Keno board

Mar 2, 2020 | Reading time: 5 Minutes

1. What does a keno board look like?

Keno game is a popular casino game invented in the Ancient China. According to historians, it appeared more than two thousand years ago. It's not known who was its author, however, one of the active leaders of a Chinese Dynasty used lotteries to attract additional funds to finance its military subjects trek. To win in the old version of Keno was needed to collect a unique combination of 120 characters. Most likely, this happened not often, as revenue immediately became a popular lottery managed to build several kilometers of the Great Wall. The first game with eighty simplified characters, then going to meet American wishes, to eighty numbers. The principle of the game is extremely simple. The basket (rotating transparent balls used in modern casinos) contains 80 balls, numbered from 1 to 80. Each participant in the lottery before the draw, the special table will indicate no more than fifteen numbers, which, in his opinion, will be extracted from the basket. The balls fall sequence is extremely valuable work. The prospect of winning a huge jackpot nice by itself, however, is aware that the casino advantage in this game is very high and sometimes reaches 66%.

2. How to play keno board game

The higher the number of numbers an online casino player will be able to guess, the higher will be the prize amount. Often, the Keno progressive jackpot game, sweating, so if anyone manages to guess more than ten numbers, then most likely he will be given the prize. At least, if the game is played in an online casino. The Keno rules are simple and easy to understand. The only thing you need to know: you have to guess as many numbers you can, from those 20 extracted. First, a gambler should buy a keno ticket, where it will find 80 numbers to play in (from 1 to 80). In the online casinos, you can find different variations of Keno, but the basic rules are the same. Secondly, the player should mark up to 20 numbers, randomly or by choice was chosen, which represents the numbers he thinks could be the winning numbers. The probability of hitting 20 numbers out of 20 is a huge one, so probably, hitting 6 to 10 numbers is, by far, the best chance a gambler could have. It doesn’t matter if you choose more numbers, as long as the odds remain the same. You have to be aware that Keno game is a hard game to guess, as long as it is a luck game. If you’re playing an online casino Keno game, then you might use “Quick Pick” option and let the computer choose numbers for you. Thirdly, the player should determine the value of money he wants to bet on and how many games of Keno he wants to play. Each bet made means an amount of money (let’s say $1 for 1 game). Your chances of winning are comparable with the number of games played (as many you play, as more chances of winning you have). Submit your ticket with selected numbers to a Keno worker or in case you’re playing online, hit the “start” button. Now is the time to get relaxed and wait for the computer to start the RNG system, which is responsible for choosing the numbers. On a display will be shown the selected number, which might be also on your ticket. Mark it up if you’re in a terrestrial casino or will be automatically marked if you’re in an online casino. If you made a number of matches, then you’re a winner. If you’re playing online, remember to play only in those casinos with a payout percentage near 100% (usually is 70-80%). The last step is to claim your winnings and count your profit. You can withdraw or continue playing; it’s up to you!

3. Keno board layout

A Keno table has a rectangular form (10X80 units), containing 80 numbers from 1 to 80. On this table, the player is making a selection of 20 numbers, in simple or multiple combinations, depending on his will. There could be three or six-spot combinations or a two and three groups of numbers. Also, the player has the opportunity to play a “king” ticket (a number is surrounded by all).

4. Keno board numbers

Keno table contains 80 numbers, each one having the opportunity to be a winner; there are “hot”, “late” and “cold” numbers on it. Some of them have much more chance to be chosen than others. In some countries, players play in Keno games with “lucky numbers” (as it is in China or Australia). It is important to “hit” more than 6 numbers to receive a bigger prize.

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