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Useful Contacts for Gambling Addiction

CasinoFreak Editorial
CasinoFreak Editorial

contacts for addiction

If gambling has affected you, remember that you are not alone! There are a lot of ways to help and support out there for you to recover and have a normal life!

Gambling addiction is not something to joke about. It is mentioned in the manual used to diagnose mental health disorders. According to the DSM-V, this type of addiction has a lifetime prevalence of 0.4%-1% among the general population. 

We highly encourage you to continue scrolling and discover a complete list of contacts for gambling addiction. 

You can always get the help you need if you reach out to the right people. 

National Gambling Addiction Hotlines and Additional Resources for US players

No matter what your needs are to solve your gambling addiction, an inpatient gambling recovery program is available for you. All your needs will be met as soon as you recognize you have a problem and seek help.

If you are playing at online US casinos, here are the best national gambling addiction hotlines and some extra helpful resources for US players. 

  • National Council on Problem Gambling: 800-522-4700. This is a phone number for text services. Furthermore, the NCPG offers chat services through its website. This is not everything because the organization has several resources that can help you with your gambling addiction
  • National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700. This hotline offers 24/7 availability and it is 100% confidential. Plus, it will connect you to local health and government organizations that can assist with your gambling addiction.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: This is an organization that helps people who deal with gambling addiction. They can help you recover from this addiction and have a normal life.

Mental Health Organizations with Gambling Programmes for Canadian Gamblers

The age and gender don’t really matter. You can always recover from addiction. 

Are you gambling at Canadian casinos and you are dealing with a gambling problem? 

If so, then you can receive all the support you need from the best mental help establishments in Canada mentioned below:

  • Richmond Addictions: 604-270-9220; Address: 105 – 8080 Anderson Road, Richmond BC V6Y 0J5. On their website, you can find a contact form. This agency has plenty of experienced counselors who are certified in individual as well as group treatment. They offer gambling support time and also for other types of addictions. 
  • Allen Carr’s Easy Way: 855-440-3777. Allen Carr is the founder of the’Easy Way’ method. This method has initially developed as a program that helped smokers. Because it had a huge success, it also applied with other addictions, including gambling. 
  • Canada Safety: 613-739-1535. You can also use their email [email protected]. Address: 1020 Thomas Spratt Place Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5L5.

Canada Safety is a knowledge-based charity that provides information, education, and also support for individuals who are going through mental and physical hardship. 

  • Connex Ontario: 1-866-531-2600. One of the main problems that Connex Ontario supports is irresponsible gambling. They also have a free dedicated app for mobile, called ConnexGo. This app is available in the App Store or Google Play. 
  • Alberta Health Services: 1-866-332-2322. Alberta Health Services is the first and largest fully integrated health system in the province. Yet, it also serves individuals from Saskatchewan, B.C., and Northwest Territories. 
  • 211 Central: 211. You can also head to the website for the complete directory. 211 Central is an online version of all experts’ databases and their contact numbers. 

How to Tackle Addiction if You Are a UK Gambler

Gambling addiction is quite common these days. But, the good news is that it can be prevented and even treated if you seek the necessary help. Here are the best options you have if you are gambling on UK casinos

  • NHS GP. If you are dealing with a gambling problem, then you should not hesitate and call your NHS GP. This is the best place to start, especially if this addiction affects your mood and health. 
  • GamCare: 0808-8020-133. You can call GamCare 24/7. The trained advisors will put you in face-to-face counseling services in your area. GamCare is the perfect choice you can make if you want to talk to someone anonymously. 
  • SMART Recovery: You can contact SMART Recovery through their website form. The team of experts helps to keep gambling problems under control. 
  • Gamblers Anonymous: National 0330 094 0322. North-East 07771 427 429. North West 07974 668 999. Ulster (028) 7135 1329. Gamblers Anonymous is your chance to get rid of gambling addiction. 
  • Gam-Anon: They run peer support groups for individuals who deal with gambling problems. These meetings offer you the chance to share all sorts of experiences with other people that are in the same position. Every single meeting is confidential. 
  • GAMSTOP: GAMSTOP helps you control your gambling problem. Once registered, you will successfully be prevented from using online gambling and apps run by companies licensed in the UK, for the chosen period of time. 


GAMSTOP is exclusively available in the UK. In fact, all thecasinos that are licensed must be registered in this self-exclusion scheme to legally operate.

