – everything related to bets should be seen by the security teams and cameras. Put the money on the table and tell the dealer what the value of the chips you want is.
You’re not allowed to touch the cards faced up – while the cards from the decks are facing up the player/s are forbidden to touch them due to possible player cheats (mark or switch cards) or stopping the speed of the game.
You’re not allowed to remove any cards available on the blackjack table – all cards should be on the table in everyone’s sights (dealer, player/s, security cameras and teams).
Do not place any objects on the game table – except the chips and cards or anything related to the game itself, should be kept in the pockets or your personal bags. Only ladies are allowed to keep their purses in their laps.
You’re not allowed to blame anyone for your bad luck – it is only your fault and nobody else’s, so keep your mouth closed and keep playing.
Holding cards with two hands are forbidden – in the blackjack game where cards are faced down; do not pick them up with both hands, but with one hand.
Do not tip the dealer – this gesture might be wrongly considered by the security team and even it is a great thing for the dealer, this won’t be good for him due misinterpreted.
Do not place on a higher denomination chip on a lower denomination chip betting place – put the correct chip in the right betting place as you do not want trouble.
Do not ask for a new card when you want a “hit” by talking – use gestures when you want new cards or want to stand.
You’re not allowed to touch your betting chips – once the cards are dealt and bet placed, stay away from anything on the table.
Do not talk with your friends and give them indications on how they should play their cards.
Does not double the minimum table bet in case you want to play on two or more spots – if you’re not sure about what you should do, ask the dealer! It is better this way, as you do not want any troubles or misinterpretations.
While playing with many decks do not twist cards from a shuffled deck and insert them in the cut cards.
It is forbidden to make a bet in the middle of a shoe.
Avoid to play at a table with Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) – as the bank edge is necessary at each hand, a beginner or average player would have a high loss (over 20%) if play at a table with a machine who shuffle the cards.
Do not use an arrogant tone while you’re playing or ask for a comp.
Do not use casino hosts.
Do not use the basic blackjack strategy – instead, use the card strategy, as it is real and near to you, in front of your eyes and in the cards played at the table.
Do not play a 6 to 5 game – it will affect your bottom line; better play in those casinos which give you a 3 to 2 payoff.
It is not recommended to use progressive betting systems – better than that watch the cards played and bet basing on the small versus high cards. Or you can learn the Speed Count strategy who will give you the best hint when to place your bet.These are few of the rules a player should respect when is playing blackjack in a casino. Of course, there are many more, but some of them are strictly related to the common sense and ethics, which it is generally presumed to be known by each of us.

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