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Mobile app gambling is a modern and flexible way of playing your favourite casino games. On this page, you will find a wide selection of UKGC-licensed mobile app casinos, detailed insights into what such apps offer, and valuable guidance on selecting a good fit for you.

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All UK Casinos with Mobile Apps


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88 results
Welcome Bonus
Game type
Baccarat 70
Bingo 67
Blackjack 77
Slots 88
Craps 40
Keno 47
Roulette 76
Scratch Cards 70
Video Poker 69
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Casino Details
New Player Bonus
Mobile App
Game types
United Kingdom flag 5.9
£100 + 50 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Video Poker Video Poker, Scratch Cards Scratch Cards +5
United Kingdom flag -
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +3
United Kingdom flag -
10 Bonus Spins
20 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Scratch Cards Scratch Cards, Keno Keno +5
United Kingdom flag 5.2
100% + 100 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag -
100 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Video Poker Video Poker, Scratch Cards Scratch Cards +4
United Kingdom flag 2.5
10 Bonus Spins
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +4
United Kingdom flag 4.6
100 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag 4.8
121% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 10
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +4
United Kingdom flag 5.5
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag 7
50 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag 5.7
88 Bonus Spins
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag 6.4
5 Bonus Spins
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +1
United Kingdom flag 6
50 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag -
1 Spin Wheel Of Fortune deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Video Poker Video Poker +1
United Kingdom flag -
100% + 50 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 3.2
136 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 5.5
100% + 100 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Bingo Bingo, Blackjack Blackjack +3
United Kingdom flag 3.2
100% + 50 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 4
50% CB + 10 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 1
100 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag -
50 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +5
United Kingdom flag 6.5
125% + 50 FS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 5.2
100% + 25 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 4
108 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 1
100% deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +2
United Kingdom flag 6
100% + 55 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 5
100% + 20 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag 4
50 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
United Kingdom flag -
100% + 50 BS deposit bonus
Slots Slots, Blackjack Blackjack, Roulette Roulette +6
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What Are UK Mobile Casino Apps?

what are mobile casino apps

In a nutshell, a UK mobile app casino is a dedicated software application that brings the casino experience to mobile devices (smartphones or tablets).

You need to download, install, and store the app on your mobile device, after which it gives you immediate access to a casino’s online platform.


The concept of “mobile gambling” encompasses both engaging in gambling through specialised apps and utilising your phone to access the mobile browser version of a casino. On Freak, I refer to casinos in the UK that offer mobile gambling as mobile UK casinos.

Freak Tip

For convenient access to mobile gambling without relying on an app, you can generate a shortcut on your phone’s homepage that directly links to the designated casino website page.

This approach allows you to simulate the experience of using an installed app (minus app-specific perks) without the need to allocate storage space on your device.

Are Mobile Gambling Apps Legal in the UK?

Since the enactment of the Gambling Act in 2005, within the United Kingdom, online gambling has been subject to regulations by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

Mobile gambling apps hold the same legal status as online casinos and are categorised under remote gambling.

In essence, for a mobile gambling app to operate legally in the UK, it must obtain a licence from the UKGC.


Avoid unlicensed casinos, as they pose significant risks to your personal information and bank account details.

With numerous licensed casinos available, it's not worth taking the chance of playing at an unlicenced one, regardless of the enticing bonuses it may offer. You know the drill: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

6 Reasons to Try Out Mobile Gambling Apps

  1. Enhanced security (Store regulations, biometrics, multi-factor authentication)

Mobile apps offer extra layers of security to online gambling. This is an excellent addition, as we all know how important it is to take care of your personal information and bank account details. Here’s what these layers entail:

  • The apps are only allowed on App Store or Play Store if they pass strict regulations (including having a UKGC licence).
  • You can log in to apps using biometrics (with your phone camera) or multi-factor authentication methods.
  • There is a lesser risk of encountering virus or hack attacks on mobile phones than on computers.
  1. Notifications for promos & new releases

You can configure your app to send you notifications regarding new promotions and games as soon as they launch.

This means that you can be one of the first players to join promotions (this comes in handy for tournaments), and you don’t have to waste time browsing the casino website to find out whether anything new came out.

  1. Mobile-optimisation

Casino apps for UK players are engineered to minimise mobile data consumption, fine-tune graphics in accordance with mobile resolutions and operating systems, and offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface meticulously tailored for seamless play.

Most modern casino games are designed for mobile nowadays. They allow seamless touchscreen integration and are made to be easily played with one hand.

This means that you will have the best experience playing them as intended (on mobile).

