Slots Tournaments

Dec 27, 2019 | Reading time: 4 Minutes

1.All About Slot tournaments

Slot tournaments are becoming very popular with both land-based and online casinos. These games are straightforward, simple and easy to play and only require a buy-in. In many cases slot tournaments are presented in a rewards program, which allow you to play a tournament without any buy-in. With online slot tournaments much bigger prizes can be expected and they usually reward more players. The prize pool is determined by the amount of players that have joined the tournament. For example, if 200 players buy-in with $50.00 each, a total prize pool of $10,000 will be accumulated. The casino might take a cut of this for hosting the tournament and the rest of the money is split between the winners. Most tournaments usually reward the first 15 players with the winner receiving the biggest amount of around $5,000. The player in second place will receive around $2,000, the player in third place will receive around $500 and the rest of the funds will be divided between the other 12 players. Some casinos reward fewer players and others reward more players.

2. How do slot tournaments work

Players interesting slot tournaments can simply visit a casino that offer these tournaments and request to buy-in. There are many different values to choose from that suit your pocket and your winning requirements. Obviously, choosing a lower buy-in amount, will present or a lower jackpot total. All the players usually enjoy the same game and all played at the same time. Each player is presented with a certain amount of credits to ensure the game is fair. The tournament will only last for a certain amount of time during which you are required to try get the highest credit total possible. Once the time has run out the casino will determine who the win is as well as the runner-up.

3. Slot tournaments in Las Vegas

As we all know Las Vegas is the place to be for slots and any other casino games. Slot tournaments are also extremely popular in Las Vegas and usually involve thousands of players. Buy-ins range from as little as $10.00 up to thousands of dollars, which obviously increases the prize pool to incredible amounts. Tournaments occurred daily, usually including multiple payment options.

4. Online slot tournaments

Slot tournaments are simply much bigger online. This is because players from around the world can connect to the same tournament and play together. This increases your prize pool and presents many different options within these tournaments. Players are also welcomed to tournaments of all sizes and buy-in amounts, allowing every player to take advantage of the gaming opportunity.

5. Tournaments tips

Since the game is only played for a certain amount of time, it’s important to be ready to hit the spin button as fast as possible. The more spins by getting in, the more opportunities you have to win. If you are playing land based, try to get to the tournament area before the game time. This allows you to choose your machine and get comfortable. While playing the game don’t bother looking around at what other players are doing and stay focused on your own game. Try to think of all the possible things that might distracted you the game and eliminating. The more time you spend focused on your game, the faster you can spin the reels and create more winnings.

6. How to win

Don’t waste your time by playing smaller bets and trying to keep as many creditors possible. This will present smaller winnings, which means you need to win are a lot more often to get to a bigger amounts. Go big and play maximum bet on every spin. When a winning lines up on pay lines, a much greater payouts can be expected. This alone could put you well ahead of any player and give you a much better chance of winning the tournament. Is no winnings present themselves and you reach the end of your credits, simply accept that luck was not on your side for this round.

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