Blackjack strategy probability

Dec 24, 2019 | Reading time: 5 Minutes
The object of a discussion about the chances and probabilities of blackjack is finding a way to minimize the casino's advantage and opportunities for turning the player’s odds in his favor. This means the player to be given the best chance possible to win.

1. Blackjack odds

First, you should note that the blackjack odds are different depending on the casinos. Choosing the proper location is, therefore, an important element of the game. It is recommended to make sure that you select a game location safe and reputable. It is a good idea to first examine the game itself, using free games. Free games are often available, which gives players the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the object of the game, before playing for real money.


When discussing the chances at blackjack, it should be noted that the online blackjack game, the main factor in favor of the casino is that the player is the first to act and take decisions. The player always makes the first move and play before the dealer. This means that if the player makes an over (“bust”), he loses regardless the dealer's hand.

2. Turn the odds in your favor

Learning blackjack gives the player an advantage. Perhaps this would not necessarily have called ahead, but if the player does not know the rules, then this certainly puts him at a disadvantage. The idea of ​​having the best chances in a game is to be prepared and make the most of every situation, to give you the best chance of success. Although luck plays an important role in this game, the ability has his certain role in the game of blackjack. Note that a correct understanding of the rules of the game can increase the player's chances of winning. Likewise, practicing skills and adjust to acquire online game requirements or the requirements of a particular version of blackjack is highly recommended.

3. Blackjack strategy probability

The total number of possible combinations of two cards from the starting hands is to play with one deck of cards and 2 game packages.


The probability of getting a natural blackjack is P = 32/663 = 4.82654% for a 1 game pack and P = 64/1339 = 4.77968% for 2-game packages.


The probability of getting 20 points from the first two cards is P = 68/663 = 10.25641% in 1 game pack and P = 140/1339 = 10.45556% for 2-game packages.


The probability of getting 19 points from the first two cards is P = 40/663 = 6.03318% for a 1 game pack and P = 80/1339 = 5.97460% for 2-game packages.


The probability of getting 18 points from the first two cards is P = 43/663 = 6.48567% for a 1 game pack and P = 87/1339 = 6.4973% for 2-game packages.


The probability of getting 17 points from the first two cards is P = 16/221 = 7.23981% for a 1 game pack and P = 96/1339 = 7.16952% for 2-game packages.


The starting hand "good" (they can stand) is a blackjack or a hand of 20, 19 or 18 points. The probability of obtaining such a hand is by adding the appropriate partial probabilities, above: P = 32/663 + 68/663 + 40/663 + 43/663 = 183/663, where 1 game pack and P = 64/1339 + 140/1339 + 80/1339 + 87/1339 = 371/1339 in the case of the game with two packages.


The probability of getting a handful initial “good” is 183/663 = 27.60180% P = where 1 game pack P = 371/1339 = 27.70724 and if the game 2% packet.


Predicted probabilities in-game events are calculated on the cards played (cards seen) at some point. The calculation involves counting certain books that appear favorable to the dealer or other players, and in their own hands. Any strategy relies on counting the blackjack played cards. Unlike baccarat, where each player can receive a maximum of three cards, at blackjack can be played many cards at a time, especially when are many players at the table. Thus, both tracking, and storing certain cards require previous skills and training of the players.

4. Ways to boost your chances at Blackjack

Promotions and special offers can make the online game of blackjack odds in favor of the player. Bonuses have become an integral part of online gaming. It may be beneficial for players take full advantage of these promotions and benefits, where possible and appropriate. Some blackjack players use strategies or ways of counting the cards to try to increase their chances in the game. Many enthusiasts insist on using a mathematical system to increase the chances of long-term gain.


It is important to note that there are different opportunities and different terms of the game, according to each casino. This should be taken into consideration. It might be a good idea to be concerned about the casino's advantage in a particular location before deciding where to play. Some players think different strategies and card counting systems may offer an advantage and a better chance to win the game.

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