  1. Faster logins and loading times

When you feel like playing, you likely want to access your preferred casino games as soon as possible. A mobile casino app is just a couple of clicks away, and it saves your login credentials.

Couple that with short loading times; you can almost instantly access your favourite games.

  1. Available on the go & 24/7

A pet peeve that UK gamblers who play in land-based casinos have is that they gotta adhere to a strict schedule. Land-based casinos do not function 24/7, and you also have to walk up to them (during bad weather, this can take a toll on your mood).

All of this is gone with mobile casino apps: they can be played at any time of the day, from any location (as long as the casino has licences for that jurisdiction).

  1. Responsible gambling is made easier

It’s easy to set limits or control how much you spend via built-in app tools. Also, you can always check the transaction history in your account to get a better overview of your habits.

Key Differences Between Casino Apps & Online Gambling Sites

Casino Apps

Online Gambling Sites

Provide instant access to a casino platform

Multiple clicks are needed to reach the casino page (but you can create a shortcut for it)

Need to be installed before you can use them

No installation is needed

Are stored in your phone’s storage

Do not take up storage space & are not visible in the phone’s app list

Mobile-first approach

Desktop-first approach

Logins can be done via email address & password, MFA, or biometric authentication

Logins can only be done via email address & password

Automatic logins by storing your credentials (this can be turned off)

You will have to log into your player account with each session

Require manual updates from users

Are updated by the website developers

Types Of Available Mobile App Casinos

There are multiple types of UK mobile app casinos you can opt for, each targeting a different kind of player. It’s a free for all thing; everyone can partake in this activity. You might think I am bluffing, so let me explain.

  • Casino Operator Apps: dedicated apps from UK casino operators that also have a browser platform for their services. They are real-funds apps.


For a real-funds gambling app to be permissible on Google or Apple Stores, it must be available for download at no cost.

  • Casino Games Apps: real-funds apps created by developers who exclusively focus on the app itself and do not operate a corresponding browser-based online casino platform.
  • Social Gambling Apps: free-to-play apps that provide casino games strictly for fun.

Freak Tip

Social casinos are a great way to try out casino games from various UK casino game providers and see whether they are to your liking, at no cost whatsoever.

Are Mobile Casino Apps Compatible With All Mobile Devices?

When I say “mobile device”, I might be referring to a different type of device than you. A mobile device could be a smartphone, a tablet, or even a smartwatch (yes, that is a thing). You can probably tell where I am going with this.

Casino games apps are not universally compatible with all types of mobile devices. The compatibility depends on your specific mobile device. To be more precise, it hinges on your device’s operating system and specifications.

According to a 2023 report by Statista: Android and iOS, two major operating systems, dominate the UK market share. The British user base is split 50/50 between the two OSs (operating systems).

Moreover, two different types of UK casino apps are available in mobile App Stores: Android casino apps and iPhone casino apps. 

In addition to operating system differences, there are also specification differences that need to be considered. Some of the most relevant ones are: screen size, network technology, processing power, operating system version (some apps require your phone to run an older or newer version), and storage space.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Casino App for UK Players

I know how difficult it is to navigate the world of online gambling, where there are so many fish to choose from. Here’s what I suggest you keep an eye out for when choosing a casino to play at:

  • App compatibility: whether it is compatible with your device and OS (operating system) version
  • Size: whether you have enough free space to install the app on your device without encumbering it too much
  • Payment methods: how many & what options are available
  • Range of responsible gambling tools: how many & what options are available
  • Game collection (both titles you already enjoy and new ones to try out later)
  • Player ratings & reviews
  • Bonuses & promotions (for new and recurring players alike)
  • Languages  (for the app itself and also the games available in it)
  • Non-disruptive advertising systems (ex: without ads popping up on your screen in the middle of a game)
  • Extent of privacy & security measures
  • User Interface (ease of navigation & customizability)
  • Gamification features (ex: tournaments, quests, missions)


Selecting a casino to play at is akin to deciding on what food to order for the day. There are many options, each differing significantly from the others, and there's no universally best choice - only a “best for this meal”. Therefore, don't stress yourself out in searching for the best UK mobile app casino, as this objective is unachievable.

Getting Started With Mobile Casino Apps

Installing a mobile phone gambling app is as easy as pie, and I will guide you through it. The steps might seem many, but bear with me - it’s easier than it looks.

  1. Choose a UKGC-licensed mobile casino from our list

If you haven’t decided on a casino yet, just go and pick one of the gambling websites from our list.

You can categorise and arrange casinos based on bonus type, player ratings, launch date, and the software providers whose games they offer.