Gambling Addiction Helplines Worldwide

gambling addiction helplines worlwide

  1. Czech Republic: General Helpline: Prague Helpline 00 420 222 580 697 / General Helpline: Centre for Crisis Intervention Line PN Bohnice 00 420 284 016 666
  2. Denmark: Treatment Centers List: Gaming Board
  3. Estonia: Addiction Counselling: Gambling Addiction Counselling 00 372 6825 243 [email protected]e
  4. Finland: Gambling Hotline: Peluuri 00 358 (0) 800 100 101/ [email protected] 
  5. Germany: Support for Problem Gamblers: Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V. 00 49 (0) 711 2054 345 [email protected] / Support for Problem Gamblers: Universitatsmedizin Mainz, Kompetenzzentrum Verhaltenssucht 0049 (0) 800 1 529 529 
  6. Greece: Helpline & Rehabilitation: ΚΕΘΕΑ - Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals 00 30 210 9241993 – 6 (Helpline for gambling 1114); [email protected] / Information and Tools: Hellenic Gaming Commission (e-assos) 
  7. Hungary: Problem Gambling Helpline: Emberbarát Alapítvány 00 36 431 9792 [email protected] / Problem Gambling Helpline: NAV Központi Ügyfélszolgálat (NTAC Central Office) +36 1 299 4000 
  8. San Marino: Free Telephone Counselling Service: Gioco del Titano / 00 378 (800 788 883) 
  9. Slovakia: Addiction Center: Centrum pre liečbu drogových závislostí (CPLDZ Bratislava) 00421 (0) 2 5341 7464 / Hot line: 00421 800 800 900 [email protected]
  10. Slovenia: Addiction Centre: Center za bolezni odvisnosti: +386 (5) 33 83 200
  11. Sweden: Problem Gambling Helpline: Stodlinjen (National Support Line) 00 46 20 819 100 / [email protected] 
  12. FranceAdictel Prevention Addiction / [email protected] 24/7 
  13. Hong KongCaritas A G Counselling Centre / Hotline (852) 1834 633  
  14. KoreaKorea Center for Gambling Problems  
  15. MaltaResponsible Gambling Foundation  
  16. SingaporeNational Council on Problem Gambling / 800 6 66866
  17. SwitzerlandCareplay / 041 367 48 47  
  18. South AfricaNational Responsible Gambling Problem Gambling Counselling / 0800 006 008  
  19. New Zealand: 0800 654 655 or go online to Gambling Help Online
  20. Australia: 1800 858 858 / Gambling Help Online

Financial Guidance

When you have a gambling problem, there is a  possibility that you are also having financial issues. Therefore, you need to seek help to solve all your financial issues. 

Here is a closer look at the options you have when dealing with gambling debt.

  1. MoneyHelper

Has your credit card provider told you that you are in persistent debt? If so, then you should seek financial help at MoneyHelper. You will receive the advice you need to deal with your financial problems. 

  1. Citizens Advice 

This UK service offers excellent help for those who are dealing with debt. Plus, it provides advice on how to deal with creditors. 

  1. Step Change

This is a debt charity that can offer you the help you need to manage your money. 

  1. Barclaycard

At Barclaycard, you will find useful advice on how banks can help individuals who deal with gambling addiction. 

  1. The Balance

If you need advice on how to deal with gambling debt, then this US budgeting site is what you need. 

Debt plans you should consider

debt plans you should consider

Debt Management Plan – It offers relief from high-interest rates on penalties from creditors, credit cards, and late fees. A debt management plan has a highly reduced interest rate on credit card debt as well as affordable monthly payments. 

It offers a fixed payment plan per month, and it usually takes between 3-5 years to eliminate debt. These plans usually feature an enrollment and maintenance fee. 

Debt Consolidation – When all debt is combined into one single loan, the interest rate will be reduced. This will allow you to play off the debts with a manageable monthly payment. A professional debt consolidation company has great experience in acquiring loans and finding the lowest monthly payment. 

Yet, your credit score plays a very important role in the interest rate you pay on the loan. Therefore, you must make sure that your credit score is 670 or even higher than this. This will help you get an excellent rate. 

Debt Settlement – This option includes a lump-sum settlement payment with creditors. You are allowed to pay less than what is owed. If you can’t qualify for debt consolidation loans or debt management, then this option is for you. 

In some situations, you will only need to pay 50% of the original debt. Yet, it is essential to calculate how much you are paying in fees for the service. Also, note that there are fees assigned to your date for late payments. 

Suicide Prevention Resources

suicide prevention resources

If things get really serious and you even have suicidal thoughts, then don’t hesitate and seek professional help. Confidently get in touch with experts from Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA) or Befrienders (worldwide). 

The bottom line

the bottom line

If you believe you have a gambling problem, don’t wait until it is too late!

Find all the information and help you need by reading our responsible gambling guide and then accessing a treatment program. The road to recovery doesn’t have to be difficult, and you certanly aren’t walking it all alone.

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