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Feb 1, 2020 | Reading time: 7 Minutes

All casino gamblers (either is terrestrial or online) really love playing slots, as they’re an incentive challenge, providing a delightful atmosphere, thanks to their amazing video and audio features, doubled by their highest wins. In fact, each online slot game works according to a random number generator (RNG). This ensures that the results of each game remain random and in accordance with fair gaming practices of the gambling industry. Increasingly more reputable online casino is regularly checking their random number generators with an independent audit firm.

1. Slot machine odds chart

If you play slots, then most likely you want to make sure that you have the best chance of winning. The odds of winning at slots or slot odds are terms denoting the likelihood that a winning combination is found on the line payment. Let's bring an example, showing you a detailed table with different types of slots and the total number of combinations and probabilities of winning. For 3-roller slots, the number of combinations is 8000, with a winning percentage of 0.0125%, therefore, the odds between 1 and 8000; you can play up to 20 numbers. Betting on 22 numbers, you will have 10,648 combinations, therefore, odds are 1 to 10,648, with a winning percentage of 0.0093%. For 25 numbers, the combinations number is 15,625 meaning odds of 1 to 15,625, with a winning percentage of 0.0064%. As you can see, as bigger is the number of combinations, the lower are the odds. For 5-roller slots, the winning percentage is 0.0000194%, for 5.153.632 combinations, which mean the odds, is between 1 to 5.153.632 with 22 numbers played. For 25 numbers, the odds are 1 to 9.765.625, with 9.765.625 possible combinations, which means a 00001025% winning percentage. Also, note that this is just a basic table that gives you an idea of ​​the winning probabilities basic slot games only. Online slots games are usually more complicated, but relying on the above examples, it is easy to calculate your chances of winning. And once again notice that the above percentages are only valid for a single variant of winning games and in slots are numerous winning combinations.

2. Slots odds of winning

The original slot machine had three reels with 10 symbols on each physical roll. Although the number of stops increased over the years to about 22, still the mechanical limit the number of possible outcomes. A virtual reel spool stops have up to 256 virtual rolls. Roll physics has only 1000 possible combinations. The manufacturer is limited in terms of the maximum payment amount that can offer because it could occur at every 1,000 spins. If the jackpot paid is Hill 100: 1, then the car will already be using 10% of the result of this win. 25% preserves the original car that limits the house. The 256 virtual rolls have 16,777,216 spins limit, which mean the manufacturer may choose to offer one million to the winner, knowing that this will happen only once at every 16.7 million spins.

3. Online slots odds

There are two main aspects that determine the chances of winning the game of slots you play, the first is the number of reels and symbols and the second is the payment percentage of slots. Most slots accept different amounts of credit to play, usually from 1 to 15 credits per line. As the amount bet is higher, the amount that can be won will be higher. Each additional coin inserted multiplies earnings results. For example, you enter a single currency; a winning round can pay maybe 10 times the value of that single currency. But if you win after you have placed five coins, payment may be 50 times that amount!

4. Online slots best odds

You have to play "max bet" for big gains at the slots; there is no reason to play the lowest bid. “Maximum bet, the maximum gain”; the maximum bet is usually two or three times higher than the price advertised; for example, the maximum bet on slots with 25 percent will be 50 cents or 75 cents. As mentioned above, a key element in determining the odds of winning the game is the type of slots, specifically the number of reels and symbols. The basic rule is that the more symbols have a slot machine or an online slots game the lower will be the winning probabilities.

5. Slot odds best machines

Imagine playing a game of slots with three reels and 20 symbols on each reel. Your goal is to uncover three Liberty Bell symbols (or any other symbol) on the pay line. Assuming that each reel contains only one symbol of the same type, you can calculate the probability of finding all three Bell symbols on the pay line follows:
Multiply the number of symbols on each reel to find out the total number of possible combinations. In this case, it is 20x20x20 = 8000
The above number 8000 means that one of the combinations is the combination of Liberty Bell. To express this in percentages, next thing you should do: (1/8000) x 100 = 0125. This means that the opportunity to discover the triple combination Liberty Bell is 0.125%.

6. Slot machine odds by state

Each state has its own rules regarding slot machine odds; as in Arizona, for example, the payback percentage is 80% to 100%, in Florida is a fixed rate of 92, 44%. Based on this rule, all online casinos adopted their internal regulations regarding odds and winning percentage. In time, if the payout percentage is below 100, that means the casino will win, as the number of winning combinations is lower. Check the slot game type before playing, see how many reels and potential winning combinations has, and then make calculations according to the example shown before and you will see what your chances of winning are.

7. Casino slots best odds

As noted at the beginning, the second thing that will influence your chances of winning will be the promised casino payout percentage. Payment percentages of slot games denote the amount of money deposited by players that will be paid as winnings. Basically, winnings will be paid from money deposited by gamblers, but the casino will charge a small percentage of this amount and will keep covering expenses and for profit. It is in your interest to play at the casino which has the largest payment percentage. These probabilities are only valid for combinations of symbols, and slots games there are an enormous number of symbol combinations, so your chances of winning at slots are much higher than these examples.

8. Best slots odds in Vegas

Terrestrial casinos offer for slot games a payment percentage around 80% -95%, but the best casinos do not fall below 95% and others go even up to 98%. Las Vegas casinos have an average share of 0.85 cents payment. It means that they pay 85 cents for every dollar earned.

9. Better odds slots or blackjack?

Blackjack is a quick, simple and fast casino game, but, as well in slots, you must have a strategy to win. As in slots, everything depends on the number of card decks played, if you split the aces, doubled the amount after the split and so on; therefore, even the odds are almost similar, the winning chances are bigger at blackjack (in my opinion). But, slots offer a higher visual and incredible atmosphere, and if you hit a progressive jackpot, your earnings will be higher than in blackjack games.

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