  1. Check if you can run its dedicated app

Before you move on to installing an app from the desired casino, ensure that it is compatible with your device specs and OS version.


Certain UK casino operators provide apps exclusively for a particular operating system. If you really want to play on their platform, but your phone runs another OS, you can use the mobile browser version instead.

  1. Download the app

Now search for the app on the official store for your mobile device (App Store or Play Store) and click on the download button for it (it might have other names, such as “Get”, but they have the same function).

You can also download apps outside of the App Store or Play Store - directly from a casino’s website. In doing so, you will get an installation package on your device that you need to install manually.


Downloading a casino app from a UK casino's official website is safe only if you know the casino operates under a valid UKGC licence. For all other apps, I recommend only downloading applications you find on your device's Store.

  1. Complete the installation

Now you gotta wait for the installation to be complete. The app should install by itself, without any input for you, but it might prompt you to give it specific permissions during the process.


To install apps outside of the official store for your phone, you need to allow the installation of apps from untrusted sources via Settings.

  1. Register or log in using your existing credentials

Now you can register an account or login into your existing one (the mobile app and browser version of a casino share the same accounts).

During registration, you must input personal details like your name, date of birth, bank account information, and more. It's crucial to ensure that these details are accurate and consistent with the information on your ID card.

Keep in mind

Every player can only register one account at a specific casino. Also, you can only get new-player bonuses once and only on one account. This is because most casinos have stringent policies against using multiple accounts.

  1. Verify your account

Before you proceed

If you have already verified your account, skip this step.

Upon successfully registering a new account, the next step involves verifying it. For that, you must confirm your age and identity by submitting the necessary documents to the casino operator.

These documents may include your ID, proof of ownership for the registered payment method, or proof of address. It depends on the casino.

Did you know

This is called KYC verification. The term comes from “know your customer”.

Freak Tip

Before you start playing, I recommend you set up gambling limits for yourself via the app’s settings. This is an optional step, but it comes a long way in ensuring from the start that you play responsibly from the start.

  1. Browse the game collection and find your favourit

With your account all set up, you are free to choose whichever game you like from the game selection and start playing.


If you claimed a welcome bonus, check the T&C to find out which games contribute towards completing the wagering requirements. 

The Best Games To Play in a UK Mobile Casino App

Casino games are nowadays optimised for mobile play, and there are even games that are engineered with a mobile-first approach (designed to be played on mobile devices first of all).

Moreover, most of the casino games available at gambling websites are nowadays available in their dedicated apps, ranging from slots to the most basic scratchcards and lottery games. Here’s what you can play:


slots logo

Mobile slots will run smoothly on most mobile devices, even on older generation smartphones, and they are very easy to play. You just select a wager and hit the spin button. The RNG will do the rest.

Freak Tip

You can easily play slots with just one hand, as you only need to make a few clicks every now and then. This makes them a great pick for games to play on a casino app.


roulette logo

This game of chance is just as easy to play as online slots because you just have to put a wager on a colour or a number and click the spin button. 

Freak Tip

Setting your phone into landscape mode turns your screen into a roulette table, providing top-notch immersion and allowing you to focus on the game at hand without distractions.


blackjack logo

On mobile, you can split, stand, double your wager, or hit just like you would do on a computer. 


baccarat logo

Baccarat, a game popular for fans of card-games that rely less on carefully-created strategies, is now available at the tap of a button with mobile apps.


poker logo

Poker is the most popular card game in the world, and with mobile casinos, you can now take it with you wherever you go.

Live Dealer Games

live dealer games logo

Last but not least, here come Live Dealer games. They allow you to play your favourite games (ex: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps) with a real dealer. With a mobile app, you take the live experience wherever you go.


If Live Dealer games are your thing, know that you can find a long list of UKGC-regulated live dealer casinos on our dedicated page.

Freak Tip

While your opponents are pondering their moves, you can move freely around town with your mobile in your pocket, making Live Dealer card games quite enjoyable to play on an app.

Personal Note

I found myself playing a lot of Live Poker on my casino app. I have always been a fan, but never really committed to playing it more than a couple of times a year.

Setting self-limits via my casino app gave me the much-needed courage I needed to show off my Poker skills (according to me, at least!) to other players.

Welcome Bonuses You Can Claim in a Mobile App

Mobile apps offer the same bonuses as their corresponding browser platforms (if they have one), as well as mobile-exclusive ones.

That being said, all UK gambling websites have welcome bonus offers available for new players. They are meant to attract new players; thus they are the most attractive bonuses on the platform.

