10 Interesting Facts to Know About Slot Games

Jan 26, 2020 | Reading time: 5 Minutes

We all live in a highly developed society and technology today gives us a true chance to gamble directly on the mobile phone. Earlier people had to go through lots of square kilometers to reach the nearest casino to have fun. But times have changed and due to increasingly advanced technology you can now access the most beautiful new slots on your mobile phone. You see how much things have evolved from cumbersome slots in bars and casinos to their availability on our mobile phones and even smart phones or tablets.

1. The software used is very effective for new slots - creators developed special software for mobile phones. These companies try, whenever possible, to provide users with the highest quality software for new mobile slots games. This is why mobile slots hardly differ from those online.

2. Beautifully designed and easy to use interface -The quality of services offered by each provider of mobile internet and configuration screens are issues to be considered when you want to play new slots on the phone. The main purpose of the new slots is to create a game design and an interface as simple and short but informative clear indications. As with any land based casino or online casinos, slots players can easily call mobile customer service always available. Players can place bets so true on the phone and enjoy all the game options available at online casinos. It is best to have a phone with a large screen to have a unique gaming experience, but any phone with internet access you can smoothly play new slots.

3. It is safe to play new slots from mobile phone-All handset vendors have very a strict security system. Your money will always be protected and remember that dealing with the security team will inform you as soon as any suspicious activity occurs in your game. Only you have access to your account and only you can decide how much or little money you want to invest.

4. How much can one win from slot with only 1 cent? Well, the biggest gain in playing slots was $ 1,540,000. If you would return shortly to 1984, the record for the biggest prize in slots 1 cent at that time was $ 95,000. It may seem given the standards of today, but in those days meant a fortune.

5. When speaking of earnings, it is both the online and offline. Many of the things that happen to real casinos and online casinos are real No need to think big gains occur only in live casinos. To prove that this is just a myth, you should discover the potential gains from progressive slots offered by many online casinos. This is one of the main attractions of the game online. If there is such a potential winning at these slots TLS 1 cent, what awaits players at the slot games of 10 or 25 cents? Probably the best person to answer this question is a very rich taxi driver. In 2005, a lucky won around $ 3.2 million by spending a few hours and a few dollars on a slot game.

6. Things get even more interesting and there will be many who would be curious about slot machines over 25 cents. Here's how things stand: For records of 25 cents a slots game has paid about $ 13.7 million in 1993.A sheet of 50 cents offered a gain of approximately 6.1 million lucky people in Atlanta. It is now also the largest of all. A $ 1 slot game returned a gain of 37.9 million a basketball player in 2003, in Los Angeles.

7. You should know that slot machines have not taken into account the period of day/night when is about the payout percentage (which is 85-95%). They’re taking into consideration only their RNG system, which are generating various combinations of numbers each second.

8. Even that all slot machines look the same, inside they’re different. Even so, remember that a slot machine can hit the jackpot even twice within a period of time (there is only a myth that a slot who once reached the jackpot will hibernate for a long period).

9. There is no special technique to pull the handle/hit the spinning button; each move a gambler is doing will not affect the way in which slot will play. Also remember that is only a myth the fact that a hot coin will affect the slot machine actions. Only if you change the computer chip might have a change of alter the system.

10. When is about winning, the biggest gain was made by a young person (a 25 year-old software engineer from LA) who won $39,7 million in 2003, playing $100 at Megabucks in Vegas Strip.

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