Best Slots Strategy

Jan 8, 2020 | Reading time: 6 Minutes

1. Slot Strategy

Video slots are definitely one of the most popular attractions in both lands based and online casinos. There are many reasons why slots games are so popular, which include fun themes, massive winning opportunities and their abundance of bonus features, but as we all know these games are played at a fast rate and can be quite a money hungry when no strategy is used. It’s important to come up with a game plan that suit both your pocket and gaming style to help you manage your losses and gain more from your winnings.

2. Online slots strategy

There are multiple strategies that people will employ in their pursuit of the perfect slot session. The best strategy comes down to researching the game before spinning the reels, thereby understanding the payouts, any advantages that are present in respect to game features and the specific amounts paid for symbols within that particular slot. Payout ratios are a big deciding factor and range between 94% up to 98% thus having an impact on your winnings. A higher rate will indicate regular payouts and a lower rate usually indicates fewer payouts, but larger wins. This is relative to the type of game and determines whether it is a low, medium of high variance slot. Deciding which are geared towards you depends solely on your bankroll. If you are a low rolling player, then a low variance is ideal, if you are a high roller then go for the higher variance machines, the payouts are less frequent but pay far better in the long run. Another good strategy to use is splitting the amount of your bankroll into different sessions. Avoid playing 100% of your bankroll in one session, divide it over a few days or even a week and be sure to take regular breaks as it will help in the management of your allocated bankroll. It is also great to assist you in avoiding the common mistakes made by many players after experiencing a big win, thinking they are in control and continue to play higher bets up to maximum bets. The reality is that slots use a random number generator to produce results and there is no such thing as a “hot” streak, random is random. Limit the time you play on any one game as well. This helps you avoid large losses with the hopes the “big one” is coming. Set limits on the amount you win and manage those winnings separately to that of your bankroll. This will increase the overall pleasure of your experienced from any one session to another. Additionally, do not rush play, enjoy the time you spend on playing.

3. Land based slots strategy

With land-based video slots, it’s a bit more difficult to get the payout information. In countries such as the UK, the payout rate is displayed on the actual slot machine. With land-based games, you can simply access the paytable and look at the highest payouts. The highest payouts range from a couple of hundred coins up to 10,000 coins or even more. A game presenting lower payouts could offer more bonus features, provide regular payouts and games offering high payouts will be the opposite. The strategy you employ would be the same as for online.

4. Progressive jackpots strategy

A few years ago a progressive jackpot video slot required a certain bet amount before the player could qualify for the jackpot. These days you have the ability to activate a progressive jackpot with any bet amount. However, your chances are increased when a higher wager amount is used per spin. This doesn’t mean you have to play maximum bet with every spin or that the jackpot is guaranteed when you do. Play the game with the highest bet you can afford, which will not only increase your chances of winning the jackpot, but your other winnings will also be multiplied by a higher value. With online progressive jackpots, you have access to information about these games, including the average amount when the jackpot gets activated and how often this occurs. This information will help you determine when it would be best to play the specific jackpot game.

5. Advanced slots strategy

Once you’ve become comfortable with your current strategy, you might want to get to an advanced level where you manage your game to know when to walk away and went to play. There are many different factors to consider in managing your bankroll each time you play. Never deposit more than you can afford as this will automatically put more stress on your gameplay and make every spin that doesn’t produce a win frustrating. Only deposit the amount you are comfortable with and enjoy the experience as these are games of chance after all. Never play back your winnings. Be sure you only play with the amount that you have initially deposited. This means if you made a deposit of $100 and triggered a jackpot of $2,000 when you reach $70 of your deposit, be sure to only play with the remaining $30. This means you withdraw the $2,000, which will give you the satisfaction of showing a profit.

6. Best slots tips

With such a variety of games available it is important to have a set list of rules that force you to walk away or play at any point. Casinos are very aware that players always ask themselves “what if”. The what if rule simply cannot be a part of your strategy. Asking yourself what the next spin is or if the next spin will activate a bonus feature will simply force you to either deposit more money or start playing back your winnings, so this is not ideal. Even if you only won $50, walk away with a smile because it’s still winning. Keep track of your winnings and losses to prove to yourself that these small amounts quickly add up.

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