Welcome bonuses vary greatly from one another (ex: in wagering requirements or amount of Extra Spins offered). UK casinos offer welcome bonuses in many forms ranging from the most common match-up first-deposit bonuses (you receive extra funds when you make deposits) to no-deposit UK offers.

Example of Match-Up Bonuses

A gambling website may offer a 100% match-up bonus for the first deposit of up to £50, a 50% match-up bonus for the second deposit of up to £100, and a 50% match-up bonus for the third deposit of up to £30.


No-deposit bonuses for UK players have wagering requirements (as mentioned in their T&C) that you must complete before being able to withdraw funds. While claiming the bonus comes at no cost, you cannot withdraw the funds for free afterwards.

Freak Tip

Claiming a bonus is optional and may not be the best fit for everybody. It's essential to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of a bonus, especially focusing on wagering requirements, before deciding to commit to it.

If it doesn't suit your needs, just skip it with no hard feelings.

Payment Methods In Gambling Apps

When using mobile casino apps, financial transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, occur rapidly. The waiting period for accessing your funds within your casino account is typically minimal, with some payment methods (such as E-Wallets) even offering instant processing.      

Some of the most commonly-used UK payment methods preferred by British gamblers  include: 

  • Debit Cards (ex: Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro)  
  • E-Wallets & Prepaid Cards (ex: Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, and Paysafecard)
  • Cryptocurrencies (ex: Bitcoin and Ethereum) 
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Pay By Phone (ex: Payforit, Zimpler, and Boku)

How does it work?

Pay By Phone payments are made using your phone bill. You provide your mobile phone number to the casino operator and the desired amount, then confirm the payment via SMS.

Basically, the sum you deposit is charged to your phone bill.


According to Statista, the UK is the leading European market when it comes to mobile payments.

Responsible Gambling Features at UK Mobile Apps Casinos

The United Kingdom government highly emphasises responsible gambling. Thus, players can choose from a variety of responsible gambling tools available in UK casino apps, namely:

  • Deposit Limits
  • Wagering Limits
  • Loss Limits
  • Screen Limits (limit the amount of time the app can be opened)
  • Time-Outs
  • Self Exclusions & Breaks (prevent your access to the casino platform for a short or long period, up to a lifetime)
  • Reality Checks (receive in-app notifications regarding your spending habits)


You can also consider social casinos to be a way to keep your gambling habits in check. You get to play your favourite games while your bank account stays the same.

Install Gambling Blocking Apps

There is also the option of installing dedicated gambling-blocking apps on your device (Ex: BetBlocker).

These apps, as the name implies, are designed to prevent access to casino apps and websites on your phone, and once activated, the restrictions cannot be removed

You should use gambling-blocking software if you feel like you are losing control and would rather trust a third party to control your gambling habits.

Seek Assistance From Dedicated Organisations

Gambling addiction is acknowledged as a mental disorder; thus, many professionals have researched effective treatment approaches. Depending on your preferences, you can start personal psychotherapy or group therapy sessions.

For short-term help, you can contact non-profits such as Gamcare, which offers 24/7 free phone counselling.

Furthermore, you can also enrol in a nationwide self-exclusion scheme through GAMSTOP.

You can read more about safe gambling tools and organisations on UKGC’s dedicated page.

Freak Tip

Don't allow shame to hinder you from seeking assistance for gambling problems. The available organisations have encountered all facets of this psychological condition and provide support without judgment. Besides, your personal well-being outweighs the opinions of others.


I hope I managed to address most of your inquiries regarding UK mobile app casinos. In my opinion, they are a neat invention that saves time and adds a welcome extra layer of security to an activity that greatly benefits from it. Until we meet again, take care and keep it Freaky!

UK Mobile Casino Apps FAQs

What are the best UK mobile casino apps?
Finding the best UK casino app for all players is an impossible task, as it heavily relies on individual preferences and requirements. The key is to choose an app that aligns with your needs, enabling you to play your favourite casino games while utilising your preferred payment and withdrawal options.
Can I claim welcome bonuses in UK gambling apps?
Certainly! In the UK casino's dedicated mobile app, you can claim all the bonuses available on the desktop platform. Furthermore, certain casinos even offer exclusive bonuses specifically designed for mobile users.
Are UK mobile casino apps safe?
Yes, mobile casino apps are entirely secure. They undergo thorough verification by app store providers before being released to the public. Also, modern smartphones and payment systems provide advanced security measures, making it highly improbable for any third party to access your sensitive information.
Are online casino apps legal in the UK?
The answer is “yes”, and has been since 2005 (when the Gambling Act was approved). A casino games app must have a UKGC licence to be considered legal within the United Kingdom.

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