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Best Baccarat attack strategy

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CasinoFreak Editorial
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Best Baccarat attack strategy

1. About Baccarat

Baccarat or Punto Banco (as it was called in the beginning) is an old and classic casino game, played mostly by the aristocrats, few centuries ago.

For those who are not familiar with the “baccarat” game and its playing rules and terms, just imagine it like a blackjack version, with a simple gameplay, easy to learn and having the biggest house advantage offered (1.06%).

Initially, each player receives two cards and complicated rules determine whether a third card is given to whom. You do not have to worry about that, because if a third card to be given, the dealer will automatically split.

In 2008, Greg Fletcher, published an icon baccarat book, based on its experience in the baccarat field and defined under a simple, yet strong motto: “Attack, Retrench, and Win”.

Those who played respecting Greg Fletcher’s advice really won, so, unanimously, his strategy is one of the best used to win in the baccarat game.

1.1 Where to Place Your Bets

In the baccarat game, there are three positions to put your bet: Banker, Player or Ties. According to Greg Fletcher’s strategy, a player should only bet either on the Player, either on the Banker, but NEVER place a bet on Ties.

In his book, Fletcher developed several templates for each option played, so is quite really easy to adapt it to your strategy, depending on the choice you’ve made (the strategy’s name is Trend Anti-Trend Betting System).

Fletcher issued three rules to whom a baccarat player using his system should obey:

  • Rule 1-“The first wager is always the opposite of the previous baccarat decision”;
  • Rule 2 - “anytime you win the A-1, or first bet in Template A, you have completed this series and your next wager will be another A-1 bet, again wagering the opposite of the observed baccarat decision” and
  • Rule 3 – “There are a total of two bets in the A Betting Template.
    The first bet, called A-1, is always the opposite of the previous winning decision as we have just seen. The second, or A-2 bet, is always the same as our A-1 bet” (Greg Fletcher, Baccarat Attack Strategy, Silverthorne Publications, Inc.)

2. Determining How Much to Bet

In contrast to other strategies used by gamblers (Martingale progression, etc.), Greg Fletcher developed this unique system of betting called “Attack, Retrench, and Win”.

This means an adapted to baccarat game-changing conditions, the system of betting (basically there are three betting ways).

In the first phase, a gambler should lower its bets even is winning, according to Fletcher’s examples; under the second phase, the gambler should be more conservative, especially when he suffered losses, while in the third phase, should be neutral, depending on which of the previous modes it is.

Fletcher named these phases: “Attack Mode of Betting”, “Retrenchment Mode of Betting” and “Trigger Bet” and the way a gambler should use one if these betting strategies are named “BAT Adaptive Betting Strategy”.

3. Using Game Buy-ins

Using his strategy model, Greg Fletcher decided that the Game Buy-ins (the amount of money used for betting at baccarat) should be an X 75 times of the Base Bet.

For example, if your bet size is $2, then you Game Buy-ins should be $150. Based on the Base Bet and Game Buy-ins/Game Bankroll, the total bankroll value should be X 4 or 5 times the Game Buy-ins amount.

4. Tracking and Recording Your Play

Even if it is seems complicated at the beginning, is absolutely necessary for a gambler to determine in which of those three betting phases it is in a moment of the game.

As the Trigger Bet and Attack Bets are quite simple to remember, a gambler should concentrate more on the Retrenchment Bets (but using a Bet Tracker will be easier).

What is great about baccarat game is that a player can note its results on paper, so it will be able to determine which phase strategy is appropriate to use.

5. Making Money With This Strategy

First of all, before trying to make real money using this strategy, you should try it in the free baccarat versions. Once you’re able to master this system, then you can go and play it for real money.

Making money using Fletcher’s strategy is quite easy, as long as you 100% respect his advice (alternate the betting phases according to BAT Adaptive Betting Strategy and keep a close eye on your playing records).

6. How Much Can You Expect to Win Using the Baccarat Attack Strategy?

Being a solid and trustable winning strategy, Greg Fletcher’s system, with over 94% long-term winning rate, will produce a total hourly income of $124 for each 2$ played as Base Bet.

He estimated an hour number of rounds of 200.

7. Skilful Play

Each casino gambler, in general, and baccarat player, in special, has a unique way of playing.

That is why, when you’re playing baccarat using the Greg Fletcher’s system, the author recommends you to pay extra attention to the place where you choose to play in (classic or online casinos, with betting limits or no, etc.), make tips, act like a real gambler, not like a loser, use a credit line from the bank, if you do not have nor want to use cash, and before doing this, you should really practice this strategy in a free version of the game.

8. How to Win With the Baccarat Attack Strategy

As has been said in the above lines, it is really important to practice before playing for real money, using this strategy.

Plan how much you want to play in, how big it will be your bankroll, controls yourself even you’re winning or losing and stay stick to this strategy no matter what happens.

Do not forget about recording your playing results. These are only of those conditions a gambler should respect, if he/she wants to win, using Baccarat Attack Strategy.

9. The BAT Bet Tracker

The Bat Bet Tracker is a very useful tool, which will help you to keep your records regarding bets (size of base bets, attack, trigger and retrenchment bets, game bankroll and preferred plateau profit).

It is mandatory to use it if you want to obtain results with the Greg Fletcher strategy.

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