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CasinoFreak Editorial
CasinoFreak Editorial


The best reviews are centered around personal experience, consolidated by facts, and completed by context - that’s a sketch of the ideal review, that is meaningful for all users.

Casino Reviews are the best way for any user who is searching for a fun and safe place to play to get a glimpse of the place he is thinking to try. In order to help other community members, the reviews need to be original, describing your own personal experience at the casino.

You need to think of casino reviews as a way to help yourself and other users. CasinoFreak places great emphasis on reviews from our community, as our site focuses on presenting our casino listings as objectively as possible.Spreading false information, links and spammy reviews are not allowed.

Each person has a different perception of the products and services they interact with. Since we do not want to polarize the experience of our users in any way, transparency is one of the guiding principles of our review policy. We want to engage our users into a community that understands not just the difference between a good and a bad casino, but also how important it is to share your experience with others.


As we stated below, the reviews are very important for our community. That’s why the reviews should be at least 50 characters long and be written in English, in order to be understood by as many people as possible.

When reviewing an online casino, it’s recommended to be mindful of your language, even if you encountered an unpleasant situation. Also don’t rush leaving a bad review if you didn’t contact the respective casino’s support - this way, you have better odds at solving your situation.

On the other hand, don’t leave a Silver Medal review if you don’t have a clear reason. If the experience was smooth, don’t hesitate to give the Golden Medal - good deeds are worth the rewards, and so are good casinos.


The reviews should be written in an appropriate language. Personal attacks on other users, as well as revealing personal information of other users, are forbidden, as well as racism, sexism, and other discrimination. quality control team reserves the right to remove reviews.

Abusive visitors risk being blocked from posting reviews or entering the website, concurrent with the seriousness of the violation of the casino review posting.

To recap the rules briefly, we will list them below:

  • Your review should describe your personal experience at this casino
  • Spreading false information is not allowed
  • Links or spammy reviews are not allowed
  • Minimum length of a review is 50 characters
  • Personal attacks on other users, as well as revealing personal information of other users, is forbidden
  • Racism, sexism and other discrimination are strictly forbidden.

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