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The Craziest Bets You’ve Seen Made in a Casino

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The Craziest Bets You’ve Seen Made in a Casino

Land-based and online casinos are places where players are testing their luck and skills on some of the casino games with the intention of winning a large stack of money.

But not every player that sits at a table knows what they are doing. Some players think that luck is on their side and nothing else matters.

While having that kind of attitude can be very dangerous and can lead to some serious money loss, placing the craziest bets can also change their lives in a positive aspect. But winning these crazy bets is very rare, which is why we address them as crazy.

Below you will read about some of the craziest bets ever won in a casino!

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Risking Everything in a Game of Roulette

The year is 2004 and the person's name is Ashley Revell. This English gambler has most definitely made the riskiest roulette bet in the history of the game.

Revell made an insane decision to sell everything that he owned, including his clothes, and take his entire life savings onto the famous roulette table at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

There he bet every single cent that he owned, $135,300 to be specific, on a single spin on the roulette wheel. Luck was surely on his side as the white marble ball landed on red, which doubled his money up to $270,600.

We know that without a sacrifice there is no victory, but going this far in a casino game ranges with insanity. For us, this is without a doubt one of the craziest bets won on a casino floor.

Beginner? No Problem

In 2009 a woman named Patricia Demuaro was visiting the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City with her friend, John Capra. She began her gambling journey for the day by playing the penny slot machines.

After spinning the reels for a few hours, she got bored and went on to find Capra, who was playing poker at the time. The poker game didn’t go well and he decided to show Demauro the basics of Craps.

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This woman has never played this game in her life and decided to try out her beginner's luck. Demauro managed to successfully bet 154 times in a row against rolling seven. In a game of Craps, seven is the most regular number that appears after throwing a pair of dice. Each of her 154 non-seven dice throws meant that she was winning some serious money.

After playing the game for four and a half hours, Demauro’s winning streak finally came to an end. The odds of this lucky streak happening are about 1 in 56 trillion, according to Thomas Cover, a statistics professor at Stanford University. She walked away from the Craps table with a very big sum, which may have gone as high as seven figures.

The Man With the Suitcase

There is little information about William Lee Bergstrom, except for the fact that he managed to place the largest bet in the history of casino gambling, which reach up to $777,000.

Yes, you've read that correctly! And this was in the early 80s, which makes this story even more fascinating. Bergstrom asked the gambling legend and owner of the Binion's Horseshoe, Benny Binion about the table limits.

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At the time Binion had no table limits for anyone who was placing their first bet, which was in favor of Bergstrom. After a while, he returned with a suitcase filled with cash, and another empty one for the winnings, which shows how optimistic and fearless this guy was. He then put the $777,000 that was in the suitcase on the Don't Pass line. The round finished in his favor, which doubled his money.

The man with the suitcase returned to the same gambling place after three and a half years. This time he placed a $538,000 bet on another single roll of a dice, which he again won, alongside another $117,000 on three additional craps bets.

However, luck was not on Bergstrom’s side when he placed a staggering $1 million bet for the last time on the craps table, which ended as a loss as the shooter threw a winner seven. To make this story even more tragic, William Lee Bergstrom committed suicide a year later.

Be aware: As enticing as it may seem to bet a large amount of money multiple times, keep in mind that your luck may come to an end. The result can be devastating for your financial well-being.

Betting the Poker Tournament Winnings on a Roulette

One of the craziest casino bets from recent history was made by the professional poker player Jake Cody from the UK.

In February of 2018, this guy was at top of his game as he won the game's payout at the UK Poker Championship at Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham. The total amount that he won was $59,992. Instead of enjoying the big stack of money, he decides to bet it all on a game of roulette.

Rob Yong, the owner of Dusk Till Down casino, was the one to spin the white marble ball into the roulette wheel. The ball landed on Black 22 and Cody walked away with $119,984.

Betting Your Wife in a Game of Poker

Every person in this world has met at least one overconfident person in their life, but no one comes close to Andre Karpov. This guy decided to put his beloved wife as a bet in a game of poker against Sergey Brodov. After his wife found out about her husband’s bet, she filed for a divorce.

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Karpov actually ended up losing the bet, and to make the story even more unbelievable, his now ex-wife eventually married Sergey Brodov, despite already winning her in a poker game.

Can You Win $1 Million With a $5 Bet?

It was a Saturday afternoon at the Borgata Casino and Harold McDowell, 85, decided to bet %5 on a 6-Card Bonus, on a Three Card Poker game.

He was left stunned when he saw a royal straight flush of diamonds after the dealer laid out the cards. To put in perspective how big of a deal this is, a hand like this was 1 in over 20 million odds.

With a bet of $5 on the Three Card Poker "6 Card Bonus", McDowell hit a six-card Royal Straight Flush of Diamonds, which brought him a staggering $1,000,000.

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